SA4x4 September 2019

SA4x4 magazine is written for anyone who loves to travel to wild places in their 4x4s. Covering beautiful routes in southern Africa and beyond, this title also deals with gear selection, vehicle reviews, and trail driving. This magazine contains everything you need to know about self-contained, vehicular travel in wilderness areas.

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ed’s letter

Do go chasing waterfalls. And if there’s one place where your chase will be rewarded, it’s the Wild Coast. Unlike the words of that original TLC song, we reckon you should take a break from the standard fare of rivers and lakes, and – like Micky Baker and friends did for this issue – take some time out to explore, or re-explore, this fascinating stretch of southern Africa’s eastern shore. It’s been less developed than most other areas, and it really does retain a rural character that is slightly out of kilter with the rest of the coast, but that is part of the attraction. There are lots of remote, tucked away and unspoilt places, the roads are pretty shocking, and facilities are widely dispersed and often not in the best…

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BACK TO NATURE Having read the July 2019 issue of SA4x4, I will most certainly be picking up a print edition more regularly. I have found that competitor magazines are more about 4x4 vehicles and the testosterone that goes with it. Most certainly you do need a fair amount of 4x4 vehicle knowledge, feedback and input from others, back-up and experience when venturing into the most beautiful places available to us, but in the end it must be all about experiencing nature and what it has to offer. I note, with interest, that in your July issue you have responded to requests with regards to an ‘Overlander’s Code’, which I would support wholeheartedly and would like to add the following additional key points: Respect the Animals – So often you find people wanting…

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overlander’s code

In response to a growing number of complaints about how we conduct ourselves in the wilderness, we decided to draw up and promote a code of conduct for overlanders. We’d like to include your input, comments and debate, so please send your suggestions to FIREWOOD Take your firewood in with you; don’t chop down trees or gather dead wood within parks or wilderness areas. KEEP QUIET We go to the bush to appreciate the sights and sounds of the bush. No music, and nothing louder than a spoken conversation. RESPECT LOCALS – LAWS AND PEOPLE Obey the rules of the place you’re travelling through. Respect locals and their traditions; if they don’t like having their photos taken, don’t take photos. SUPPORT LOCAL TRADE Your spending money at the local shops and lodges will…

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just winging it…

Having concentrated, for several months now, on some of our larger mammals I thought it was time to shift the focus to our incredible bird assemblage. South Africa is home to approximately 850 bird species, of which 50 are found nowhere else on earth. Bird watching is extremely rewarding and is a great additional activity to any bush or 4x4 outing. For anyone interested in photography, birds are excellent – if somewhat flighty – subjects (pun intended!). Being so spoilt for choice makes deciding which ones to write about something of a challenge. However, the Bee-eaters are in my ‘top five’ of beautiful birds, the others being: Rollers, Sunbirds, Kingfishers and the African Green Pigeon. Bee-eaters are skilled in flight and excellent hunters. Prey – predominantly in the form of bees,…

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trail savvy: off-road driving tips, skills & practices torque-sensing differentials

As four-wheel drive systems have evolved over the years, many different variants have surfaced to do essentially the same job: distribute power to all four wheels. How this is achieved through various systems affects vehicle dynamics on- and off-road. Last month we explained how electronically-controlled clutches automatically distribute power, a system typically used by All Wheel Drive (AWD) soft roaders, which are not equipped with low-range gearing. In this article we explore how the mechanical Torsen (TORque SENsing) differential works, what its benefits are and its application – typically on large SUV-type 4x4s with longitudinal drivetrains, low-range gearing and permanent four-wheel drive (4WD). The history Having a fail-safe centre differential is at the core of permanent 4WD technology; one which allows the wheels on the front and rear axles to follow a different…

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know your gears

• Crossed Axis Helical Gears – Used in vehicle transmissions to transmit power between gears not intersecting on a non-parallel axis, such as the crown wheel and pinion of a rear differential. Teeth are cut at an angle so two gears can mesh smoothly, which means they are quieter than straight-cut Spur gears, but cannot handle the same loads. • Parallel Gears – Refers to any gear arrangement where gears run parallel to each other. Spur gears are an example. • Planetary Type Differential – Consists of two gears mounted so that the centre of one gear revolves around the centre of the other. The centre gear is known as the sun and the smaller gears rotating around it are known as the planets (or pinion gears). They are all surrounded by…