SA4x4 February 2017

SA4x4 magazine is written for anyone who loves to travel to wild places in their 4x4s. Covering beautiful routes in southern Africa and beyond, this title also deals with gear selection, vehicle reviews, and trail driving. This magazine contains everything you need to know about self-contained, vehicular travel in wilderness areas.

South Africa
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off the beaten track

The focus of this magazine has traditionally been on overlanding. We are interested in travel destinations, and we think that our readers are interested in that too - in going to remote places, mostly in Africa, and usually in fully-prepared, self-sufficient vehicles. It’s why we focus on the so-called hardcore 4x4s: vehicles that can take a load, that can handle lots of punishment from Africa s notoriously dodgy roads, and return with the minimum of mechanical complaint. It’s also why we don’t really give a lot of space to softroaders, which can take you to remote places, but which have a narrower ability when the going gets rough. But this month, we’ve taken a few departures, and swallowed a few preconceptions. Our lead feature is about the Roof of Africa. Writer Andrew…

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OOMS AND TANNIES – THE TRUE ‘RAIDERS’ This is not a story of being stuck in the middle of nowhere or about surviving a near-death situation. This is one giving thanks to all who have written and told stories about such experiences. So, here goes. Raiders of the Lost Ark was probably one of the best adventure films a young boy could watch, as it was before cellphones, tablets, and whatever it is that modern-day children keep themselves busy with. The film was as good as it got, for us then - youngsters playing around in the bush and “exploring”, catching snakes and scorpions, building bush shelters, and flashing our Rambo daggers which had the compass at the end, and matches and fishing line in the hollow inside. The good old days. For…

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overlander’s code

In response to a growing number of complaints about how we conduct ourselves in the wilderness, we decided to draw up and promote a code of conduct for overlanders. We’d like to include your input, comments and debate, so please send your suggestions to FIREWOOD IN Take your firewood in with you; don’t chop down trees or gather dead wood within parks or wilderness areas. KEEP QUIET We go to the bush to appreciate the sights and sounds of the bush. No music, and nothing louder than a spoken conversation. RESPECT LOCALS – LAWS AND PEOPLE Obey the rules of the place you’re travelling through. Respect locals and their traditions; if they don’t like having their photos taken, don’t take photos. SUPPORT LOCAL TRADE Your spending money at the local shops and lodges…

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pajero dash fix

I read the Kalahari Torture Test article in the November 2016 edition of your magazine with great interest, and what really stood out for me was the commentary about the Pajero dashboard rattling and shaking about on the corrugated roads. Well, this phenomenon is widespread and a known “defect” of the Generation 4 Pajero, and has been from 2007. I am a member of the 4x4 Community Forum and the Pajero Owners Club of SA forum, and currently own my second Gen 4 Pajero. I previously owned a 2008 LWB and now own a 2014 SWB. A friend of mine who resides in Bloemfontein has found a very simple and effective “fix” to secure the centre stack and prevent it from moving up and down. He has done this by installing two…

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land rover discovery 5 the light brigade

I am charging down a muddy, boulder-strewn track, having slushed through deep, seemingly impassable linear ruts just a wheel-width wide, and tackled a few steep slopes. That all seemed easy enough, but now comes one of those ‘uh-oh’ moments: a rock garden comprised of what seems like undercarriage-ripping ledges and jagged peaks. So far, I have felt very little of the territory outside, being cushioned in a supportive cowhide pew and doing the occasional wheel twirl or throttle input while the new Discovery 5 “Prototype” does the rest. We’re on the Blair Atholl Estate near Pitlochry in Scotland - a territory mapped out and extensively used by the fellows from the UK’s Land Rover Experience. These 4x4 enthusiasts and trainers are in charge of one of the places where this…

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everest lite

In 2016, we were introduced to the new Everest – a shining example of a sparkling era in Ford design and capability. Initially, only the top-spec models were imported fully-built-up from Thailand, which meant that this SUV (loosely based on the T6 Ranger platform) was priced to compete with the likes of Toyota’s Prado. For many, that may have been a bit of a stretch. Now, with local assembly on the table thanks to a R2.5 billion investment in the Silverton factory in Pretoria, there are six new Everest models to choose from, including five lower-priced versions powered by the 2.2-litre TDCI. This means that the Everest can go head to head and model for model against the segment-leading Toyota Fortuner, just as the manufacturer pits Ranger against Hilux. The 2.2-litre Everest…