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Sail - New Boat & Gear Review

Sail - New Boat & Gear Review 2017

The New Sailboat Review is a compilation of sailboat reviews, featuring the 2010 fleet of new production sailboats. As tested by SAIL's experts.

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editor’s note

Truth be told, when we launched the first New Boats & Gear guide a couple of years ago we were more than a little curious how things would work out. Although SAIL magazine has been publishing an annual gear guide since before its very first regular issue even had a chance to hit newsstands in 1970, the publication you are holding in your hand represented a fairly radical departure from what we were used to—and change can be scary. Most obvious, of course, was the fact that we began adding dozens of boat reviews to those same gear and boat listings we’d been publishing for over four decades—a change that made sense then and makes even more sense now, since it provides you, the reader, with a much better idea what…

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the class of 2017

DRAGONFLY 28 PERFORMANCE Denmark’s Quorning Boats has taken its celebrated Dragonfly 28 trimaran, which was already available in either a “Touring” or “Sport” version, and made it even more exciting with the addition of a new “Performance” version, featuring new wave-piercing amas. Coupled with a powerful rig on a carbon spar, the reconfigured amas also include additional volume to make the boat not just faster but more stable then ever. As with the rest of the Quorning line, the hinged amas on the boat easily retract for trailering or tying up in a conventional slip, while deploying them when it’s time to go sailing couldn’t be easier. Thanks to the boat’s accommodations, it also makes for a great cruiser. LOA 28ft 9in BEAM 21ft 4in (amas out); 8ft 4in (amas in) DRAFT…

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sage 15

These days much of the talk at places like the Newport and Annapolis boat shows is about “mini-megayachts.” But that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of small-boat builders out there coming out with all kinds of fresh new designs as well— and one of the best is the new Sage 15. An evolution of the Sage 17, which won a SAIL magazine Best Boats award a few years back—and which was also drawn by veteran small-boat designer Jerry Montgomery— the Sage 15 boasts a number of those same features found aboard her big sister, including a molded-in lapstrake to provide additional hull stiffness; a small but very workable cuddy cabin; a ballasted centerboard that retracts using a simple line-and-winch arrangement for easy trailering; and a springy sheer that, in addition…

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Truth be told, I never thought I would ever go full-foiling on a sailboat, but then along came the 17ft 8in White Formula Whisper catamaran. One moment I was at the Annapolis Sailboat Show admiring the workmanship on what can only be described as a carbon fiber rocket: the next, there I was, skimming across Chesapeake Bay, watching the boat’s foils slicing through the water a foot or so below the hulls. Rupert White, an SL 16 Catamaran world champion and son of the boat’s builder, Ron White, showed me how the controls worked at the helm while I sat perched out on a wire to keep the boat on its feet. As amazing as the simple fact that we were airborne was how easy it all was—that, and how much…

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seascape 18

How’s this for convenience? I got the word from SAIL HQ that I should test-sail the Seascape 18 from Slovenia, recently introduced to these shores, and it turns out the new U.S. rep is based in Kittery, Maine, mere footsteps from my home in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Even better, on arriving at the town dock in Kittery I found out I’d be sailing with Andraz Mihelin, one of the masterminds behind the whole Seascape concept. Which is as follows: take the current hot monohull-racing hull form—fine plumb bow, wide hindquarters, plus hard-chined topsides—and insert one super-simplified performance rig with easy-to-use controls so that mere mortals can have fun sailing fast without getting the pants scared off them. Seascape, which was founded by two hot-shot Mini-Transat racers (Andraz and his buddy Kristian Hajnsek),…

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corsair pulse 600

After many years in the sailing business, it’s become apparent to me that bad sailing days make for good boat tests. The reason for this is that pretty much any boat feels good in 12 knots of breeze, but only a truly exceptional design will keep you smiling when the wind is too strong or too light. Case in point: the Corsair Pulse 600 trimaran. The consensus when it comes to lightweight multihulls like the Pulse 600 is that they are all about speed, the perfect sailing platforms for adrenalin junkies and America’s Cup wannabes. So what’s a sailor to do when he steps aboard a boat like this in a drifter? I’m happy to report the answer is still have a blast. This is a speedster, after all, with a large,…