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January 2021

At Shop Talk! we are committed to the leather industry, creating a niche community that unites raw goods and equipment/machinery manufacturers with traditional leather craftsman, boot and shoe makers, and next generation leather artisans. Join the Shop Talk! community and subscribe today!

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editor's note

Happy New Year Everyone! We made it through one of the most memorable years in current history and if you’re like me, you are looking forward to 2021. As I turned my thoughts inward for a time of self-reflection (as many of us do as a new year approaches) and pondered the events of this past year, I started asking myself a long list of questions. How far have we come? What impact is ShopTalk! making on the leather community? What more can we do? How can we add value to the lives of those in the industry? What do our subscribers love? What do they need? These questions, along with the natural tendencies to make changes that come along with the new year, have me excited to announce a few…

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NICK PERNOKAS Nick Pernokas was raised in New England. As a boy he cleaned stalls for a hack stable in return for getting to ride the horses. He bought his first horse with money from a paper route, and showed in AQHA shows with him. At a young age Nick headed west to play cowboy. He ended up in Stephenville, Texas, where he received a B.S. from Tarleton State University. In 1983 he began building custom saddles under the Pernokas Saddlery label. Nick competed successfully in the AQHA, the NRHA, and the PRCA, in which he earned a Gold Card. Nick won 5 Year End High Point Championships (Honor Roll), and 2 Reserve World Championships, in the AQHA in roping events. In the mid Nineties he wrote “All the Pretty Saddles”,…

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tex tan under new ownership

YOAKUM, Texas (November 27, 2020) – James Cox of Moser Leather Company (Division of Old West Industries, Inc.) and a buyer’s group consisting of Darius Ward Leather, Peterson Custom Leather, and Rockin ‘S’ Tack have entered into an agreement to purchase all Tex Tan factories of Yoakum, Texas from Action Company of McKinney, Texas. This is an asset purchase with no liabilities. James Cox will remain the sole owner of the Tex Tan Western Leather trade name, Hereford Saddle Brand and other Tex Tan Brands, and will continue the manufacturing of saddles, strap goods, and belts in the USA with the Tex Tan Brand. Most of the manufacturing will move to Ohio. Action Company will sell the real estate. The four buyers will absorb some of the equipment into each of their…

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magnus' marketing minute

“Nothing happens until somebody sells something.” - Charles Tandy We have a shared passion. We love what leather can do, how it feels, how it smells and the feeling of accomplishment when you create something with your own two hands. Most leather artisans didn’t begin tinkering around with hides so they could become marketers, advertisers or salesmen. Nevertheless, leatherworking is little more than an expensive hobby if you don’t figure out how to sell your goods along the way. Many aspire to practice their craft full time, making a business out of it. Most of us, at some point, would love for our projects to at least pay for themselves and maybe even make a little money…if nothing else, to justify the time and expense of leatherworking to our spouses. You can do…

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the hide report

Curtiembre Arlei, country’s first ISO 50001-certified tannery Curtiembre Arlei S.A. is the first Argentine tannery to achieve ISO 50001 certification, an international standard focused on Energy Efficiency and Management. With this, it becomes the first tannery in Latin America to be certified in four standards (quality, environment, occupational health and safety, and now energy efficiency). This achievement helps Arlei move forward in its commitment to sustainable development and the good care of its people, irrefutably contributing to the reduction of global warming in the value chain. This also generates an atmosphere of reliability and respect and makes a difference in the market with its leadership and commitment in issues of concern to all of society, notes the company. Curtiembre Arlei is also pleased to announce that it has been honored by Great Place…

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the swivel knife: three steps to help you get started

It is truly an honor to be asked to share a few tips with fellow leatherworkers here in ShopTalk! If you were to stop by Elktracks Studio, that is probably just what we would be doing, talking shop and sharing tips and ideas with each other. That is what makes the leatherworking community such a great group to be a part of. The willingness to share what we have learned to help others and keep the legacy of craftsmanship alive is inspiring. Often, visitors to Elktracks Studio spend a lot of time looking at my swivel knife collection. At last count, I had around 140 different swivel knives. This often leads to a discussion about how important this tool is to leather carving. Since this tool lays the foundation upon which…