Spider Magazine Stories, Games, Activites and Puzzles for Children and Kids

Spider Magazine Stories, Games, Activites and Puzzles for Children and Kids

September 2020

Stories, poems, and nonfiction articles are carefully selected to encourage students to read on their own, drawn along by bright illustrations and detailed drawings by famous children's artists. SPIDER also offers fun ways for young readers to practice critical thinking skills with riddles, puzzles, and other games. Grades 2-4

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3 min.
doodlebug & dandelion the mvp

“OUR TEAM IS going to beat your team so bad!” Dandelion Pinkley warned her brother Doodlebug. “Sorry, Dandelion, Oranges rule!” Doodlebug retorted. Dandelion, Doodlebug, and six cousins and friends stood before a challenging obstacle course newly built on the Sand Pit, a sprawling public beach. Their two teams—Dandelion’s Purples and Doodlebug’s Oranges—were about to do a trial run. To tell the teams apart, the kids wore “buffies,” color-coded cloths wrapped around head, neck, or wrist. “Yeah, Dandelion!” Cousin Rudyard bravely chimed in. He was still smarting from the shame of being picked last for a team. “He’s too little!” he’d heard someone say. And, “He can’t run fast enough!” “Listen up, competitors!” Mr. Tanji, the course referee, shouted. “On my ‘GO!’ you’ll race through three obstacles. First team to finish the course wins! Want…

4 min.
turtles crossing

ALEX PEDALED HIS bike along the country lane that led to his house. As he rounded a bend, the tips of the cattails that grew around Johnson’s Pond came into view. His dad took him canoeing there sometimes, and Alex loved it. The pond was always so alive with activity. Frogs croaked along the shore, dragonflies hunted among the cattails, and sometimes Alex discovered turtles basking on sunny rocks. Alex was curious about the turtles he saw. One week, when it was too rainy to go canoeing, he and his dad went to the library to check out books on turtles. Alex learned that turtles don’t have warm blood like people do. That’s why they have to sit in the sun to warm themselves. Now it looked like tomorrow might be…

1 min.
moth metamorphosis

HARPER IS WALKING her dogs when she spies a little brown roll hanging from a branch. What is it? It’s a cocoon, formed by a caterpillar as part of its metamorphosis. The cocoon protects a pupa inside. Before long, that pupa will become a moth. Can you help change the pupa into a moth? Start with the word PUPA, then change one letter in PUPA to make a new word that fits the sentence. Continue down the list of hints and change just one letter each time until you can make the word MOTH. 1. PUPA “There’s a _P U_ P_ A _ in here!” Harper says. “What kind of insect is inside?” 2. _ _ _ S “I’m glad it’s hanging high, so my _ _ _ _ can’t reach it.” 3. _…

3 min.
catching frogs in the clouds

PROFESSOR MARCIO PIE and his team stop on top of a mountain in Brazil. It’s cool and damp under the trees. The scientists listen. The air fills with high-pitched chirps. But it’s not birds calling. It’s frogs! They are so noisy it sounds as if there could be hundreds of them. These frogs are why the team has climbed nearly eight hours to visit this cloud forest, a mountainous area where clouds hang low among the trees. The scientists have come to study miniature frogs—some no bigger than a jellybean! These frogs need cool temperatures and moisture to live, so a damp cloud forest is the perfect place for them. Twenty-one kinds of cloud forest frogs have been discovered during other trips. Now the professor and his team hope to find…

4 min.
the flying tortoise a nigerian folk tale

A LONG TIME ago, when the animals could still talk, Tortoise was the cleverest of them all. He was also the most handsome. His shell was smooth and shiny as a jewel, and he was very proud of it. Then one day, a terrible drought came to the savanna where Tortoise lived. The rivers dried up, the trees died, and the grasses disappeared. All the animals on the ground, from the meerkat to the hippopotamus, were hungry. But the birds stayed as plump and happy as ever. Tortoise wondered how this could be. One night, Tortoise was so hungry he couldn’t sleep. While his wife slept in their burrow, he went for a walk outside. He saw all the birds flying up to a wide silver cloud, where the Sky People were…

4 min.
peter’s wish

ONCE, LONG AGO, rumors swirled throughout the countryside that the great white unicorn had been spotted. Even the tiniest children knew that whoever was able to pluck a hair from the animal’s silvery mane would receive whatever his or her heart most desired. When Peter, the carpenter, heard the news, he hesitated. He stopped hammering to watch several princes rush by his window. Their silk cloaks billowed behind them as they charged toward the forest on their magnificent horses. Crowds of men, many of them well-trained hunters, followed on foot. Who was he to imagine that he could possibly find the unicorn before they did? Then he thought of Julianne. He had been in love with the shopkeeper’s beautiful daughter since they were both schoolchildren. Her father, however, could see only the…