August 2021

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strength in unity!

Of all the doves in the flock, the king was by far the wisest. That was why the others chose him to be their leader! Early one morning, just as the sun was rising, he woke up in his nest, stretched his wings and ruffled his fine feathers. “It is time for breakfast!” he said to the other doves. “Let’s go out and find something nice to eat!” So the flock took flight with a great whir of feathers. They flew through the town, over to the park and even as far as the hill with many temples on it, but couldn’t find anything to eat. No bread, no fallen fruit – not even some bugs! That was when the youngest of the doves spied something on the ground underneath a nearby banyan…

3 min.
star boy

In 1947, a little boy named David was born in Brixton, in south London. At that time, the neighbourhood was a grey place. The buildings were grey, the clouds were often grey, and when David was old enough to go to school, his uniform was grey too. Brixton had been bombed just a few years earlier, during World War II. There were still piles of grey rubble where houses had been destroyed. After school, though, David and his friends would have adventures in the rubble and catch the butterflies that visited the flowers that grew there. The thing was, David dreamed in colour. He wanted to hear exciting new sounds and see magical worlds. He looked for colour everywhere! On Saturday lunchtimes, David would go to the cinema and watch cartoons, adventure…

1 min.
what happened next....

David never gave up on his dreams. He played with several bands and learned a lot along the way. To stand out, David wore outrageous clothes and even changed his name, from David Jones to David Jay, and later to David Bowie. He wasn’t successful at first, and writing music didn’t come easily to him. He was very focused, though, and kept practising and coming up with new ideas. After many years of work, David had his first big hit. ‘Space Oddity’ was an out-of-this-world song about an astronaut lost in space. Nobody had heard anything quite like it! He followed it up with an album called ‘Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’. It was a huge hit, and people were blown away by his songs, his colourful costumes, and the way…

2 min.
billy gets a haircut

It was another hot and sticky summer night, and William Gruff couldn’t get to sleep. He tossed and turned and threw his blanket off the bed, but it was still too warm for him to drop off. The next morning at breakfast, his brothers noticed that he was extra-grumpy. “You’re hot because your hair is too long!” his littlest brother said. “Get it cut!” William just grunted and flicked his long hair out of his eyes. “NO!” he snorted. “I hate haircuts!” He trip-trapped out of the house and went for a walk down the mountain. Perhaps the nice morning breeze would help him feel better? On the path, he saw a little bearded fellow sitting outside a cave. He was a curious-looking chap, so William decided to say hello. “Hi!” he said. “I’m William Gruff. My…

3 min.
merlin and the red dragon

Many long ages ago, Britain was ruled by a mighty warrior-king called Vortigern. But invaders called the Saxons wanted to take that green and pleasant land for themselves, and it seemed as if they might conquer the Britons. Vortigern gathered his wisest magicians and asked them what he should do to save his kingdom. They talked together, and then the oldest and wisest among them spoke. “Oh king!” the magician said. “You must build a great castle. From there, you can fight back against the Saxons.” Vortigern asked his magicians where he should build this castle. They said that the best place was on top of a high hill in Wales. The king gathered his best builders and stonemasons, and arranged for timber and stone to be sent to the hill from all over…

6 min.

Once upon a time, in the land of Germany, there lived a farmer named Jacob. He dwelt at the edge of a great dark forest with his wife, Wilhelmina. They had a fine farm, and a servant, and many fat pigs – but no children. One morning, Jacob took some pigs to sell in town. While he was there, one of his friends asked him, “Jacob, why don’t you have children? Your house must be so quiet and empty!” Jacob sighed sadly. While he was walking home, he said to himself, “I wish I had a child – even if they were small and furry and had spines like a hedgehog!” When he got back to the farm, Wilhelmina was waiting for him. She had an amazed look on her face and was…