Storytime April 2018

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2 min.
tortoise’s new home

It was the wedding day of the god Jupiter and the goddess Juno and everyone was invited – even the animals. Tortoise had been getting ready for hours. She put on her smartest sandals and made a flower wreath to wear on her head. As she admired herself in the mirror, she thought, “These flowers would look so pretty in a vase.” So she went out to her garden to cut some more. A little while later, there were fresh flowers in every vase in every room in her house. She sniffed the flowers and smiled. “Oh, there’s no place like home.” Meanwhile, the guests had arrived at Jupiter and Juno’s wedding and there was a buzz of excitement in the air. “Is everybody here?” asked Jupiter. “No, I haven’t seen Tortoise arrive yet,”…

1 min.
who likes the rain?

“I” said the duck. “I call it fun, For I have my little red rubbers on. They make a cunning three-toed track In the soft, cool mud. Quack! Quack!” “I!” cried the dandelion. “I! My roots are thirsty, my buds are dry.” And she lifted a tousled yellow head Out of her green and grassy bed. “I hope it will pour! I hope it will pour!” Purred the tree toad at his grey back door. “For with a broad leaf for a roof, I am perfectly weatherproof.” Sang the brook: “I laugh at every drop, And wish they never need to stop, Till a big river I grew to be, And could find my way to the sea.” “I!” shouted Ted. “For I can run, With my high top boots and my raincoat on,…

5 min.
sammy the stunt hamster

You’ve probably guessed it already, but pets get up to all kinds of mischief when their owners are at school. Take Benny the budgie. He learnt how to escape from his cage years ago. He sneaks out, turns on the kitchen tap, and runs a hot tub to splash around in all day. And Sylvia the Siamese cat dresses up in her owner’s clothes. She has a thing about hats. Fran the dachshund, meanwhile, is a total fitness freak. The moment the door slams, she’s on the treadmill. She’s always trying to make everyone do press-ups. Fran is a bit bossy like that. I know this because I live with them. I’m Sammy the hamster. “Morning, little dude!” Benny always calls me that, which is annoying as he’s the same size as me,…

2 min.
alphabet zoo

The umbrellabird is a strange fella – It wears a feather quiff like an umbrella. A strange dangly wattle hangs from its chin, Which blows up like a balloon and makes a din. It booms like a foghorn to try to impress, And puffs up its crest to look the best dressed. It makes this effort to win the perfect mate, What do you think – will he find a nice date? Next door is the only mammal that can fly, The vampire bat swoops through the night sky. It’s eager for a meal, ready for a bite, And there’s only one thing on the menu tonight. It wants blood, blood, mmm… glorious blood, All runny and red and lip-licking good! It’s craving a cow, it’s hungry for horse, Just one tasty vein…

4 min.
hey diddle diddle

Once upon a time, there was a young boy called Bobby who lived on a farm with his ma and pa, his dog, his cat and a cow. Bobby’s ma and pa were often busy working on the farm, and Bobby helped them whenever he could. When he had some time to himself, he played with his pets or he plucked a tune on the old fiddle his pa had given him for his birthday. Bobby had taught himself to play the fiddle and his ma and pa loved nothing better than listening to his music. One hot summer afternoon, Bobby’s ma and pa had to fetch some groceries from the market, so Bobby was going to be left alone. “We won’t be back till the moon has risen,” said his ma, “so…

5 min.
clever amaradevi

Once in Cambodia there was a princess called Amaradevi. Her father, the king, was extremely wealthy. He had more jewels and caskets filled with gold than any other king who ever lived. Everyone knew that the man who married Amaradevi would be rich beyond his wildest dreams, which is why four of the king’s greedy ministers proposed to her. They didn’t care that she was smart and kind – they were only interested in her wealth. But Amaradevi saw the greed in their eyes and turned down each minister. Instead, she married a man called Mahoseth, who loved Amaradevi for who she was and not for what she had. The marriage angered the ministers and they plotted and schemed. Eventually, they asked for an audience with the king. “Your Majesty, Mahoseth is a bad…