Storytime July 2018

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4 min.
the seaside scallywag

Sidney the seagull had an enormous appetite and a stomach to match. Whenever he felt peckish, he would swoop down from the roof of Mr Chips’ shop and steal tasty seaside treats. The fishermen on the harbour dreaded Sidney’s daily raid, as their market stalls were brimming with the juicy cockles, winkles, clams and mussels they had hauled in from the sea that morning. But Sidney’s favourite dish was fish and chips, especially when they were smeared with ketchup and a dash of vinegar, and followed by scrumptious ice cream for dessert. Not happy with rooting around the bins for leftovers, sometimes Sidney would even pilfer fresh fillets and creamy cones from right under the noses of unsuspecting holidaymakers. Sidney was fat and lazy. He was the bully of the beach. The terror…

4 min.
zuleika’s gift

Deep in the desert of Saudi Arabia, where the heat of the sand burns the soles of your feet and where no plants can ever grow (and those that try wilt), there lived a girl called Zuleika. Zuleika’s father was the chief of a desert tribe, and where they lived was so remote they very rarely had visitors. They scarcely even saw an animal. But, one day, as Zuleika was playing in the dunes, she spotted a lone rider in the distance. She ran to her parents. “There’s someone coming! There’s a rider in the dunes.” Zuleika danced with excitement. She loved having visitors and hearing tales of far-off cities and vast blue oceans – places she could only dream of seeing. Her father ducked out of their tent. Indeed, a rider was approaching…

3 min.
the fox, the wolf and the sea

The fox was lucky enough to live in a cosy den just behind a sand dune right by the sea. Every day, she fell asleep listening to the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore. It would have been a peaceful, happy life if it weren’t for the mean old wolf that lived in the nearby forest. Every time the fox tried to hunt for food there, the old wolf chased her off, snatching her dinner away and snapping at her tail. The wolf scared all the animals of the forest like this. “This is my forest,” growled the wolf. The fox was starting to despair. She would surely starve if she didn’t eat something soon – and all the best food was in the forest. One night, her stomach was grumbling with…

4 min.
the little red hen

Once upon a time in a cosy coop in a farmyard deep in the countryside, there lived a little red hen. She was always busy keeping her coop clean and tidy, and pecking around for tasty grains to feed her chicks. Her neighbours were a pig, a goat and a sheepdog, and they often watched her bustling around. They wondered why she didn’t just come and laze around in the sun with them. You see, all three liked nothing better than lazing around. They were experts at it. One bright and sunny morning, the little red hen was pecking away when she found three long golden stems of wheat on the ground. The clever little hen thought, “I could plant these grains, just like the farmer does.” So she picked up the wheat…

1 min.
mischievous bartholomew

When little boy Bartholomew Had reached the happy age of two,His mother, with a pleasant look,Gave him a nice new picture book. Gently at first, the little boy Turned the leaves with sober joy,Admired the stork and zebra rareAnd softly stroked the llama’s hair. But soon these simple pleasures grewQuite boring to Bartholomew;And presently, on mischief bent,He grabbed a page and tore a rent. The tearing noise so new and queerWas very pleasant to his ear.He ripped the pages through and through,So naughty was Bartholomew... He docked the tiger of his tail, Into ten pieces tore the whale, Slit the long neck of the giraffe And split the crocodile in half. Ah, sad it was to see the book His mother gave with pleasant look! His father grieved and Mother too. “I’m sleepy,” said Bartholomew. Soon in…

5 min.
how thor’s hammer was made

Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, was the most powerful weapon in all of Asgard and it protected the Norse gods for many years. This is the story of how it came to be. Loki was well known among the gods for being a rogue. One day, he could be charming. The next, he would get up to all kinds of mischief. Today, he was in a charming mood and he presented Odin – the chief of all the gods – with a wonderful gift made by the blacksmith dwarfs. It was the spear Gungnir. Not only was it beautifully made, but it was guaranteed to always hit its target. Odin was so delighted by his gift that Loki started to boast about his dwarf friends, claiming they were the best blacksmiths in the nine…