Storytime August 2018

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1 min.
the sandcastle

The tide is out and all the strandIs glistening in the summer sun.Let’s build a castle from the sand,Won’t it be such brilliant fun? With walls and ramparts wide and steep,Around the edge, we’ll dig a moat,And in the middle stands our keep,Where, from the top, our flag will float.And where the drawbridge ought to be,We’ll make a pathway to the shore,Well paved with stones by you and me.We’ll fill our buckets up, then pour. We’ll sit within our citadelAnd watch the tide creep ever near,But we have built our castle well,With battlements! We have no fear. The waves surge in and fill the moat.We watch the siege from tower high.Perhaps we should have built a boat,But, no! “We will not fall!” we cry. “Haul down your flag!” “Oh, no!” we shout,But soon we…

4 min.
harry the narwhal

Harry was sulking. His cousins, the Belugas, were coming to visit and they always picked on him because of his tusk. Harry tried to tell Mum and Dad, but they were too busy preparing a feast to chat. “It’s high spirits,” said Dad. “They’re just messing around.” But it didn’t feel like they were messing around. It felt like they were being mean and it made Harry feel bad inside. When they arrived, his cousins were all dressed up. Bella was carrying a fancy shell purse and Luigi was wearing a smart seaweed tie. Mum and Dad were keen to show Aunty and Uncle Beluga their Arctic moss collection. “You kids go and play. We’ll give you a shout when dinner’s ready.” “Yeah, c’mon, freaky boy,” whispered Luigi. “Entertain your guests.” Bella, his younger sister, sneered.…

5 min.
maui tames the sun

Early one evening, after a long fishing trip with his brothers, Maui was trying to repair their broken nets, but the sun had dipped below the horizon and, apart from the fire, everything was dark. “How are we supposed to get our jobs done when it gets dark so early?” sighed Maui, squinting at the nets. “We were up at the break of dawn and there’s still not enough daylight to complete our chores.” His brothers agreed. They were used to moaning about how quickly the darkness came. It was impossible to finish anything. “Enough is enough!” said Maui. “I’m going to catch the sun and force it to move more slowly.” His brothers laughed. “Don’t be so ridiculous! You’ll be burnt alive. You’ll be crushed. Nobody can catch the sun. It’s far too…

5 min.
four little children who went round the world

Once upon a time, there were four little children called Violet, Slingsby, Guy and Lionel who decided they would like to sail around the world, so they bought a large boat. The boat was blue with green spots, and the sail was yellow with red stripes. When they set off, all they took with them was a small cat to steer and look after the boat, an elderly Quangle-Wangle to cook dinner and make tea, and a large kettle. For the first ten days they sailed beautifully and found plenty of fish to eat. All they had to do was scoop them out of the sea with a long spoon, and the Quangle-Wangle cooked them. The cat got the leftovers and the whole party was very happy. At night, they all retired to…

1 min.

They set off with only four beans and three bags of mashed potatoes to last their whole journey. They were, however, able to catch many chickens along the way, who kept landing on the rhinoceros’s head to gather seeds. A crowd of kangaroos soon joined them too, so the children were never at a loss for company and, as they went on, their kangaroo procession grew longer. Eventually, they arrived safely home, where they were greeted with joy by their admiring families – and where they agreed to carry out the rest of their voyage when they were a bit older. As for the rhinoceros and kangaroos, to thank them, the children let them live in their back gardens with all the fruit they could eat. What a wonderful adventure it was!…

4 min.
the tug of war

The trouble with growing your own food is that it’s hard work. You have to plough the field, plant the seeds, and then weed and water them every day. It made Hare yawn just thinking about it – especially as it was such a warm and lazy kind of day. But if Hare wanted to eat, he had a field to clear and it wasn’t going to plough itself. He stretched himself out in the sun and tried to think of a way to duck out of his work. Hare was so cunning, it didn’t take him long to come up with a plan. He scoured the jungle until he found a long, strong coil of vine and he stretched it across the field. Once there, he sat and waited in the…