Storytime December 2018

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3 min.
brer rabbit’s christmas dinner

It was a crisp winter morning and Brer Rabbit had popped out to visit his old friend, Brer Bear. While he was out, Brer Fox skulked into Brer Rabbit’s garden, dug up his entire crop of winter carrots and stuffed them into his sack. Later, when Brer Rabbit got home and found his carrot patch all trampled and empty, he was furious – especially when he spotted foxy footprints everywhere. “Brer Fox! I knew I couldn’t trust him. I’ll get my carrots back or my name’s not Brer Rabbit.” So off he went to Brer Fox’s house. He knocked on the door, but Brer Fox didn’t answer. He knocked again – harder this time – but Brer Fox still didn’t open the door. Brer Rabbit smelt the delicious aroma of vegetable soup wafting through…

1 min.
pudding charms

Our Christmas pudding was made in November, What we put in, I quite well remember: Currants and raisins, and sugar and spice, Orange peel, lemon peel – everything nice, Mixed up together, and put in a pan. “When you’ve stirred it,” said Mother, “as much as you can We’ll cover it over, that nothing may spoil it, And then, in the copper, tomorrow we’ll boil it.” That night, when we children were all fast asleep, A real fairy godmother came creep-a-creep! She wore a red cloak and a tall steeple hat (Though nobody saw her but Tinker, the cat!) And out of her pocket a thimble she drew, A button of silver, a silver horseshoe, And whisp’ring a charm in the pudding pan popped them, Then flew up the chimney…

1 min.
the bears and the sack

One Christmas Eve, two bears were strolling through the forest when one of them spotted a big red sack jutting out of a snowdrift. She dug it out with her paws and opened it. It was full to the brim with brightly wrapped presents and toys. “Oh, it must be my lucky day!” exclaimed the bear. “Fancy finding something as special as this! Judging by the weight of this sack, some of these presents must be very valuable. Lucky me!” “You could say that we are both fortunate,” said the bear’s friend. “After all, we are travelling together and, up until now, we have shared everything – our tent, our food and our stories. Perhaps we can share this good fortune too.” The first bear shook her head. “Oh, no, no, no. This…

4 min.
christmas on the farm

Christmas Day was only two days away and it had been snowing hard on the farm. All the barns looked like they were covered with thick white blankets. Tommy looked out of the window and watched his dad’s old yellow tractor chugging away in the distance. His mum had gone into town to buy last-minute gifts and food for their Christmas dinner. Tommy was daydreaming about the treats she might bring home when he heard something rumbling down the lane. A big red truck pulled up outside. It was Mr Johnson from the Christmas tree farm and he was holding two huge Christmas trees. “Two trees for you, young Tommy. Sign here, please.” “Two trees. Why have we got two?” asked Tommy. “Don’t ask me, lad. Ask your mum and dad. They ordered one…

5 min.
gingerbread man’s baking challenge

Christmas was coming and it was the busiest time of year at Ginger’s Bakery. Everyone in Storyland was craving mince pies, chocolate yule logs, and, of course, sweet gingerbread. “It’s a good job I can run fast,” huffed Ginger, dashing to the work counter with more Christmas cupcakes to decorate. All day long, he had been rushed off his feet, running to and fro with deliveries, serving customers and preparing orders. But there was one important order that Ginger still hadn’t even started, and he had no idea how he was going to fit it in. Ginger was worrying about it when Old Mother Hubbard walked in. “I’m so glad you’re still open,” she said. “Do you have any biscuits for my poor dog? Our cupboard is bare. My, you look exhausted,…

3 min.
the toy tree

It was a bare, craggy tree with spindly branches which looked like they might snap at any moment, but it was the only tree in the estate gardens. Gabe loved the tree. He and his friends played by it all the time. They built dens against it, they sat in its shade on sunny days, and it was always their base when they played tag. And, in spring, the tree cheered up the grey concrete with its blossom. Mr Snider the caretaker hated the tree. When he had to mow the grass around it or sweep its blossom from the path, he’d grumble, “It’s in my way!” or “Who has to clean up all this mess? Me, that’s who!” Sometimes he threatened to cut it down, but Gabe didn’t think he’d ever go…