Storytime January 2019

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3 min.
not a robot

When Red 3869 was on the production line, there was a power cut. His wires went whizz and fizz and pop. When the laboratory was back up and running, Jones the trainee scientist did loads of checks on Red 3869. She twiddled his knobs and pressed his buttons and looked at Red with a serious expression. Finally, she switched Red on and said, “Robot report – what is your name and serial number?” The robot made a gurgling noise, which turned into a low metallic chuckle. “Good question!” said Red. “Let me scan my database… Rodolfino? No, too fussy. Pete? No. Gertrude… Definitely not! What about Lex?” Jones looked alarmed and quickly switched the robot off again. “Sir, I think you need to come here. The Red 3869 model is malfunctioning.” The head scientist sighed as he…

2 min.
alphabet pet shop

“Welcome!” said the owner, Mr Woofen-Hissenpurr, “To Alphabet Pet Shop – home of feather, fin and fur! Can I help you find a pet? What are you looking for?” But with so much choice, I don’t feel very sure. “An African land snail? This one’s bigger than your hand!” But the sight of sticky slime is more than I can stand. “A budgie?” asked the owner. “They’re chirpy and so cheeky, Or chinchillas? Awake all night, but not too squeaky. “Don’t discount a donkey. Do you have a field or barn? Or exotic shorthair cats – affectionate and calm. What you need’s a ferret. You can walk it on a lead! Or a pair of guinea pigs if it’s friendly pets you need. “If space is tight then maybe a hamster would be…

2 min.
the two-coloured coat

They lived opposite each other and there was a wide path between their houses. The boys were always running from one side of the path to the other to play in each other’s bedrooms, or they were busy kicking a ball across the path. Their neighbour Obasi was jealous of their friendship and he liked nothing better than causing trouble so, one day, he decided to put their friendship to the test and play a trick on them. He put on a coat that was divided down the middle. One side of the coat was completely red. It had a red sleeve, a red pocket, red lapels and red buttons. But the other side of the coat was entirely blue. Obasi looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. “Now for some…

4 min.
the naughty goats

One morning Olwen set off bright and early, herding the goats and whistling as she walked along. Just as she was passing the farmer’s turnip field, she noticed a gap in the fence. The moment she spotted it, the three goats saw it too. They raced towards it, squeezed through the hole and bolted into the field. The goats had never been in a turnip field before. Excited, they dashed back and forth, trampling the soil and tearing off the tender turnip tops. “Oh no!” cried Olwen. “I’ll get in so much trouble with the farmer. Come back!” But the goats didn’t pay any attention to Olwen. They skipped around happily, devouring any leaves that took their fancy. Olwen squeezed through the hole in the fence too and tried to herd the goats onto…

6 min.
the talking tree

Once upon a time there was a king who thought he owned all the rarest things in the world. One day a wise man visited his realm and asked to see his collection. The wise man studied everything and said, “You are missing the best thing of all – a talking tree.” “Have you seen this tree?” asked the king. “Not only that, but I have heard it speak,” said the wise man. “It said: ‘I wait and I wait to be saved by someone who’s kind, bold and brave.’” “Where was it?” “East of here, but I can’t remember exactly where.” The king decided he must find the talking tree. It would be the jewel in the crown of his collection. The next morning, he set out in disguise and headed east. He travelled for days…

4 min.
little chick and the big sneeze

Somewhere in a barn in Myanmar a little chick was squeaking and squawking at his mother for food. “I’m so bored of eating grain, Mummy. Please can we have some steamed rice cake?” “Stop being so noisy!” said his mother. “Do you want the old cat to hear you? She was prowling around here earlier and you know how much she likes to catch little chicks in her claws. Anyway, we don’t have any firewood. We need to leave the barn to get it.” The little chick nagged and begged his mother so much, she finally gave in. “Fine,” she said, checking it was safe to go outside. “I’ll fetch the rice grains and prepare the pot. You go and collect some firewood. But be on your guard for that sneaky old cat!” So the…