Storytime March 2019

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3 min.
little red and the wolf

Little Red Riding Hood had been busy making Grandma a cape for her birthday. It was the colour of plums, with embroidery all around the hood. Today, she was going to deliver it, but Grandma lived on the other side of Bramble Woods, so Little Red had to walk past Big Bad Wolf’s den to get there. As she folded up the cape, she shuddered at the thought of what had happened last time she met the wolf. Just then her mum walked in. “Hello, dear. I got Grandma a birthday cake from Ginger’s Bakery. Can you take it? Are you sure you’ll be okay?” “Of course,” said Little Red. “And you promise you won’t stray from the path?” “I promise, Mum!” “Because we all remember what happened last time…” “Please, don’t remind me. Besides, I got…

5 min.
how the elephant got its trunk

In far-off times, the elephant had no trunk. It had a bulgy nose, about as big as a boot, that it could wriggle from side to side, but it couldn’t pick things up with it. There was one elephant, an elephant child, who was insatiably curious about the world and always asking questions. He asked the ostrich why her feathers grew so fluffy, he asked the giraffe why his neck was long, and he asked his parents why his nose was so bulgy, but nobody could answer his questions. One day, he asked the kolokolo bird, “What do crocodiles eat for dinner?” “Don’t ask me! Go to the banks of the great, green Limpopo River and you’ll find your answer.” The next morning, the elephant said goodbye to his family and set off…

2 min.
cat trouble

One day, tired of being terrorised by the fat cat who had just moved into their house, the mice decided to call a meeting. An old mouse called for the other mice to be quiet. “Life was peaceful before this new family moved in,” he said. “We could run around as we pleased, but now we can barely scurry across the kitchen to grab a crumb before the cat pounces on us or swipes at us with its sharp claws.” The other mice squeaked loudly in agreement and several shed tears as they remembered the friends and family members they had lost to the cruel cat. “This cat is our sworn enemy. We cannot carry on living in constant fear, hiding in our mouse holes day and night. Together we must be able…

7 min.
stan and the dragon

Once upon a time, a farmer called Stan Bolovan lived with his wife, Alina. She cried all day long, but wouldn’t tell her husband why she was weeping. One day, Stan said, “Dear wife, I can’t stand it any longer. We have the best cow in the village, a hive full of bees, and an orchard full of trees. Why are you crying?” “We have all that, but we don’t have children!” sobbed Alina. Now Stan felt sad too. The next morning, he set off to see the sorcerer who lived on the hill, and he begged, “Please, wise sorcerer, give my wife and me some children!” “Are you sure you can feed and clothe them?” asked the sorcerer. “Yes,” said Stan, “and love and care for them too!” The sorcerer nodded and Stan journeyed home…

3 min.
squirrel spy school

“I’m sure that squirrel is spying on us,” said Kit. “You only just threw out those crusts and it’s already eating them.” Sure enough, Dash the squirrel was nibbling the bread crusts Kit’s mum had thrown out. It was Dash’s fifth breakfast. No animal could match his sneaky food spying skills – not even the birds, who spent too much time flapping and squawking. Dash had it down to a fine art. Tummy low, claws gripping tightly, he’d scurry along the branches and blend into the tree bark to keep a look-out. He was Spy Squirrel – always on a mission for the next tasty bite! “It’s not fair,” peeped the robin one day. “He always gets there first and barely leaves a crumb for anyone else. He even eats the food from…

5 min.
the magic lake

Long ago in Ecuador, the ruler of the Incas had sad news. His son was seriously ill and the only cure was to sip water from a legendary magical lake at the end of the earth. The ruler announced that whoever could bring his son water from the lake would have their dearest wishes granted and a place in the royal family. On a small, poor farm not far from the royal palace a girl named Sami lived with her parents and two brothers, Anku and Chuki. When her brothers heard the news, they leapt at the chance of adventure and a better life. Sami begged them to let her come too. “I can help you!” she said, but her parents refused to let her go. So the brothers went in search of…