Storytime May 2019

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3 min.
storyland’s surprise visitor

Sleeping Beauty looked out of her shop window at Sleep-Pea Heads Beds, fearing a dragon. Instead she saw a hot air balloon flying bumpily through the sky. The balloon was getting lower and lower, and a girl was hanging over the edge of the basket shouting, “Help! My balloon’s got a hole in it!” The balloon was losing height fast. It soared over the Golden Ball Toy Shop then drifted towards Bramble Woods, before colliding with the top of Rapunzel’s Tower. It plunged to the ground, crash-landing in the woods. Sleeping Beauty sprinted towards the balloon. Meanwhile, Rapunzel raced down the steps of her tower to find out what the commotion was. When they reached the crashed balloon, a yappy little dog ran up wagging its tail. Sleeping Beauty spotted two feet…

3 min.
bouki the hyena

Bouki the hyena was famous throughout Africa for his troublemaking ways. If there was one thing he loved more than laughing, it was stirring up trouble. He especially liked playing tricks on his neighbour, Leuk the hare. One bright morning, Bouki strolled down to the river for a drink. When he saw the sun’s reflection in the water, shining like a ball of fire, it gave him an idea. “Ha!” he chuckled to himself. “This will be fun.” He headed for the jujube tree where Leuk lived. When he saw the hare hop out of his hole, Bouki sprinted towards him and wailed, “Quick! A big ball of fire is heading our way. We must warn the other animals!” Leuk was used to Bouki’s tricks by now. He ignored him and stretched out…

2 min.
mr luck and mrs pluck

“Yes, Your Majesty,” said the minister. “Can you prove it exists?” she asked. “I can, Your Majesty. I’ll do so tonight.” That night, the minister mixed up fresh green peas with the queen’s favourite diamonds. He wrapped them all in a bundle, climbed up a ladder and hung the bundle from the ceiling. He took the ladder away and, as he left the room, he turned off the lights, plunging it into darkness. Next, he introduced the queen to two strangers. “Your Majesty, please meet Mr Luck and Mrs Pluck. As you can probably guess from their names, Mr Luck believes in good fortune, while Mrs Pluck believes you only get what you want through courage and hard work. Mr Luck and Mrs Pluck are going to spend the night in this dark room, and…

4 min.
robin hood and little john

At first, Robin felt sad about everything he had lost, but he loved the woods and was a skilled archer, so he soon felt at home. Over time, other men joined his camp and, before he knew it, Robin was the leader of a daring band of Merry Men. Together, they made a huge camp in the woods where they hunted and fished and stole from the rich to give to the poor. Soon Robin Hood’s name was known far and wide. One morning, Robin was wandering through the forest when he came to a rickety bridge over a rushing river. As he stepped onto the bridge, he noticed a large man approaching from the other side. The bridge was too narrow for two people to pass so Robin called, “Sir, please go…

5 min.
benji’s magic boots

“Dad, I think I need new boots for winter.” Dad laughed. “It’s summer, Benjamin! Get a move on or you’ll be late.” All day long I daydreamed about the boots. I imagined hiking through forests, trekking up sand dunes and crossing wobbly rope bridges. All week I stared at them longingly when we passed the shop. On Friday I told a fib. “Dad, we’re doing a play about explorers and I need some new boots.” Dad wasn’t listening. He was messing with his phone. “They need to be big and black, like the ones they wear on expeditions.” “I see.” Dad nodded, still tapping away on his phone. “Like these ones,” I said, pointing in the charity shop window. “Can we go in?” “Those scruffy things?” Dad didn’t look impressed. “I suppose…” he mumbled. As we stepped inside, a bell…

1 min.
the transformation

A tired caterpillar went to sleep one day,In a snug little cradle of silken grey.And he said, curling up in his soft nest,“Oh, crawling is good, but rest is best.” He slept through the winter so long and cold,All cosy and warm in his blanket rolled.At last, he awoke on a bright spring day,To find that winter had gone away. He gasped as he stretched out his wings of red,No more wriggling through the flowerbed.“Oh, earth is good,” said the butterfly new,“But sky is best.” And away he flew! ACT IT OUT! Download and print out our Caterpillar and Butterfly Masks so you can act out the transformation in this poem. Visit storytimemagazine. com/free…