Storytime June 2019

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3 min.
too many toys

Alice groaned. “But I want them all!” She didn’t want a clear-out. She loved her toys – every single one of them. “Alice, just look at this cupboard! And there’s still a pile of toys over there from your birthday, plus that teddy you won in the school raffle. They need to go in the cupboard, which means we need to make space and tidy out the toys you don’t play with.” “But I play with all of them,” said Alice. “No, you don’t!” cried Mum, putting the toys on the floor in a big pile. “I haven’t seen you play with this one for ages.” She prodded a little bear with a plaster stuck to its head. “Yes, I have,” said Alice. “That’s Baby Bear. He’s a patient at the teddy bear…

1 min.
calico pie

Calico Pie, The little birds flyDown to the calico tree,Their wings were blue,And they sang “Tilly-loo!”Till away they flew,And they never came back to me!They never came back! They never came back!They never came back to me! Calico Jam, The little fish swamOver the syllabub sea.He took off his hat,To the sole and the sprat,And the willeby-wat,But he never came back to me!He never came back! He never came back!He never came back to me! Calico Ban, The little mice ran,To be ready in time for tea,Flippity flup,They drank it all up,And danced in the cup,But they never came back to me!They never came back! They never came back!They never came back to me! Calico Drum, The grasshoppers come,The butterfly, beetle and bee,Over the ground,Around and round,With a hop and a bound,But they never came back!They…

4 min.
little billy goat brave

What they didn’t know was that when the three goats were hungry, it was Billy’s idea to search for sweet green grass on the other side of Moon River – and he was the one who volunteered to cross Troll Bridge first. He even convinced the troll to let him pass – all part of his clever plan! It bothered Billy that his older brother got all the praise, because what he wanted more than anything in the world was to prove how brave he was. The problem is it’s hard being heroic when even the troll has turned friendly. “How can I prove how brave I am when everything’s perfect?” Billy grumbled to his middle brother, Liam. Liam didn’t like adventure – he much preferred staying at home knitting goat hair scarves. “Why…

3 min.
the kangaroo’s pouch

“Don’t hop away again!” cried the kangaroo mother. “How do I know you’re safe if you keep disappearing? Stay where I can see you.” “Sorry, Mother,” said the joey. The kangaroo sighed. Every time she hopped away to look for juicy leaves, her joey wandered off again. It made her so anxious. With one eye on her joey, she hopped into the bushes – and bounced straight into an old wombat. “Ouch!” moaned the wombat. “Look where you’re going!” “I’m sorry! I didn’t see you.” “That’s about right – you big animals are always crashing around, never thinking of anyone else. Never mind a blind old wombat like me.” “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you. I was looking for food for my joey.” “Well, at least you can find food. I haven’t eaten…

7 min.
a midsummer night’s dream adapted from william shakespeare

Hermia and Lysander were deeply in love, but Hermia’s father didn’t approve of Lysander, so he was forcing Hermia to marry Demetrius. No matter how much Hermia pleaded, her father wouldn’t listen, so Lysander came up with a plan. “Hermia, meet me in the wood tomorrow night. We’ll run away together and get married.” Hermia willingly agreed. She was so happy, she and Lysander shared their secret with Hermia’s best friend, Helena. Helena was overjoyed – she loved Demetrius and was heartbroken when she thought he might marry Hermia. But Demetrius didn’t share the same feelings for Helena, so to impress him, she told him Hermia and Lysander’s secret plan. “He might not love me,” she thought, “but at least he can thank me for helping him.” The next day, Hermia and Lysander sneaked…

2 min.
the owl and the echo

“Everybody has fallen silent so they can hear my song better,” said the owl, puffing out her chest with pride and shrieking again. “It’s nice to know that when I sing, the whole forest listens!” The night was so quiet, the barn owl’s voice carried all the way through the trees and bounced off a rocky mountainside, so an echo soon replied, “The whole forest listens!” The owl heard the echo and thought it was the animals replying to her. She felt so flattered, she screeched again and said, “Yes, forget the music of the nightingale. I am the queen of the night and my own tune is far sweeter!” “Far sweeter!” agreed the echo. The owl fluffed up her feathers some more and, full of self-importance, she added, “In fact, why must…