Storytime July 2019

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3 min.
the friendly lion

In Ancient Rome there was once a young slave called Androcles who served a cruel master. His master was so unkind to him that Androcles decided to escape. At that time, masters owned their slaves, so running away was a serious crime – there were even slave-catchers who hunted runaway slaves. The poor slave was so miserable he thought, “I’d rather take my chances in the forest than be bullied and beaten here.” One morning, when his master had left their villa, Androcles fled to the forest where he hid in dense undergrowth and slept huddled against fallen tree trunks. It felt good to be free, but Androcles soon became hungry. He didn’t know which berries and mushrooms were safe to eat and he felt himself growing weak. One cold evening, famished and…

4 min.
the fox’s tail

Perhaps this story is true, perhaps it isn’t. Once in Armenia, an old woman had just filled up a jug with fresh goat’s milk when a fox came along and drank the whole lot. “I turned my back for one second and look what you did, you greedy fox!” cried the old woman. She grabbed the fox’s bushy tail and gave it a sharp yank – and it came right off in her hand! The fox spun round looking for her tail and, when she realised it was gone, she whimpered, “Grandma, please give me back my tail. The other foxes will make fun of me!” “I’ll give it back,” said the old woman, “when you give me back my milk.” So the fox stalked away, feeling odd without her tail swishing behind her. Soon she…

3 min.
storyland sports day

It was Storyland’s first ever sports day, and everyone was at Far, Far Away Fields ready to take part. They were all excited, except for Prince Frederick, who hated sport. “I’ve always been terrible at it,” he confessed to Princess Elinor. “Apart from footie, I hated sport at school. I’ve got two left feet.” “If I could kiss you and turn you into an athlete I would, but I already changed you from a frog into a human. It’s just for fun!” said Princess Elinor. Prince Frederick sighed. He didn’t think the words ‘sport’ and ‘fun’ belonged together. Just then, Daddy Bear’s booming voice cried, “All competitors for the beanbag race to the start line, please!” “I’ll give this one a miss,” said Prince Frederick, sighing. A group of runners gathered at the start line,…

1 min.
the shark

A treacherous monster is the sharkHe never makes the least remark.And when he sees you on the sand,He doesn’t seem to want to land.He watches you take off your clothes,And not the least excitement shows.His eyes do not grow bright or roll,He has astonishing self-control. He waits till you are quite undressed,And seems to take no interest.And when towards the sea you leap,He looks as if he were asleep. But when you once get in his range,His whole demeanour seems to change.He throws his body right about,And his true character comes out. It’s no use crying or appealing,He seems to lose all decent feeling.After this warning you will wishTo keep clear of this treacherous fish. His back is black, his stomach white,He has a very dangerous BITE!…

5 min.
jack makes the princess laugh

Once upon a time, a widow lived with her son Jack. All they owned in the world were three cows. Life was good until, one summer, their crops died and they had little to eat. “Jack, we must sell our cows,” said the widow. “Take them to the market tomorrow and try to get good money for them.” So the next day Jack took the three cows to the market. When he arrived, he saw a huge crowd. Being a curious soul, Jack squeezed his way to the front where he saw a wee man holding a bee, a harp, a mouse and a beetle. The man placed the menagerie on the ground and whistled. All at once the bee began to play the harp, and the mouse and the beetle stood on…

2 min.
the monkey mother

Long ago Zeus, the king of the Greek gods, decided to hold a contest to see who had the most beautiful baby in the world. He sent his son Hermes to spread the news far and wide. Hermes took flight in his winged sandals and travelled the world. He announced to every human and animal he met, “Come to Mount Olympus! Zeus is offering a prize to the parent with the most beautiful child!” The next day, proud parents began to gather outside Zeus’s palace on Mount Olympus. Soon, the queue snaked all the way around the mountain. Humans bought along their beautiful bouncing babies. Among the animals, there were big cats, foxes and bears with adorable cubs. Birds snuggled up with fluffy chicks, dogs had playful puppies, cats came with cute kittens…