Storytime August 2019

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4 min.
the singing tortoise

One day Ama was hunting in the forest when he heard a beautiful melody drifting on the breeze. He was so charmed, he followed the music deep into a part of the forest he had never visited before. Soon he reached a grassy clearing where he found a tortoise singing to its heart’s content and playing a thumb piano. Ama was stunned. How could a tortoise produce such rich and wonderful music? When the tortoise finished her song, Ama stepped into the clearing. He couldn’t help cheering and clapping. “You are truly talented,” said Ama. “Please, let me take you home. I can think of nothing better than listening to your sweet music every day. You will never have to worry about food or being hunted – you can just sing all…

5 min.
tom thumb’s teeny holiday

The sun was blazing in Storyland and there was excitement in the air. It was holiday season and almost everyone was getting ready to go away for their summer break. The Three Bears were off on a camping trip to the Wild Woods, the Three Billy Goats were looking forward to their annual climbing trip, and Gingerbread Man was closing up his bakery for a food-tasting tour of a neighbouring kingdom. “Where are you going for your holiday?” Pinocchio asked Tom Thumb as they shared a milkshake at Goldie’s Café. “Nowhere,” said Tom miserably. “If Hansel hadn’t carried me in his pocket, it would have taken me ages just to get here. It’s not easy going to exciting, far-off places when you’re this small. What about you?” Pinocchio understood. He wasn’t as tiny as…

3 min.
level up

Lucy stuffed her pyjamas into her bag and squashed everything down. She was only staying with Aunty Vee for a few days but she wanted to take her console and all her games. Just as Mum walked into the room, Lucy’s stomach gurgled loudly. “Do you want a quick snack before you go?” asked Mum. Lucy shook her head. She wasn’t hungry – she was just a little bit nervous. Well, more than a little bit. Aunty Vee had recently moved into a flat at the top of a tall tower block and Lucy had never been anywhere so high up. She tried to ignore the squirming feeling in her tummy as she said goodbye to Mum and climbed into Aunty Vee’s car. Her aunt put on some music and soon they were both…

5 min.
mr wolf ’s candy house

Once upon a time, Camille and Louis lived near a big wood, where they spent lots of time playing. Every day, they climbed trees, built dens and feasted on wild blackberries. One day, they were playing at being nature detectives and following deer tracks through the woods, when they realised they had gone much further than usual. The tracks led them to a little red bridge which crossed a babbling brook. On the other side of the bridge, just through the trees, they spotted a colourful house with a brown roof. It was so bright and cheerful. “Let’s see who lives there!” cried Camille and Louis. They crossed the bridge and, as they drew near to the house, a delicious aroma filled the air. As they got closer, they saw the house was…

2 min.
helios and clytie

The Ancient Greeks loved their sun god Helios. Every morning, he rose up from his golden palace to ride his shining chariot across the sky. His purple robes and blond curls streamed behind him. Only Helios was powerful enough to control the wild winged horses that led his chariot, and only he knew the secret path to flood the darkness with light. “Here comes the sun,” everyone would say, smiling gratefully at Helios. Helios was worshipped for his skill and strength, but a young sea nymph called Clytie loved him more than anyone else. When his chariot dipped to the western horizon, Clytie raced towards him on the back of her faithful dolphins. There, on a lone rocky island, they spent their evenings, talking and laughing. But Helios had a fickle heart and he…

4 min.
the kelpie

If you’ve never heard of a kelpie then you probably don’t live in Scotland, where they famously lurk in lochs and rivers. What is a kelpie? It’s a mischievous water spirit, which always transforms into a black horse when it appears before humans. It has the strength of ten horses and, as it gallops into the depths, the sound of its tail hitting the water is louder than the crash of thunder. It has magical skin and, if you touch it, you will never be able to release yourself from it. If a kelpie takes a dislike to you, you’d better steer clear because it will kick up a flood or drag you into its watery lair. However, some kelpies are good and have been known to save children from drowning. You…