Storytime December 2019

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3 min.
pim the coolest penguin

Not so long ago in Antarctica, two emperor penguins became the proud parents of a little ball of fluff. They called him Pim. A few months after Pim was born, all the penguin mothers and fathers had to go off to sea to find food, so Pim was left with the other children in the penguin crèche. Here, Aunty Penguin sat in her rocking chair, telling old stories and knitting fish toys for everyone. Every day, the youngsters all huddled around Aunty to keep warm. They took it in turns to be on the outside where the wind was iciest. Pim always huddled by his best friends Wilma and Colby. One day, when Pim was on the outside of the huddle, the wind was so strong, it knocked the little penguin right off…

1 min.
jingle bells

Dashing through the snow,In a one-horse open sleigh,O’er the fields we go,Laughing all the way! Bells on bobtails ring,Making spirits bright,What fun it is to ride and singA sleighing song tonight! Jingle bells, jingle bells,Jingle all the way! Oh! What fun it is to ride In a one-horse open sleigh. Jingle bells, jingle bells,Jingle all the way! Oh! What fun it is to rideIn a one-horse open sleigh. PLAY IT! Use wooden blocks to make the sound of a galloping horse and shake jingle bells when you reach the chorus.…

3 min.
the goose that laid the golden eggs

One day, a poor man and his wife were walking along the river when something caught their eye. It was a golden egg! The egg was small and smooth and perfectly shiny – and it was sitting in the nest of a large white goose. At first the couple didn’t believe what they were seeing, but when they lifted the egg and felt how heavy it was, they knew it was solid gold. “Let’s take this goose home with us,” said the man. “Perhaps it will lay more golden eggs.” They carried the goose home and made it a nice bed to sleep in, then they went out and sold the egg. They treated themselves to a fine dinner and new clothes. When they woke the next day, they were delighted to find…

4 min.
the little girl and father frost

Once in Bulgaria, the winter witch decided to banish the sun and make winter last forever. She put old Father Frost to sleep so he couldn’t stop her and she covered the earth with snow. People woke up to find their houses so deeply buried in snow they had to tunnel their way out. In one village, a group of neighbours decided to ask Father Frost for help. However, he lived in an icy palace on a mountain peak and nobody dared undertake such a dangerous mission. At last, a little girl called Yordanka volunteered to go. “If someone will care for my grandfather when I am gone, I will do it!” “You can’t!” cried her grandfather. “You’re too small for such a journey.” The neighbours agreed. “And you don’t own a warm…

4 min.
the elves and the shoemaker

Once upon a time, there was a shoemaker who had fallen on hard times. Every day, he worked until the early hours, yet he barely had enough money to buy food or fuel to heat his home. It came to be that all he had left in the world was enough leather to make a single pair of shoes. That day, he worked hard making a pattern and cutting the leather. Despite all his troubles, he said to his wife, “If these are the last shoes I make, I want them to be the best ever.” He went to bed that night feeling hungry but excited about the new shoes he was going to make. When he woke the next morning, he was amazed to find that the shoes were finished. “Mary!” he called…

3 min.
the tinsel spiders

Along time ago on Christmas Eve, an old woman was busy preparing her home for her family to visit. She couldn’t wait to see her grandchildren. But she still had many chores to do – there were mince pies to bake, gifts to wrap and so much cleaning! She hadn’t even put up her decorations yet. She didn’t have many, but those she put up made the children happy, especially as she couldn’t afford to buy them many gifts. As she rushed back and forth, she kept catching sight of her Christmas tree and crying, “The tree! The tree! I still have to trim the tree!” But there was still so much to do! Later that evening, when the cleaning was done and the mince pies were baked, the old woman looked at…