Storytime January 2020

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the sleepy giant by charles edward carryl

My age is three hundred and seventy-two,And I think, with the deepest regret,How I used to pick up and voraciously chewThe dear little boys whom I met. I’ve eaten them raw in their holiday suits,I’ve eaten them curried with rice,I’ve eaten them baked in their jackets and boots,And found them exceedingly nice.But now that my jaws are too weak for such fare,I think it exceedingly rudeTo do such a thing, when I’m quite well awareLittle boys do not like to be chewed. And so I contentedly live upon eels,And try to do nothing amiss.And I pass all the time I can spare from my mealsIn innocent slumber like this.…

3 min.
the fox and the white rabbit

“Oh, my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!” White Rabbit was running late for a meeting in Wonderland and he had to reach his rabbit hole as quickly as possible. “Oh, my dear paws!” cried the rabbit, checking his golden pocket watch for the umpteenth time. He popped it back in his waistcoat and frowned. “I’ll never get to Wonderland on time if I have to go over Troll Bridge.” Troll Bridge was White Rabbit’s usual route across the river. In fact, it was the route every animal in Storyland took when they wanted to reach the Magic Meadows – even if it did take longer to reach their destination. That’s because it was much safer to bump into the troll than the sly fox who operated the ferry. “Oh dear! Oh…

5 min.
the twelve months

Once in the Czech Republic there was a widow with two daughters – her own child, Helena, whom she loved dearly, and her stepdaughter, Maruska, whom she disliked. The widow was so jealous of Maruska’s beauty and kindness, she gave her all the housework to do and hardly anything to eat. Meanwhile, lazy Helena bullied Maruska and ate cakes all day. She wished she could get rid of her. One bleak January day, the widow was talking about how she longed to smell sweet spring violets again. This gave Helena an idea. Smiling slyly, she said, “Maruska, go into the forest and pick some violets for Mother.” “But, dear sister, violets can’t grow under the snow,” said Maruska. “How dare you question me? Do as I say or my mother and I will throw…

2 min.
the fairy borrowing

Carys Williams was the best baker in Wales. The aroma of her freshly baked bread wafted from her kitchen and made mouths water for miles around. As Carys loved baking, she had every piece of equipment you could ever wish for – every tin, pan, mould and bowl in every shape and size. She was proud of her skills and her well-stocked kitchen, but she soon came to regret them. You see, her cottage was by the hill where the fairy folk lived and they were constantly troubling her for one thing or another. “Can we borrow a tray?” “Can we use a pan?” “Can we borrow a tin?” “We’ll bring them back!” It got so confusing that Carys barely knew whether her precious baking equipment was coming or going. As time went…

2 min.
the wise parrot

Once a young lady bought a fine red parrot so she could teach him how to speak. The first thing she taught the bird to say was, “No doubt about it”. One night, while her neighbours were sleeping, the young lady sneaked out of her house and buried money all over the village. The next morning, she paraded through the streets with her parrot perched on her arm, boasting, “My parrot is so wise, he can show me where to dig for money.” Whenever she reached a place where she had buried some coins, she said, “Wise parrot, if I dig here, will I find some coins?” Without hesitation, the parrot bobbed his head up and down and said, “No doubt about it.” Then the lady dug up the money and showed it to…

4 min.
mission to the moon

Connor grinned all the way home from the Space Centre. He’d seen actual rockets and a lunar lander. He’d stepped inside a space module and he’d mined through moon rock. He’d even taken the trainee astronaut challenge – and he did so well, the man at the museum gave him a special badge with ‘NASA’ printed on it! As a treat, when they got home, Dad dished up freeze-dried ice cream in a packet, just like real astronauts eat! “Delicious!” said Connor. They were finishing it off when there was a knock at the door. It was a serious-looking woman wearing a dark suit. “Can I come in, please, Mr Bennett?” “Who are you?” asked Dad. “Commander Morgan. I’m with the European Space Agency. I have an urgent matter to discuss with you.” She flashed an…