Storytime May 2020

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1 min.
who ate my socks?

This morning I had a bit of a shock –I couldn’t find my right school sock!I found the left one then looked around,But the matching sock could not be found... Behind my desk and the chest of drawers,Under the couch and behind all the doors,I even checked the cupboard under the stair,And you’ll never guess what I found there! There was a little fellow, about two feet tall,All covered in fuzz like a little dustball.The monster looked like he was having fun,He’d made a nest of my socks – and was eating one! He had a frightened look upon his facewhen I stuck my head into his hiding-place.“What are you doing?” I exclaimed.“When my socks go missing, I get blamed!” The little chap looked at me in surpriseAnd stuttered, “I do apologise!I’m a sock…

4 min.
the war of the fox and the wolf

The couple owned two pets. Tibbles the cat had once been an excellent mouse-catcher but was now old and part-blind. She preferred snoozing in front of the fire to chasing rodents in the chilly barn. Galahad the hound had been a fine guard dog, but now he was a bit deaf and usually only woke up for dinner. Simon grumbled about their pets to his wife. “That cat hasn’t caught a mouse for years, and that lazy dog can’t hear a thing! When I get back from the market, I’m going to drown the cat in a bucket and finish the dog off with my hatchet!” When he left, Susan told Tibbles and Galahad, “My dears, you have to go! It is cold in the woods, but it is better than the…

4 min.
the watermelon prince

The baby was found by a fisherman’s wife, who took the child to the king of Vietnam. The king thought that the baby boy must be specially blessed if he survived the shipwreck, so he raised him as his son and named him Mai An Tiêm. The boy was given fine clothes to wear, ate food from the king’s table, and was taught by the wisest scholars, but he was always humble and hardworking, and the king cared for him as if he were his own son. The king loved Mai An Tiêm so well that he married him to one of his daughters. The couple were very happy together, and had three beautiful children. However, the king’s eldest son was jealous of Mai An Tiêm, and was afraid that the king might make…

5 min.
moving day

He and his family had already moved from Birmingham to Kazakhstan to Florida and then to the Aldrin Crater Moon Base, and he was tired of having to pack up and leave his friends behind every time his parents got new jobs. Isaac put all his things into moving crates… his books, his paint set, his X-Station with Virtual Reality Module, Mr. Ringo the toy lemur, and of course his Cosmic Challengers action figures. (Isaac had tried to leave some things behind, but his parents made him bring his toothbrush and maths textbooks.) When everything was packed, Isaac went to meet his friends down by the park zone. Octavia and Bradbury7 had only known Isaac for two years, but they really liked him and were sorry to see him go. Octavia told him,…

5 min.
kisa the cat

Once upon a time in Iceland, there was a queen who lived in a far-off castle on a hill, and her best friend was a cat called Mira. Mira was beautiful, with silky grey fur and glowing blue eyes, and she had a kitten named Kisa, who was coloured just the same. Yet the queen was sad, and she told Mira, “You are so lucky, for you have beautiful Kisa to play with, but I have no child.” So Mira sneaked out of the castle, and visited a fairy that lived in a high rocky place. Mira asked if the fairy could help her mistress have a child, so the fairy cast a spell… and some months later the Queen gave birth to a baby daughter she named Ingibjorg. Ingibjorg and Kisa became…

2 min.
the fly and the moth

One day a fly was buzzing lazily around the kitchen, weaving through the sunbeams and sniffing all the delicious things there were to smell. “What do I feel like eating today?” he thought. “Daddy’s stinky running shoes by the door have an interesting smell… and what’s this? Jem hasn’t emptied the rubbish bin again – there must be lots of old fruit and vegetable peelings getting nice and rotten in there…” Then the fly smelled something that was different and delicious. Something sweet and tasty. He couldn’t believe his many eyes: someone had left a jar of honey open on the kitchen table! The fly buzzed down to the very edge of the jar and licked a bit. It tasted even better than it smelled! The fly began eating more and more of the…