Storytime August 2020

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Pop! Pop! Poppetty-pop! Shake and rattle and rattle and shake The golden grains as they bounce and break To fluffy puffiness – poppetty-pop! Bursting and banging the popper’s top! Poppetty-pop! Pop! Pop! The yellow kernels, oh, see them grow White as cotton or flakes of snow! Pop! Pop! O-ho, how they frolic and fly about And turn themselves suddenly inside out! Pop-pop-poppetty! Pop-pop-pop! The popper’s full and we’ll have to stop; Pile the bowl with the tempting treat, Children, come, it is time to eat! POP IT! Go to our site storytimemagazine.com/free to download recipes that will make your popcorn extra-fancy!…

4 min.
the mysterious wind

It was a dark and stormy night in Storyland. The wind was howling, sending the leaves flying everywhere, and branches hit the windows, making creepy noises. The Storylanders tried to sleep, but they kept being awakened by the noise of the storm. The Three Little Pigs were terrified, and even Sleeping Beauty had trouble dropping off. As if that wasn’t bad enough, many Storylanders had the strange feeling that someone was spying on them during the night! Pinocchio, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel were sure they saw a shadow hovering outside their windows. Jack kept a light on that night: as a guitar player in a rock band, he was used to loud noises, but the howling of the wind and the tap-tap-tap of branches against the windows made him nervous! Just as he…

5 min.
hiro and the storm

Many years ago, in Japan, a hare named Hiro lived on a forested mountain overlooking the sea. He lived a happy life in the forest, and there were many leaves, seeds and berries for him to eat. One day, as he was prowling through the bushes, he came across Takashi the tanuki. A tanuki is sometimes called a raccoon-dog, and that’s just what Takashi looked like – a small dog, with the furry body and masked face of a raccoon. This made Hiro nervous, because the tanuki was bigger than him, and had sharp teeth. The hare tensed up, ready to run. Takashi looked at the hare, and said, “Friend Hiro, don’t be like that. I don’t mean you any harm – and I think there is something bad coming!” This made Hiro…

2 min.
the battle of the mountains

After the mighty hero Maui pulled the North Island of New Zealand from the sea, five mighty mountains stood tall in this new land. Chief among them was mighty Tongariro, with hair like fire and skin as dark as volcanic rock. Next was tall Taranaki, whose topknot was white as snow. Then came Tauhara, cloaked in green, and Putauaki, who was stout and strong. The fifth was Puhanga, who was the only maiden among them. The four other mountains loved her, for she was so beautiful. “Marry me, Puhanga, for I am a harder worker than the others and will make you anything you desire!” said Putauaki. “No, marry me!” interrupted Tauhara. “I am the most caring of us all, and will love you best!” “Puhanga, you know you want to marry me, for I…

7 min.
the lion fairy and the frog

Once upon a time, in a kingdom which is now no more, there lived a kind and just king. He was married to a beautiful queen – he loved her, and she loved him just as much. However, the king had many jealous neighbours who declared war on him and tried to conquer his land. So the king sent his queen away to a distant house in the forest where she would be safe from his enemies. The queen was bored in the distant house in the gloomy woods, and missed her husband so much that she decided to escape and return to him. One evening, while her guards slept, the queen sneaked out of the house, quietly got in her carriage and set off through the woods on the path to her…

5 min.
the sunchild

Long ago, in the land of Greece, there lived an elderly woman who was very lonely, for she had no children. One day, she prayed to the Sun to give her a child. The Sun answered her, saying, “I will give you a child – but in return, you must give her to me when she is twelve years old.” The woman agreed, and soon gave birth to a daughter with red-gold hair. The woman named her Letiko and loved her dearly. They were so happy together that the woman forgot all about the promise she had made to the Sun, until Letiko’s twelfth birthday came near. The day before her twelfth birthday, Letiko went out to gather wild herbs. When she returned, she said, “Mother! I met a man with golden hair…