Storytime November 2020

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5 min.
operation unicorn

She charged down the hallway, leaving her coat, shoes and schoolbag behind her. Mum’s voice came out of the kitchen. “Hope you had a good day at school, honey! And PICK UP YOUR THINGS!” Matilda scooped up her belongings, stomped up to her room, threw her stuff on the chair, and belly-flopped onto the bed. It was covered in a unicorn bedspread. It went with her stuffed unicorn, Mr. Hoofy. It also matched the rainbow-coloured poster on the wall, the UniMajik figures, and the unicorn stickers on her desk. It was safe to say that Matilda liked unicorns a LOT. She went over to the window and stared out into the garden. It was a bit of a mess, and at the far end there were lots of bushes that were slowly turning into trees. Oh,…

2 min.
baloo’s bath day

As Mowgli got close to the cliffs, he heard a loud noise. A crashing and a bashing and a yowling, mixed with a very strange buzzing sound! Suddenly, a great big shape burst out of the bushes ahead of him. It was hairy and sticky and leafy and seemed to be surrounded by a cloud of… bees? Mowgli realised that this monster was actually his friend Baloo – but he was covered in leaves, bees, and yellow sticky stuff. “Baloo! What happened to you?!” shouted Mowgli. Baloo yowled and cried out, “Man-cub! Is that you? I found a tasty honeycomb that I wanted to share with you... But when I tried to grab it, I got covered in honey, and the bees who made it tried to sting me!” Luckily Baloo’s thick fur stopped him…

4 min.
william tell

He came from Uri, high up in the mountains called the Swiss Alps. The farmers of Uri were famous for being tough and strong, and William Tell was said to be the toughest and strongest of them all! He could climb a mountain without fear, sail a boat through the fiercest storm, and plough the stoniest field, but he was best known for his skill with a crossbow. It was said that he could even shoot a snowflake out of the air! Now, at that time, the Austrian emperor ruled over Uri – but the people of Uri did not like being told what to do by some distant ruler, and refused to obey his commands. That was why the emperor sent a cruel governor named Albrecht Gessler to teach the people of Uri…

3 min.
the enchantress of number

Ada’s childhood was like something out of a fairy tale. Her father George was handsome, famous, rich and talented. If he had been born today, George might have been a pop star – but pop music hadn’t been invented yet, so he became a poet. When George’s wife Anabelle became pregnant, he declared that he wanted the child to be “a glorious boy”, but it wasn’t – it was a girl! When he heard this news, George left his young family and never saw his daughter again. The baby girl was named Ada, and her childhood was quite lonely. Anabelle couldn’t take care of her and sent Ada to live with her grandmother in the country. Luckily, her grandma was a nice lady who took good care of her. Ada’s mother did not want…

1 min.
what happened next....

Countess Ada Lovelace would go on to come up with many more amazing mathematical ideas. She also had a wild life, just like her father – the famous poet George Gordon, Lord Byron! Nowadays, Charles Babbage is thought of as the father of the modern computer, and Ada is thought of as the mother of computer programming – and their creations have changed the world! The computer programming language Ada is named after her, and a robot artist was called Ai-Da by its creators in her honour. She is an inspiration for all children interested in maths, computing and engineering.…

4 min.
the griffin

Now it happened that the king’s daughter became ill, and the nurses and wise men said that she could only be cured by eating an apple. The king declared that whoever would bring his daughter an apple and cure her would get to marry her and become his heir. In the kingdom, there was a poor apple-farmer who had three sons. One was called Uele (which means ‘frog’s legs’), one was called Seame (which means ‘hog’s bristles’) and the youngest was called Simple Hans. When Uele heard that the king wanted apples to cure his daughter’s sickness, he set off for the palace with a basket full of them. On the road, he met a strange little man made of iron who asked him, “What do you have in your basket, young sir?” Uele…