Storytime July 2017

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3 min.
the butterfly and the rose

There was once a beautiful butterfly – the most beautiful butterfly anyone had ever seen – and it lived in a park not too far from where you live. Its wings were painted a deep cherry red with splashes of violet and streaks of pink, and the tip of each wing looked like it had been dipped in pure glittering gold. Wherever this butterfly went, flowers craned their stems towards it and lifted their petals, hoping that this wonderful creature would choose them. They sighed sadly if it gracefully fluttered by. At last, when the sun was beating down on the park, the butterfly chose a flower to sip nectar from. It was a perfect pink rose, fresh from its bud. It had the softest, most velvety petals you could ever…

5 min.
the old woman and her pig

One bright morning, long ago, a little old woman was sweeping her floor when she found a shiny sixpence under a chair. “What luck!” she said, grinning. “Now, what shall I do with this sixpence? I know. I’ll go to the market and buy a pig to keep me company.” So she set off for the market and chose a prize pig. It was perfectly pink and round, and the old woman was pleased with her purchase. It was too heavy to carry so she tied a rope around its neck and led it across the fields to her cottage. When they came to a stile, the old woman climbed over it and tried to get the pig to follow her, but it wouldn’t budge. “Come on, pig,” said the old woman. “Just climb…

3 min.
i want to be a pencil sharpener

It was dressing-up day in school soon, and Daisy and Mummy were talking about Daisy’s costume. “What would you like to go as?” asked Mummy. She held up a beautiful dress. “A princess?” Daisy shook her head. “A doctor?” “No.” “A police officer?” “No.” “A chef? A star? A crocodile?” “No, Mummy,” said Daisy. “I want to be a pencil sharpener!” Mummy, Daddy and Daisy worked on the costume until it was just perfect. Daisy couldn’t wait to wear it. Finally, dressing-up day came, and everyone went to school in their costumes. There were knights, fairies, superheroes, mermaids, robots, lions, princesses and kings – but only one pencil sharpener. Daisy had a wonderful time until one of the lions, Lisa, told her that she didn’t like her costume. “Why are you a pencil sharpener?” she asked Daisy.…

1 min.
alphabet zoo

Boo and Bonnie lead the way, racing down the path, They giggle and they chuckle, and then they laugh, But it isn’t them chortling – it’s the Hyena! Supreme meat-hunter, bone-licker and cleaner. Serengeti scavenger, it wears a big grin, This hungry carnivore will eat anything, Except for the Hippo who lives next door. It’s far too huge for Hyena’s jaw! The roly-poly Hippo keeps his cool, Basking and wallowing in the pool. When the sun is high, he likes to sleep there, But every few minutes, he bobs up for air. Then the hungry Hippo waddles out at night, To fill up on grass – his favourite bite! Another laidback lounger, soaking up sun: The cold-blooded Iguana, keeping warm. It’s a dino-lizard with a spiky spine, And it only moves when it’s time…

6 min.
tom thumb

Once upon a time, there lived a little boy who was no bigger than your thumb. “But how can that be?” we hear you cry. Well, like most things that are out of the ordinary, it was magic. The best magic of all from the greatest wizard there has ever been – Merlin! It just so happened that this famous magician was on a long journey and, feeling weary, he knocked at a door, hoping for something to eat and somewhere to rest. The ploughman and his wife who answered were very poor, but they gave up their food and bed for him. However, Merlin noticed that beneath their kindness and generosity, they seemed terribly unhappy. The next morning, Merlin asked them, “Why are you so sad?” Their eyes filled with tears as the…

1 min.
the rainbow fairies

Two little clouds one summer’s day, Went flying through the sky. They went so fast they bumped their heads, And both began to cry! Old Father Sun looked out and said, “Oh, never mind, my dears, I’ll send my little fairy folk To dry your falling tears.” One fairy came in violet, And one in indigo, In blue, green, yellow, orange, red, They made a pretty row. They wiped the cloud tears all away, And then, from out the sky, Upon a line of sunbeams bright, They hung their gowns to dry. UPCYCLE IT! Print out our Rainbow Template and turn it into a colourful collage using old scraps of papers, packaging and wrappers! Download it from storytimemagazine.com/free…