Storytime November 2017

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3 min.
the lion and the rabbit

The king of the jungle was a fierce lion, who scared everyone with his loud roar and his huge appetite. He roamed the forest eating any animal that took his fancy. None of the animals knew when the greedy lion might attack and they grew so tired of living in fear, they got together and came up with a plan. With knees quaking, they set off for the lion’s den. The brave zebra stepped forward. “Oh, mighty King of the Jungle,” she said. “We have come to offer you a deal. Instead of tiring yourself out hunting in this terrible heat, if you can agree to eat just one animal every day, then we promise that, every morning, one of us will come to your den to be your dinner.” The lion thought…

1 min.
the moon

The moon is like a big round cheese That shines above the garden trees, And, like a cheese, grows less each night, As though someone had had a bite. The mouse delights to nibble cheese, The dog bites anything he sees – But how could they bite off the moon Unless they went in a balloon? And human people, when they eat They think it rude to bite their meat, They use a knife or fork or spoon; Who is it then that bites the moon? LEARN ABOUT IT! Download our free Moon Phases Worksheet to find out who really ‘eats’ the moon! Visit: storytimemagazine.com/free…

2 min.
the fairy dog

It’s a little known fact that fairies love pets too – and if you ever pass a stray dog or cat, it might not be abandoned. It might just belong to a fairy who is hiding from you. Bronwen Jones knew this because her cousin Rhiannon was on her way home one night when she found a strange dog crying for some food. Instead of taking it home and caring for it, Rhiannon told the dog to “Shoo”. The next day, she was on her way home again when three little fairies appeared before her. “Hello, Rhiannon,” they tinkled. “How would you like to travel home tonight – above wind, mid wind or below wind?” Thinking she was being clever, Rhiannon answered, “Below wind, please.” But that was the worst answer she could have…

3 min.
the jobless giant

The first time the giant caught the bus, Isabella Rockersteller hid behind her mother’s shoulder. “I’m off to look for a job,” boomed the giant, crushing four rows of seats with his bottom. “How about you?” “We’re going to the beach,” whispered Isabella, peeping out at him. “We’re going to build sandcastles.” “Ooh, I love sandcastles,” said the giant. “Can I come? I’ll look for a job tomorrow instead.” “Of course,” said Mrs Rockersteller. “But we’ve only got one bucket and spade. You’ll have to share.” The giant was a brilliant sandcastle builder. He made a big sand palace, with twisting turrets and a swimming pool the size of a small lake. Isabella floated in the salty water while the giant paddled his toes. At home time, he held out a huge hairy hand for her…

9 min.
dwarf longnose

Once upon a time, there was a poor, hardworking couple who made their living selling vegetables at the market. They had one young son called Jem, who helped them out. One day, a hunched-over old lady came hobbling towards their stall. She had a sharp, pointed chin and the longest, most bulbous nose anyone had ever seen. “How can I help you, madam?” asked Jem. “We’ll see,” said the old lady, and she started to dig her bony fingers through their herbs, scrunching and tearing them, and sniffing them with her long nose. “No, these are bad,” grumbled the old lady. “Very bad indeed.” Jem was annoyed by how rude she was. “Our herbs are freshly picked, and now we can’t sell them because you’ve torn them with your dirty fingers and stuck your great…

4 min.
the great snail race

In Laos, there was one person who was well known for being smarter than everyone else and he was called Xieng Mieng. But sometimes, even the smartest people meet their match. One day, Xieng Mieng decided to go for a walk by the river. As he was strolling down the lane towards it, he saw a snail moving slowly along. “Oh, to be a snail crawling along so slowly in this heat. What a sorry sight,” he thought. He knelt down beside the snail. “Hey there, slowcoach, where are you heading?” The snail stopped and looked up at Xieng Mieng. “To the river to cool down.” Xieng Mieng laughed. “How long will that take? A month? Maybe more! It will be winter by the time you get there. Better to give up and go home…