Storytime September 2017

Storytime is a kids’ magazine full of brilliant stories. It’s packed with fairy tales, myths, poems, fables and much more – all beautifully written and illustrated, with puzzles, games and colouring in too! Each month we highlight a classic children’s book, plus we have storytelling tips and fun activities to bring the stories to life. Storytime is full of colourful, engaging illustrations, all specially commissioned from talented illustrators from all over the world – and we have a NO advert guarantee! If you love stories, and feel passionately about encouraging children to read, then Storytime is right for you! “Storytime brings classic tales to children every month. The perfect way to start them on a lifelong storytelling adventure” – Michael Morpurgo – former children’s laureate

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the triantiwontigongolope

There’s a very funny insect that you do not often spy, And it isn’t quite a spider, and it isn’t quite a fly; It is something like a beetle, and a little like a bee, But nothing like a woolly grub that climbs upon a tree. Its name is quite a hard one, but you’ll learn it soon, I hope. So try: Tri... Tri-anti-wonti... Triantiwontigongolope! It lives on weeds and wattle-gum, and has a funny face; Its appetite is hearty, and its manners a disgrace. When first you come upon it, it will give you quite a scare, But when you look for it again, you find it isn’t there. And unless you call it softly it will stay away and mope. So try: Tri... Tri-anti-wonti... Triantiwontigongolope! It trembles if you tickle it or tread upon…

4 min.
brother pig

There was once a little boy called Dougal who was the messiest, scruffiest child in the world. Don’t believe us? You’ll soon see. He never tidied away his crayons or toys, he walked muddy footprints all over the floor, he always spilled his drinks, he dropped trails of crumbs across the house and, worst of all, he scooped jam straight out of the jar, and left sticky fingerprints everywhere. You don’t think that’s too bad? Well, he also hated washing, he refused to brush his teeth or comb his hair, and he never, ever changed his socks. He was a complete and utter stinker! Dougal’s dad despaired, but there was someone who was even more annoyed than his dad – it was the pixie who lived under Dougal’s bed. One day, tired of…

5 min.
the king with donkey ears

King Midas is well known for being the greedy ruler who wished that everything he touched turned to gold, but his story didn’t end there. After bathing in the river that saved him from his golden curse, King Midas never craved gold or riches again. In fact, he lost interest in his life of luxury at the palace and, every day, he would get up early and go for a long walk. One day, King Midas was strolling in an olive grove when he heard wonderful music drifting through the trees. He followed the sound to a small clearing where he found a strange little man with the legs and horns of a goat. The goat-man was playing a delightful melody on his pipes, but when he saw King Midas, he stopped…

3 min.
miss beck’s spectacular specs

Miss Beck was the teeniest, tiniest teacher in the world. It was all because a party magician had swished his wand and made her as small as a tennis ball, then he forgot to turn her back to her normal size! This meant the children of Class 3B had to learn to take extra care of her. They tried not to squash or squeeze her in the dinner queue. They tried not to trip or flip her on sports day and, when she couldn’t reach the top shelf, the children made her a fancy book-grabber. One thing they never ever did was leave her alone with the school cat. Not after what happened last Friday. Last Friday, the cat thought Miss Beck was a mouse. He chased her round and round the playground…

5 min.
the sly fox

Once upon a time, not too far from where you live, there was a green hill. You know the one. On one side of the hill, there lived a little red hen in a smart wooden house. On the other side of the hill, there lived a sly fox in an underground den. The sly fox knew about the little red hen on the other side of the hill and he wished that he could gobble her up, but the little red hen was far too clever for him. Whenever she went out to her garden, she always peeked through the curtains first to make sure he wasn’t prowling around. And whenever she was in her wooden house, she locked the door and hid the key in the pocket of her…

2 min.
the moving mountain

Cloud Peak Mountain is a spectacular sight. All the people who live in the nearby villages and towns love to hike its trails in summer and ski down it in winter. But, one morning, something odd happened to the mountain. The clouds suddenly disappeared from around its peak, and a low, grumbling sound came from somewhere deep inside. People far and wide heard it. “Oh no!” cried the lead reporter for the local newspaper, Cloud Peak Gazette. “The mountain is falling down!” That night, when the families in the villages and towns surrounding the mountain got their newspapers, they were worried by the headline: “MOUNTAIN MAYHEM!” The next day, the county television station set up cameras at the foot of the mountain, waiting to see what would happen. The earth began to tremble and a…