Storytime January 2018

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4 min.
baby elephant

“That’s a big bump.” The doctor patted her mum’s tummy. “Looks like there’s a baby elephant in there.” Tilly could hardly contain her excitement. Her mum had told her there was going to be a new baby in the family, but not that it would be a baby elephant. That would be so much more fun! At school the next day Tilly told her friends Priya and Lucas. Priya had a baby brother and tried to imagine the size of the cot and changing mat that a baby elephant would need. She asked Tilly where the elephant would sleep. Tilly explained that they had a big shed in the garden. Once it was tidied up, there would be plenty of room. Lucas studied the apple in his hand. “Elephants eat their own weight…

4 min.
the emperor’s race

“The first twelve animals to cross the raging river and reach me will be forever remembered as a sign of the Chinese zodiac,” he announced. “Each animal will represent a different year.” When the cat heard about the race, she felt sure she would win. She boasted about it to her neighbour, the rat, who she often teased and bullied. “Of course I will be the first and most important animal in the zodiac,” she purred. “The Emperor would never welcome a smelly little rat like you.” But on the morning of the race, the rat got his revenge. As the cat slept soundly, curled up in a ball, the rat sneaked away to the river and didn’t wake her up. By the time the cat arose, it was too late – she…

4 min.
strong jack

He wrapped a blanket around his shoulders and peeped through the curtains. There was a thick layer of snow outside and everything was white. Jack went downstairs to warm himself by the fire, but it had gone out. “That’s why I feel so cold,” said Jack. His teeth chattered as he went out to get some firewood, but there were no logs left. Jack shivered. He would have to go and chop a tree down. He remembered seeing a fine tree at the top of the hill. “That’s what I’ll do,” said Jack. “I’ll go up the hill, chop down the tree and cut it into logs. It will make a grand fire.” Wrapped in a thick hat and scarf, Jack took his axe and set off for the hill. It was so cold,…

6 min.
snow white and rose red

She loved the roses so much, she named her daughters after them, and they even grew up to look like their flowers. Snow White had fair skin, blonde hair and blossom pink lips, and Rose Red had dark skin, black hair and ruby red lips. The two sisters adored their mother. In summer, Rose Red picked a posy of red roses for her every day and, in winter, Snow White picked a posy of white roses. The two sisters loved animals too and would often go for walks in the woods. The animals came to know the girls well, and hares, stags and badgers would walk by their sides, feeding from their hands. One winter’s night, when the snow was falling heavily outside, the two girls were huddling by the fire. They were…

3 min.
the shark god

At that time, the ocean was full of guardian gods. Some guarded the fish, some guarded the eels and some guarded the turtles, but Dakuwaqa guarded the coral reefs. He was a greedy god – greedy for power – and he loved to show off his strength. “There is no ocean god stronger than I am!” he boasted, and he took pleasure in challenging any god who crossed his path to a fight. His first battle was with the barracuda god, who was famous for his sharp teeth. When the two gods fought, they thrashed about fiercely. The waves they created were so huge, they crashed over the beaches of Fiji and flooded many villages. The shark god won this battle and many more and, soon, the other gods feared him so…

2 min.
alphabet zoo

“Quick! Let’s go quicker! We might miss the quokka!” We crawl through the grass, marsupial spotters. “There!” cries Bonnie, and we see a quirky smile. It’s the happiest animal in the wild! Sometimes mistaken for a baby wallaby, It bounds and it hops – it can even climb a tree. The Australian quokka loves juicy leaves, And when its tum is full, it grins at you and me! Another herbivore, its rusty-coloured chum, The furry red panda has a special thumb To grip bamboo – its favourite food, Just like the giant panda, a much bigger dude! This panda’s not a bear, a raccoon or a cat, It’s one of a kind, hard to find, an acrobat. High in Asian forests it dons its mask of white With a bushy tail for balance,…