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TAPAS - English Version

TAPAS - English Version

Spring 2019

TAPAS MAGAZINE the first gastronomic and lifestyle magazine created by SPAINMEDIA. A magazine that we are cooking over a low heat, easy to digest. We will try to explain how our planet works by establishing our daily relationship with drink and food. We will do this in English, because TAPAS is a global word, and one of the biggest contributions from our gastronomic culture to the world.

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the letter does he deserve it?

“Let’s get started!” The cry of José Andrés (49) can be heard throughout the newsroom. The stylist, who has spent two days looking for a dark blue suit for the photoshoot, is frightened by the Asturian chef’s outburst. It’s not that he didn’t want to pose. It’s that he knows that forcing this burly body into a designer suit is more difficult than getting a good Jabugo ham past Washington lobbyists. Tuesday the 19th. Noon. Spainmedia Gallery. Dan Winters’ photos hang on the wall. It hasn’t been leaked yet that José Andrés, who has just received the Cordoba Medal of Merit in Fine Arts, will present the Oscar for Best Picture on Sunday night. But everyone has just seen him on Late Motiv with Andreu Buenafuente, showing off the cover…

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the tapas grill

1 BURNT If you’re feeling low, your gut could be to blame. It’s just been discovered that some bacteria in there can produce neurotransmitters associated with depression. 2 WELL DONE Aurelio Menéndez has just broken a less-than-desirable record: to have had the most operations for (accidentally) swallowing chicken bones. 4 in total. 3 MEDIUM Xian Tao-Pen was detained a few weeks ago after discovering that the empanadas in his restaurant contained ‘human remains.’ 4 RARE Frederic Goudard has just launched the first version of his hanging restaurant: tables for four in functioning funicular cabins. 5 RAW A Russian citizen goes to the hospital because of severe pain after eating. A stomach X-ray detected a foreign object: a 30-year-old bullet.…

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spainmedia films

Chef of the year // Tapas Interview The third edition of the prize has honored the chef José Andrés. And Diego Guerrero was the first to be featured in the Tapas Interview series, where chefs talk about life in and out of the kitchen. @tapasmagazine Design Loves Journalism In T Magazine we have also echoed the Madrid Design Festival. Some of its participants, like the Plutarco design studio and Jorge Penadés, have explained why journalism is essential for drawing attention to design creations. @tmagazine_es The obstinate Felipe Reyes Player for and captain of the Real Madrid soccer team, he was on the cover of February’s Spanish number. @robbreportes Moonwalk goes live! In our fashion films we create stories where we show off men’s fashion through various locations, models, and captivating looks. Don’t miss them. @manonthemoonmag CEO of the year 2018 // Special…

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spain's culinary missionary

These days, Spanish cuisine is at a crossroads for a number of reasons. We all know that Spanish cooking has been greatly influenced by chefs like Juan Mari Arzak and Ferran Adrià. Those of us in this business are very grateful to have these timeless culinary big-shots among us. Without even realizing it, they’ve carried us to the top of the gastronomy world. Meanwhile, though, we’ve forgotten the tireless grinding and the “yes we can” attitude from the neighborhood kid who, 30 years ago, went to the United States where he’s been making a name for Spanish cuisine ever since. But the world is big, and when we go abroad we get smaller. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t great. It just means that there is a ton of talent out…

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an evening with josé andrés

18. Ana Escobar Director of Acción & Communicación with José Moro from Bodegas Emilio Moro. 19. Ramón Freixa chef of the restaurant in Madrid that bears his name. 28. Jara Bedmar, Head of Advertising at Tapas, with Javier García, from the Faustino group. 29. Sacha, chef at the restaurant that shares his name, and Víctor Infantes, head chef at Clos Madrid. 30. José María Pantoja, Head of Communications for Cosentino. 31. Javier Olleros and Amaranta Rodriguez from Culler de Pau.…

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the flavor of home

Can a color speak to your stomach through your eyes to activate your appetite? The answer becomes clear as Asturias comes into view, with its lush, green fields and traditional dishes laying out a magical journey for the senses. There are countless ways to enjoy the region. And the palate is surely one of them. FABADA, CACHOPO, CIDER, OYSTERS, CHEESE, WINE... THIS IS ASTURIAS’ IDENTITY. The first stop is made obligatory by the senses, as you catch the alluring scent of beans, blood sausage, and chorizo. While there are many different fabadas in the world, none of them measure up to the traditional Asturian variety. The unique local products and inimitable know-how of the Asturian people have given their fabada a top reputation among experts. But our culinary tour doesn’t stop here.…