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WHEN THE EASTER BUNNY CAME TO TATLER TOWERS! He liked the photocopier. Watch the video. ARE YOU A MILLENNIAL SLOANE? Take our online quiz and find out more about yourself than you were bargaining for. Diana wore it f irst We thought we’d seen some of those A/W 17 catwalk looks before. And we were right – on the original Sloane Ranger, Diana, Princess of Wales! Learn how to copy her look. THE BEST BRITISH BREAKS EVER So long, air miles. We’ve rounded up the loveliest hotels close to home. PHOTOGRAPHS: MARCIN TYSZKA, JULIAN PARKER/FPG/GETTY IMAGES…

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CANDY FLOSS Angora-bunny Candy guards the diamonds on page 47 What’s your worst habit? I’m always banging into things. I’m too vain for glasses. What’s your signature dance move? A running jump and a heel flick. What’s your go-to fancy-dress costume? Goldfinger’s cat. I just curl my ears up tight. ARNAUD PYVKA Arnaud photographs Ashley and Kata Hicks (page 84) What’s your signature dance move? The finger twitch. And repeat. What would be your death-row meal? Oysters. Lots of them. What’s your favourite joke? ‘We have to do it again – there was no film in my camera.’ Super-power you’d most like to have? Invisibility. ROBERT HARPER Robert captures American heiress Hayley Bloomingdale (page 37) What’s your worst habit? Not letting people finish their sentences. What’s your go-to fancy-dress costume? Something that requires a dressing gown. If you could get away with one crime, what would it be? I’d rob a bank or a train…

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here’s looking at... hayley bloomingdale

‘If there’s one thing I’ve learnt, it’s do not f**k with cat people,’ says Hayley Bloomingdale. We’re having a cup of tea in the Library Bar at the Lanesborough and the 30-year-old is talking about the vitriol she received from the cat-loving community for a piece she wrote for American Vogue last year. ‘It was about Instagram rules – I said, “Don’t post about cats,” and they went crazy. That’s one of the good things I’ve discovered since moving here – English people are dog people.’ The California-raised Bloomingdale’s heiress moved to London last year in her role as communications director at Moda Operandi, Lauren Santo Domingo’s fashion website that lets you pre-order straight off the catwalk. And she’s learnt a lot more since she came here – like the…

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don’t you wish you’d worn that? bra tops

I know, I know, I know... But STILL. These new-season bra tops are worth a go because delicate, cunning, subtle handling truly is possible. Here are three ways to attempt the bra top if you are not a Victoria’s Secret model. If you happen to be a Victoria’s Secret model, then now is the time for you to go away, please. Bye. See ya. Thanks. 1 The extremely high-waisted trousers and oversized jacket combo. Honestly, this is genius. All you need to unveil is a ribbon-thin strip of tum around the rib area, which, when you’re standing, is not generally where flab gathers. Just don’t sit down. And the jacket is oversized, remember – so if you PANIC, you can wrap it around yourself and feel all safe and wuffly. 2 A…

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Imagine you are getting dressed and choosing a simple black trouser. Or perhaps a nice, ladylike blouse – with a bit of a pussy bow. Or what about a pencil skirt, or possibly something a little asymmetrical for added élan? Now, turn it all bright silver and you have fashion take-off. It’s not burnished and glowy – it’s positively shiny and there is even a silver-brocadetrouser situation happening at Gucci, should you be so inclined. Be inclined. This is true polish. AR Neckerchiefs Take all the associations – air hostess, the Queen’s Balmoral headdress – and put them on ice. Because these awkwardly small, square, silk-scarfy things are making a comeback. True, some have been at the steroids and their enlarged reincarnation is easier to work with. But at the heart of…

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