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MATTHEW BELL Matthew sets down the law on PDAs (page 46) What’s your signature dance move?Anything on a table. Which phrase or word do you overuse the most?‘Red, please.’ If you could get away with one crime, what would it be?A coup might be fun, maybe against the White House. What’s your worst habit?Stealing Alan Bennett’s jokes. DAVID BADDIEL David on the point of family holidays (page 111) Your signature dance move? Dad ones. But I notice they were the same before I had children. Worst habit? When there’s a group of six people carrying a heavy load, I’m always the one who isn’t really carrying it. Your go-to fancy-dress costume? I like to build them around what I look like anyway. My last one was Fidel Castro, above. BELLA HOWARD Bella photographs shoe duo Malone Souliers (page 25) What’s your worst habit? Sucking…

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here’s looking at... malone souliers

It’s hard to be in the same room as Roy Luwolt, 34, and Mary Alice Malone, 34, and not feel the chemistry – whether it’s her picking fluff off his suit or him tweaking her ear. It would be easy to mistake them for lovers. But they’re simply best friends and co-founders of super-cool shoe brand Malone Souliers. They met at a dinner party in 2012, bonding over their reluctance to be there. Dinner parties, as Roy, previously a luxury-brand strategist, puts it, being a ‘congregation of people who have nothing to say to each other and just pontificate over bullshit’. They talked, she insulted him and then he discovered her dream was to start a shoe brand. ‘A lot of dream and stubborn determination,’ explains the Pennsylvania-born former Junior…

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don’t you wish you’d worn that? logo t-shirts

They’re back! Did they ever go away? Anyone else confused? Aaahhh – got it. The slogan T-shirt, as in ‘I’m With Stupid’ or ‘Sexy’, has gone the way of all bad ideas. But the logo T-shirt, last seen in the early Nineties, has staged its pimped-up, reinvigorated comeback. Gucci has taken its intertwined-Gs signature and combined it with the red and green stripe (its other signature), popping them both on a sportif pale-grey T-shirt. Cool. Dior is inciting revolution (quite right), Tommy Hilfiger is just shouting (will you LOOK at all that red, white and blue), Calvin Klein has gone minimal and Moschino all raw and freehand. Also cool. Cool, cool, cool. Because these are cool-girl T-shirts, but they are democratic: you don’t have to be a size six or…

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For those of you worried that wearing a cape is not statement enough, allow me to introduce... the statement cape. Jeez. And, make no mistake, there is a statement cape for all moods: from vivid tartans to bohemian florals via Cossack, Sixties equestrian (sounds improbable, but check out Dior), Little Red Riding Hood, pearl-studded, frilly tweed and velvet. Such is the rich tapestry of capes this season that you could almost take any old coat, cut the arms off, stick your hands through the holes and ask people to admire your new cape. Except you couldn’t. Because you’d look incredibly weird. But we could try, for larks, when drunk?…

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red and pink

This classic is back. Pink and red. Red and pink. It’s the sluttier sister (in terms of colour combinations) of navy and black and it comes around every few years and we are all supposed to gasp and look a little worried and say, ‘Really? Fuchsia pink and London-bus red worn at the same time? Can it be true?’ But we don’t, you see, because it takes more than that to shock us these days. These are the colours of romance and confidence, and they have in recent years been reserved for winter. So here is an opportunity: make hay while the sun shines. Red and pink and give the boys a wink...…

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the it list

BAG OF TRICKS The Insignia python bag by Carolina Herrera, below, is so smart it looks positively well connected, like it could get tables in restaurants that told you they were fully booked, or tickets to Hamilton. RETAIL & THERAPY We love a treatment around here, so put some party music on for the launch of the new Wellness Clinic at Harrods. Expect a juicy mix of holistic and aesthetic treatments, as well as guestappearance treatments from cosmetic masterminds like Dr Barbara Ralph Lauren are the official outfitters to Wimbledon, the world’s oldest and most glamorous tennis tournament. If you get bitten by the bug, put down your racket and pick up this longsleeve knit dress to satisfy your sporting Instagram law states that there is no such thing as too many…