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WET ’N’ WILD The deepest, darkest, most beautiful and transformative wild-swimming spots in the UK. TATLER! IN SPA FORM! POPPING UP! Come to the Tatler pop-up spa at the Corinthia Hotel London, 5–6 June, for exclusive treatments from impossible-to-get-an-appointment-with international experts, plus free use of the megaswanks facilities and a champagne lunch. For more info on two days of spa wonder, visit and see our spa guide. POOL PARTY A video of posh girls in small bikinis wearing massive diamonds while being sprayed with foam. Lucky foam. MARVELLOUS MASSAGES FOR FREE! Not quite. We bring you ridiculously good offers from some of the finest spas in the world. You won’t find these deals anywhere else but here: Calling all Sloane Hydrangeas It’s the RHS Chelsea Flower Show this month, so: what to see, where to get a…

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MATTHEW SWEET Matthew talks about ad-libbing (page 122) Which super-power would you most like to have and why? The power to see through ink on redacted CIA documents. It would make some of my work a lot easier. What’s your worst habit? Twitter. What’s the best chat-up line you’ve ever heard? I’ve never knowingly heard one. Which word or phrase do you overuse the most? ‘And we’re joined on the line by...’ EMMA FREUD Emma, seen here with her son Charlie, has the latest wedding whoozits and whatzits (page 75) Your worst habit? I swear a lot. But I’m actually brilliant at it. Which word do you overuse the most? Fuxxake. What never fails to make you laugh? My youngest son, Spike. One month he wrote my gadget column for me. Sorry ’bout that. Go-to fancy-dress costume? Last Halloween I nailed ‘Sexy Nun’. ANDREW WILSON Andrew…

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TOM HOLLAND Tom gives us the lowdown on rhetoric and Cicero (page 120) What never fails to make you laugh? Boswell’s account of talking to Rousseau on the toilet. What’s your go-to fancy-dress costume? I have a full suit of Norman armour Which phrase or word do you overuse the most? Sanguinary. What’s your earliest memory? Being given a book on dinosaurs with the most exciting illustration of a Ceratosaurus being gored to death by a Monoclonius. FRANCESCA CARINGTON Our new features assistant talks to funambulist author Katherine Rundell (page 65) What’s your favourite joke? ‘What’s grey and can’t climb trees?’ ‘A car park.’ Which super-power would you most like to have? To be able to timetravel. What’s your go-to fancy-dress costume? I wouldn’t dream of wearing the same costume twice. Past highlights include broccoli and Elephant & Castle. What would be your death-row meal? Beans.…

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here’s looking at... georgiana huddart

The crinkle-stretch fabric you see before you originally came onto the fashion scene in 1984, when designer Peter Meadows launched the fashion label Hunza. Not that Georgiana Huddart, 30, would remember. She wasn’t born then. Yet the versatile material was deeply embedded in her psyche – her brother Joe had the Hunza Pretty Woman dress, she says. ‘It was in our dressing-up box. And from four to 12 he wore it a lot.’ Did she want to take it from him? ‘Not really – it suited him better.’ But what did suit her very well was a miniskirt version of the same dress that her former boyfriend, Oscar Belville, bought her from a vintage shop in Berlin when she was 19. After that, the idea of relaunching the brand ‘wouldn’t leave…

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don’t you wish you’d worn that? white swimsuits

I know what’s happening. You’re taking one look at this page and going ‘My eyes! My eyes! What is Tatler trying to do to me? This is NOT style advice.’ Unless you are a man, in which case, what you are thinking is best not dwelt upon. So, yes, we concede that, at first glance, this array of white-swimsuited perfection does not seem entirely... democratic. But here’s a bit of counter-intuition – white swimming costumes are incredibly easy to wear: 1. They shriek confidence. They howl ‘Look at me!’, and why would you want to transmit that unless there was something worth looking at? Translation: YOU are worth looking at. Even if you are not a professional white-swimsuit wearer. 2. They are very flattering – they cast everything not encased in white into the…

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pool slides

Flashy pool-wear is tricky territory. Nothing is going to convince this writer that high heels (wedges absolutely included) by the pool or on the beach are anything but desperate. So if you’re too grown-up for Havaianas and unwilling to do sweaty, upside-down battle with complicated gladiator straps (forehead pulsing, arse in air), then the answer is a slide. Sliiiiiiiiide. Even the word is relaxing. Just slide on in and go on your merry way, about your merry business. But there can be something faintly municipal about a slide. Slightly on-duty masseuse. So check out these splashy, lacy, sparkly, flowery, natty slides and off you go...…