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that's life! 19 Mar 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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When the invitation to join an Empty Esky campaign trip with travel company AAT Kings landed on my desk, I didn’t hesitate over who to nominate to go. Our newest team member, Jess, has been in Australia for only four months, and I wanted to give her a real Down Under experience. The whole idea behind these trips is to help people visit bushfire-affected areas. Once there, they can show their support by spending money at the local businesses who are trying to get back on their feet. As you will discover in her story on Page 10, Jess was so impressed by the genuine Aussie spirit that was on show in the towns she visited on the NSW south coast. And she was humbled to meet some of the…

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your life!

DON’T I KNOW YOU? I was in the right place at the right time to meet the amazing pastry chef Anna Polyviou. Irena Kosek, Eagle Vale, NSW Rilee has been collecting Beanie Boos since she was 10 and now has 373. Karrie Crowe, New Plymouth, NZ What’s in a NAME? Madison Jean When it came to picking a name for our daughter, we went through all the places we went on our honeymoon and thought of Madison Square Garden. Jean is after my nan, Madison’s great-grandmother. Katherine Orchard, Byford, WA WINNERS are grinners Thank you that’s life! for my cash prize. I love doing all the puzzles. Mary Bryett, Keperra, Qld ME and my PET Tyron, 12, holding our one-year-old Ragdoll, Elliot. Debbie Holloway-Hill, Birkdale, Qld Surrounded by beautiful green foliage in the garden city, we found the perfect park bench to relax and read…

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little lyra my ring fit on her wris

Belinda Knott, 36, Coburg, Vic I gasped as I looked at the pregnancy test in my hands. ‘Oh my God,’ I breathed. Finding my husband Tom in the bedroom, I handed him the stick. ‘No way! We’re going to have a baby!’ he laughed. Together for 16 years, Tom and I had spent our 20s travelling the world. After getting married in August 2017, we started trying for a bub. Now, just two months later, I was pregnant! We spent the next 10 days in a bubble of blissful happiness. But then one Thursday, I noticed I was bleeding. I rushed to hospital for a scan, where the doctor worried I was having a miscarriage. But a couple of days later, another scan showed the baby was fine. It was the best news. As I had been bleeding, I was booked in…

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gran’s man told me... ‘it’s our little secret’

Holly Brebner, 20, Tauranga, NZ Sitting by the front door, I pulled on my trainers. ‘Gran’s doing dinner,’ my mum Susie said. Gran had recently moved into a house down the road from us with her partner Diederick. Everyone called him Bokkie. They’d been together for the last few years and he’d quickly become part of the family. I loved spending afternoons at Gran’s house, doing my homework or learning about woodwork in the garage with Bokkie. One day, when I was nine, I was in the lounge room with Bokkie. Suddenly, he leaned over and pressed his lips against mine. Then he pushed his tongue into my mouth and groped at my chest through my T-shirt. ‘This is our little secret,’ he said afterwards. Confused, I nodded. I didn’t understand what Bokkie had done. That night, when we all…

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bakery doors are open

Boxing Day is one of the busiest times of the year for baker Joost Hilkemeijer and his wife Kirsty. The queue for fresh sourdough bread at their Flour Water Salt bakery in Milton usually spills out of the door. But last year, they were forced to close for a week as the bushfires grew closer. ‘It’s been stressful both personally and professionally,’ Joost says. ‘We’ve never experienced a natural disaster like this before.’ Now, they’re facing the tough aftermath of staying on their feet after losing their key trading period. ‘We’re an example of many businesses that weren’t damaged physically, but we rely on that busy Christmas period to survive,’ Joost says. ‘That’s why things like the Empty Esky campaign are a great idea.’ With two other shops in Bowral and Kiama, and a wholesale business,…

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fill up your esky and make a difference!

Sitting in the safety of our office in Sydney, I watched the dramatic images on TV. Just a few hours away from us, flames were ravaging homes and endangering lives. I’d only been in Australia for two months, and already, I’d fallen in love with the country’s natural beauty and friendly people. Like most Brits, I’m always quick to moan about the rain, with a bad spell for us meaning soggy shoes and miserable grey skies. But I quickly realised, here, the weather can mean the difference between life and death. In places like Ulladulla on the NSW South Coast, firefighters faced 60-metre flames that burned through the dry bush at astonishing speeds. Residents were forced to flee with just the clothes on their backs. By February, 34 people had died in the Black Summer…