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that's life! 02 Apr 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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These are challenging times for us all and I want to start my letter by sending our love to all of you who are doing what you need to do to help contain this terrible virus. And we’re especially sending love to all the amazing health care workers, people working in essential services, such as food delivery and anyone who is affected by either COVID-19 – or any other illness or health challenge – or facing hardship. Everything is changing by the day and hour, but as I write, most of the tl! team are working from home. And yesterday, during our lunch break, we were all sharing photos of our new workmates – our pets. So it was a lovely coincidence to see in our What’s Hot item in…

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your life!

DON’T I KNOW YOU? It was surreal to be chatting with Shannon Noll at an Australian Idol reunion party in Sydney recently. Venetta Little, Waterford, Qld Best mates Jett and Oscar love to eat pizza. Jess Bruce, Emerald Beach, NSW Thomas, eight, was doing the Kiduzzles while on holiday on the beautiful Hamilton Island. Ross Manton, West Pennant Hills, NSW What’s in a NAME Thalia It’s always hard choosing a name. What if it doesn’t suit them when they’re older? We eventually chose the Greek way of spelling Thalia, derived from the word thallo, meaning to flourish or blossom. Now the name can grow with her! Ashleigh Glover, Te Kauwhata, NZ ME and my PET Little Elliot with his two sidekicks, Bebe and Fifi! Jessica Davy, Upper Caboolture, Qld The hot weather won’t stop our AFL team from training hard for the season. Brooke Ashcroft,…

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making marko smile again

Beaming in his bassinet, chuckling in his car seat and happy in his high chair, my baby boy Marko was always smiling. Our third child, Marko was a relaxed, grinning version of his big brothers Petar, then six, and Aleksa, three. So, when he suddenly stopped smiling, I was worried. ‘I think there’s something really wrong,’ I told my husband, Andrija, 41, in February 2018. At 16 months old, Marko had developed constant diarrhoea and was losing weight. His smiles had become screams and the diagnosis of lactose intolerance didn’t sit right. One of our doctors suspected more, too, and after tests, Marko was given an ultrasound. That’s when we were told the devastating news – Marko had an orange-sized cancerous tumour, or neuroblastoma, in his abdomen. ‘It has a very good prognosis,’ Marko’s oncologist…

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evil boyfriend kept me in a cage

As the guy made his way over to me, I smiled. I was at a party and our eyes had met across the room. ‘Hey, I’m Thomas, how’re you going?’ he grinned. After that, the conversation flowed. I was 16 and he was 18. Turned out, we both loved going for walks and drives. In fact, we got on so well that when he asked for my Facebook details, I agreed. The next morning, Thomas sent me a message and we spent the whole day chatting online. That afternoon, a note landed in my inbox. I heard you have nowhere to live, you can live with me if you like? Having grown up in foster care, I wasn’t in touch with my family, and after a few months away travelling, I didn’t have my own place. I was currently…

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saved from a monster

A few months earlier, police had searched Thomas’ house following a tip off and discovered an illegal pellet gun. Thomas had blamed it on me and police had charged me. Now, Chris told Thomas the police wanted to question me over it. ‘I can take her,’ he said. Amazingly, Thomas believed Chris and let me go. Before I left, Thomas grabbed my arm and growled, ‘Don’t tell police anything or I’ll kill you.’ After the kidnap hell, I was free I believed him. All the way to the station, I just kept thinking about the horrors that would be waiting for me when I returned to the house. At the station, an officer, handed me a glass of Milo and a big blanket. ‘We know what Thomas has been doing to you and we need a statement from you,’…

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cookie monster

I was overjoyed when my 22-year-old son, Matt, told me the news. He was coming home to live with his dad, Brian, and me for a bit. ‘An empty nest is lovely. But I missed being a proper mum,’ I told Brian. Travelling for a year had taught Matt some valuable life skills. ‘It’s like he’s a new young man,’ I marvelled. Matt no longer needed me to do his washing or clean his room. One day I ironed a shirt, thinking he’d be pleased. ‘Mum, I’m not a kid anymore,’ he moaned. But there was one thing about our new, improved son that neither Brian nor I were happy with. ‘He’s been smoking the whoopy-weed again,’ Brian told me one day. We weren’t naive. Living in share houses during the ’80s, we’d both smoked the odd joint. We’d even…