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that's life! 09 Apr 2020

Many media outlets try to connect with readers and engage them. But for genuine engagement and a vibrant sense of community, there is nothing else on the Australian media landscape that so clearly connects with its audience like that's life! magazine. That's because our million-plus readers also provide our content - it is their voice that makes that's life! the magazine with heart.

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As I’ve written before, anything to do with community makes me emotional. I shed a tear at the Anzac Day march, along with many other Aussies, of course. But charity fun runs, with lots of volunteers helping, can also cause the tears to well. And when I hear of people performing acts of kindness I also go all misty-eyed. Like right now. So many everyday Aussies are finding themselves really struggling during this terrible pandemic, and my heart goes out to you all. There are also lovely acts of kindness happening all over the place. Just in my letterbox the other day, there was a flyer from a couple living a few streets away, offering to pick up essentials for anyone unable to do so. My friend, Julie, told me…

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your life!

Seeing the Eiffel Tower in real life was a dream come true for our family. Joseph De Rose, Mulgrave, Vic WINNERS are grinners Thank you that’s life! for my bathroom set prize. It included a fabulous mirror! Deborah Noble, Rasmussen, Qld What’s in a NAME ? Rohan Austin Rohan means‘healing medicine’ and Austin means ‘marvellous’. After some recent hard times, I think little Rohan really is my marvellous healing medicine. Danica Damboudis, Broadview, SA DON’T I KNOW YOU? We were thrilled to meet the amazing singer Shania Twain. Allon Englman, Sydney, NSW Eliza, 12, loved our visit to the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie. Julie Camillen, Cecil Hills, NSW Nothing compares to watching the sun set on Uluru. Chantel James, Macksville, NSW ME and my PET Moby absolutely loved spending the day with me at the beach. My little darling pup had the best time out…

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medical miracle born to save her big brother

Brenda Munz, 34, Perth, WA Our little boy Brodie looked so cute. At nine months, he’d started commando crawling. But now, as my hubby, Ben, and I watched him shuffle across the floor on his tummy, I noticed Brodie was using the right side of his body, but not his left. His strength didn’t seem equal. He was already booked in for a routine check-up with a nurse, so I told her about it. ‘I wouldn’t worry too much, he’s still moving,’ she said. When Brodie reached 15 months, he could stand, but he could only take a few steps if he was holding onto furniture. And he was always stumbling on his left side. I phoned my doctor. ‘It’s not the fact that he can’t walk, my worry is the way he’s moving,’ I said. ‘He’s just taking…

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Research shows that umbilical cord blood treatment is safe and improves walking and movement in children with cerebral palsy. Yet this treatment is still illegal in Australia for most conditions. Families can only access umbilical cord blood treatment in Australia in a clinical trial. Meanwhile, 40,000 donated umbilical cord blood samples are sitting in storage, which could be accessed and enable treatment to many more Australians in need. While umbilical cord blood is not approved for cerebral palsy locally, desperate families are buying stem cells from private clinics overseas – an expensive venture that comes with an extensive list of risks. Cerebral Palsy Alliance said parents are calling on this ‘archaic legislation’ to be updated so umbilical cord blood can be available in Australia to treat conditions such as cerebral palsy. Together with…

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the aussie spirit shines

SHARING IS CARING As fears surrounding a country-wide lockdown started to spread, thousands of panicked shoppers raided their local supermarkets leaving the shelves bare of staples such as flour, bread and, of course, toilet paper. While supermarket employees have been working around the clock to ensure no-one goes without, it hasn’t been easy on them. To help brighten their day, the owner of western Sydney cafe Tee-Lish Brownies delivered treats to staff at her local Coles and Woolworths stores. I know it won’t help our current situation but the look of happiness and enjoyment on these guys faces after such a stressful day/week/ month was priceless, Shahnee Pita wrote on Facebook. Sharing is caring! CHEERS TO THAT! When the news broke of the impending closure of all pubs, clubs, bars, restaurants and gyms, many…

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raped by my son’s best friend

My teenage sons barged through the front door with two friends, chucked their wet coats on the floor and ran upstairs. ‘Take off your shoes!’ I called after the four of them. As I turned, I realised another boy was at the door. ‘Hi Miss Thompson,’ he smiled. ‘I’m Gregory.’ I hadn’t met him before, but he seemed polite. My boys, Matthew, 14, and Dom, 12, were always bringing mates home. Typical teenagers, they would leave dirty plates piled in the sink, chip wrappers in the living room, and music would blare from their room. A single mum since they were small, I worked hard as a teacher – and their mess would drive me crazy. Still, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d treat their mates like my own and happily cook them dinner. And when my…