The Essential Sportive Guide

The Essential Sportive Guide

The Essential Sportive Guide
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If you're riding a road event this season, don't miss The Essential Sportive Guide. Inside this special edition, you'll find all the information you need to ride and enjoy your first sportive, or take your riding to the next level. We cover everything from the best bikes for event riding, to how to improve your hill climbing. Inside this issue, you will find: • Reviews of 12 top sportive bikes • Guides to all the gear you'll need • A 12-week training plan to reach peak fitness • Tips on riding in a group • How to nail your cornering • A complete guide to ride nutrition • How to pace yourself on a big event • And much more

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To those outside of our sport, riding 100 miles or more can seem like a truly gargantuan task. And while it’s certainly something that’s not to be taken lightly, with the right knowledge, training and nutrition, it’s a goal that most of us can achieve if given time to prepare. The aim of this special edition is to provide you with the fitness, training and nutrition advice required to get you sportive fit and ready. For those already in an eventworthy condition, there’s plenty of advice within that will help you take your skills and stamina to the next level. Enjoy improving your fitness and honing your technique. See you at the finish line.…

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sportive first timer

For many people, their first time is painful, messy and somewhat disappointing. But come prepared and the experience will be altogether more enjoyable, leaving you desperate to do it again. Here are our tips for getting sportive day right first time. PACK IT IN Make sure you’ve got your essentials packed the night before… LIGHTS If you start or finish in the dark, or the ride might potentially take longer than daylight hours, take lights with you – and make sure they work. JERSEY AND PADDED SHORTS Riding a sportive in your vest and pants is as uncomfortable as it is humiliating. SUNBLOCK AND LIP SALVE Even on cool days several hours in the sun can cause damage. BIN BAG If you have to wait in the starting pen for a while, a bin bag with holes cut in it…

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10 tips for a super sportive

This season’s sportive calendar is fit to burst, with every weekend playing host to a multitude of events all over the UK. More riders than ever will be saddling up and setting off, determined to better last year’s efforts or at least avoid the dreaded broom wagon. But, when it comes down to it, all the training in the world can’t prepare you for the day itself. Chances are you’ll be riding new roads with hundreds of other cyclists, the distance might be greater than any you’ve ridden before and weather conditions might be far from ideal. But despite all these extra worries, the aim of a sportive remains the same: you’re out there to enjoy yourself, and with that in mind the we have put together 10 helpful tips to…

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guide to riding in a group

Ensure you’re looking ahead and keeping a consistent line of travel. Be aware of your speed – there’s no point sitting at a comfortable pace in the group and then putting the hammer down when it’s your turn on the front. Communicate with other riders to establish your position or your intentions. Use vocal instructions such as ‘coming through’, ‘car up/down’ or ‘on your left’. Hand signals perform a similar job and are just as important when passing instructions through a group from front to back. Observe and anticipate other riders, other road traffic and the situations that are unfolding. Avoid making any sudden movements, such as braking harshly or cutting across other riders. Only move if it’s clear to do so. Be assertive with your position. Stand up if necessary to give yourself space and…

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sportive steed

Endurance, gran fondo, sportive… call them what you like but road bikes aimed at nonracers are by far the most popular, easily outselling race bikes, aero bikes and gravel bikes. Sportive bikes are primarily designed to help you cover big distances without leaving you feeling battered. But they should also be capable of delivering a sizeable dose of speed and a thrilling ride as well. In short, they have a lot of boxes to tick. It’s asking a lot from a bike, possibly too much. But almost every manufacturer has a sportive bike in its line-up, and we wanted to see if any of the 2019 crop actually can tick all the boxes. To that end, we’ve chosen six bikes from some of the biggest names in cycling: Giant, Cannondale, Cervélo,…

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the bikes on test

GIANT DEFY ADVANCED 1 £1999 + The cheapest bike in our sportive machine test at just shy of £2k, the Giant Defy Advanced 1 offers something a little out of the ordinary in the shape of Giant’s own Conduct SL hydraulic disc brakes controlled by cable-actuated Shimano Ultegra brake levers – a pairing that works by virtue of a converter integrated into the stem’s face plate. TREK DOMANE SL 5 DISC £2350 + Trek’s Domane uses IsoSpeed decouplers front and rear to deliver an ultra-smooth ride. Built into the head and seat tubes, the devices effectively disconnect these tubes from the frame, allowing them to absorb greater shocks by rocking. Our only concern is that this shockabsorbing technology has come at the expense of other components. FELT VR4 £2399 + All Felt’s variable road (VR)…