The Little Issue

The Little Issue

Issue 6 2021

A creative, fun magazine for schoolchildren aged five to nine years old in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, isiZulu and Sesotho. Filled with bedtime stories, competitions, and richly imagined, colourful activities, jokes and riddles, recipes and crafts. The content is smartly aligned with the South African Department of Education’s CAPS outcomes and is designed to raise literacy levels in this key age group. The Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) carries out an international survey of fourth grade students every five years and South Africa placed at the bottom of the table in 2011 and 2016, with 78% of children in that age group being unable to read for meaning. The publication is an initiative of The Big Issue organisation.

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South Africa
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hello readers!

In this issue find out why Awonke’s maths teacher went missing and what he did about it: page 18. Read the story about the Smuts family and find out if they stayed hungry: page 30. Cook with Clever Cat and make a delicious cheese dip for your chips or nachos: page 11. That would be healthier than eating sugar wouldn’t it? It would also help you concentrate better at school. Also see the actual size of the amazing elephant shrew. Measure on your ruler: page 14. Win a FREE book on page 3. Also cook, draw, read silly stuff and much more. Enjoy. Editor P.S Visit to download older copies of the little issue. Answer to the riddle on the cover: Because they only have one boot! Images: Cover illustration supplied by Red Ink…

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young minds matter

Ola little issue Mexico! A warm welcome to the sixth edition of little issue. The theme of our message is expansion, distribution, and progress. We have successfully expanded the distribution of little issue to Grade R-3 schools and NGO partners in KwaZulu-Natal for Semester 1 in 2021, and plan to distribute to more provinces per year. The little issue project aims to substantially, and equitably, increase the number of magazines per province once we have established a sustainable footprint in each. Fondation Ipsen, our France-based founding funder and publishing and project partner, has initiated an expansion plan for little issue, this time to Mexico! And yes, it has been published in Spanish and distributed to children’s hospitals in Mexico City. Celine Colombier-Maffre, Manager of Publications for Fondation Ipsen, believes that the little issue bridges…

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read me a story

Moenie met ’n prinses mors nie! Deur Rachel Valentine en Rebecca Bagley, Human & Rousseau In ’n koninkryk ver, ver weg maak ’n trol ’n groot gemors en almal (veral die ridders) is baie bang vir hom. Ontmoet drie vasberade, vreeslose prinsesse met wie niemand sal wil mors nie. ’n Boek wat wys dat meisies alles kan doen wat seuns doen, en dalk nog beter. Prinses Pampoenpit deur Bianca Flanders en Zinelda McDonald, LAPA Uitgewers Prinses Pampoenpit het ’n geheim … Sy hou glad nie van haar hare nie! Haar wilde, woeste krulle weier om getem te word. Sy kry dit ook nie weggesteek nie. Hoekom kan haar hare nie net soos die ander kinders s’n lyk nie? Wanda by Sihle Nontshokweni, Mathabo Tlali, and Chantelle and Burgen Thorne, Jacana Media Wanda is teased every…

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cook with clever cat!

Clever Cat makes a ‘c’ sound at the start of words like C A T. Say ‘c’. MAKE A CHEESE DIP INGREDIENTS 2 cups grated cheddar cheese 1 can evaporated milk 4 teaspoons cornflour (Maizena) HOW TO MAKE IT 1. Mix the cheese and cornflour in a saucepan. 2. Pour evaporated milk over the cheese and cornflour. 3. On a low heat, gently mix until the cheese is melted and smooth. Ask a grownup for help with this. 4. Pour into a bowl and dip chips or nachos! Dip your chips or nachos into cheese! Images: Freepik, Shutterstock. Source: Letterland…

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what are the rules?

NOBODY IS MORE IMPORTANT OR LESS IMPORTANT THAN YOU. It doesn’t matter if people are brown, green, black, pink, white or yellow! It doesn’t matter if they come from another country! It doesn’t matter if they live on the moon! Does it? THE RIGHT TO LIVE WITHOUT ABUSE. SPEAK OUT. TELL SOMEONE. Nobody is allowed to hurt or threaten to kill you. Nobody is allowed to look at or touch your private body parts covered by your swimming costume. Nobody is allowed to ask you to touch them or show you pictures of naked people. EVER. FREEDOM AND SECURITY. Nobody can put you in jail without a reason or stop you from moving around. In jail, nobody should hurt you in any way. CHILDREN ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WORK. Nobody is allowed to make you work. You have to go to school. PRIVACY. If…

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elephant shrews

APPEARANCE Skinny black legs and a long nose that looks like an elephant’s trunk. Believe it or not … they really are related to elephants! SPECIAL SKILL They clear little pathways for themselves, which they use as escape routes and for hunting bugs more easily. SIZE? 15 centimetres! SUPERPOWER They can jump almost 1 metre high. That’s about the length of 3 school rulers lined up, plus a little bit extra. RUNNING SPEED One of the fastest mammals on earth. They can run 30 kilometres per hour. An Olympic runner reaches a speed of 20 kilometres per hour. HABITAT They live in Africa, in the Namib Desert and in forests, grasslands and woodlands. Some types can be found in South Africa. Humans have destroyed their habitat by taking land for themselves, and by lighting fires. WHAT DO THEY EAT? Only bugs and plant…