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Time Magazine International Edition April 20, 2020

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faces of the front lines

MOST WEEKS, DECIDING WHAT TO PUT ON OUR cover is the subject of great internal debate. This week, it was simple. TIME reports on the people who shape the world, and the cover often features the most influential among them: heads of state, titans of industry, icons of culture. Yet today, even the most powerful people in our society are at the mercy of a virus that knows no rank and no title. Though some in politics and business have risen to the occasion, and some countries—like Taiwan and South Korea—have managed to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, many governments around the globe have been on their heels, ignoring years of warnings about the threat of pandemic and then wasting precious time in fighting this virus’s spread. Meanwhile, the kinds of…

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for the record

100 hours Longest hula-hooping session; Chicago media reported April 6 that local Jenny Doan’s 2019 attempt had been certified as an official Guinness World Record ‘We do consider both the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny to be essential workers.’JACINDA ARDERN, New Zealand Prime Minister, on April 6—though she cautioned children that it might be difficult for the bunny to get around because of trying circumstances‘BETTER DAYS WILL RETURN.’QUEEN ELIZABETH II, in a televised speech calling on Britons for unity and collective resolve during the coronavirus pandemic on April 5; the following day, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to an ICU for COVID-19‘This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment.’DR. JEROME ADAMS, U.S. surgeon general, in an April 5 appearance on Fox News Sunday 221,855 miles Smaller-than-normal distance…

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for the newly jobless, relief is hard to find

EMMA CRAIG HAD BEEN A WAITRESS IN New York City for eight years when she found a dream gig singing at a private supper club in December and quit her restaurant job. But COVID-19 shut down the club on March 12. Since then, Craig says, she has been calling the New York State unemployment office, often more than 100 times a day, trying to apply for unemployment benefits. The few times she’s gotten through, she’s waited on hold—once for 2½ hours—only to be disconnected. When she tries to apply online, the site crashes, the result of an outdated computer system, a problem also plaguing newly unemployed people in other states. “Getting through to the New York State unemployment office is like winning the lottery,” says Craig, 31, who is down to…

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china on edge as wuhan reopens after 11_weeks of hard lockdown

ON APRIL 8, THE EMBATTLED CITIZENS of Wuhan were finally allowed to leave the central Chinese city after authorities relaxed unprecedented quarantine measures. But it will be a long time before life returns to normal for the 11 million residents of the capital of Hubei province. The government says 2,535 people in Wuhan, the original epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, died from the virus—three-quarters of China’s total (though much disputed) death toll. Most businesses remain closed, and restrictions on movement persist inside Wuhan. HERO PARIAHS Chinese state media has lauded Wuhan residents as “heroes” for weathering the brunt of the outbreak, but people across China remain fearful that easing travel curbs may seed new infection clusters. Apartment buildings in big cities have banned people from Hubei outright, while vigilante villagers refuse…

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news ticker

Wisconsin votes despite concerns Wisconsin’s supreme court ruled on April 6 that the governor could not postpone the state’s April 7 elections, despite COVID-19 concerns, throwing local contests and a presidential primary into disarray. Separately, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against an attempt to extend the absentee-voting deadline. Taliban walks out of peace talks The Taliban walked out of talks with the Afghan government on April 7 after a dispute over a U.S.-brokered deal for the release of Taliban prisoners. The talks were meant to be a step toward peace, but the Taliban says Afghan officials are delaying while Afghanistan says the Taliban’s demands are unreasonable. Democrats delay convention The Democratic National Committee has moved its presidential nominating convention from July to August because of the coronavirus pandemic, per an April 2 announcement. The new…

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federal guidance shifts on wearing masks

WHEN THE NEW CORONAVIRUS first hit the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told people not to wear face masks unless they were sick or caring for someone who was. Masks help capture some of a sick person’s respiratory droplets, which might otherwise spread the virus. In early April, however, the CDC began advising all people to wear nonmedical “masks”—any fabric that covers the nose and mouth—when they leave home. The reason for the shift? Scientists now know that many people who are infected with the coronavirus show no symptoms yet can still spread it to others. ‘There’s so much inherent variability in a homemade mask.’—Anna Davies, University of Cambridge But the efficacy of homemade masks is not scientifically settled. Studies do find that masks can help prevent a…