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Time Magazine International Edition September 21, 2020

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a devastating milestone

IN MARCH, AS THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC HIT NEW YORK, MY colleague Kat Moon decided—wisely, it turned out, given what was ahead for the U.S.—to decamp to her childhood home, Taipei. Despite its proximity to mainland China, where the outbreak originated, Taiwan has seen only 495 cases and seven deaths among its more than 23 million people, making its response to the coronavirus one of the most successful in the world. So successful, in fact, that last month it was able to host one of the largest public gatherings reported since social distancing began: a 10,000-person live arena concert, which Moon and photographer An Rong Xu attended and covered for TIME. As one U.S. reader put it on Twitter, “An arena concert taking place with corona restrictions honestly seems like it’s…

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TEARING IT ALL DOWN RE “THE PLAGUE ELECtion” [Aug. 17/Aug. 24]: Pandemic or not, the Trump base is intent on bringing down the system, which they see as corrupt and elitist under the liberal left, they of the deep state. They did not benefit under Democratic presidencies, so they might as well get a wrecking ball of a President to sink all and drown all. Horng Ginn Wong, SINGAPORE WHAT TEMPERS TECHNOLOGY RE “FEWER JOBS, MORE MAchines” [Aug. 17/Aug. 24]: We must not fear technological and scientific progress or hold it back in any way. History tells us that technological progress has created more, not fewer, jobs, albeit at higher skill levels. Herein lies the secret: as societies advance technologically, they must also meet the challenge of providing better and broader education to all…

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for the record

‘CHANGE YOUR LIVES OUT THERE.’JACOB BLAKE, who was shot seven times by police in Kenosha, Wis., speaking to the public from his hospital bed in a Sept. 5 video statement‘Health care workers in India are already exhausted.’HARJIT SINGH BHATTI, a physician in the COVID-19 ward of Delhi’s Manipal hospital, speaking to the Guardian as India on Sept. 7 passed Brazil as the country with the second-highest number of COVID-19 cases 93% Proportion of U.S. racial-justice protests from May 24 to Aug. 22 that went forward peacefully, according to a Sept. 3 report from the nonprofit Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project ‘Yes, this does break international law, in a very specific and limited way.’BRANDON LEWIS, U.K. Northern Ireland Secretary, responding to a question in Parliament on Sept. 8 about a proposal to…

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after job losses, power cuts loom for millions

AFTER COVID-19 HIT, BRANDY WILCOXSON, A single mother in Atlanta, saw her weekly hours cut from 40 to around 13. Now, because she has to be home to supervise her two kids’ virtual learning, she can’t pick up more shifts at her job as a security guard, so she struggles to cover rent and food—and she also owes about $1,000 in electric bills. When she contacted her power company about entering into a payment plan, she says she was told she would need to pay $192 a month just to catch up, on top of whatever she will owe going forward. That’s money Wilcoxson, 42, does not have. “It would be robbing Peter to pay Paul,” she says. The stakes for people in Wilcoxson’s situation are about to get even higher.…

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after poisoning, germany threatens $11.2 billion pipeline with russia

THE FUTURE OF A 765-MILE PIPELINE being built to carry gas directly to Germany from Russia is now in question, as Berlin ramps up pressure on Moscow to investigate the poisoning of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The Nord Stream 2 project would help Europe ensure a constant supply of natural gas as domestic production is expected to drop, but German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas warned Sept. 6 that the country might “change [its] stance” on the $11.2 billion pipeline if Russia fails to cooperate in looking into an attack for which Moscow has denied responsibility. PIPE DREAMS Owned by Russian state-controlled energy giant Gazprom, Nord Stream 2 is 94% complete and due to open in early 2021. Some European countries and the U.S. oppose it, fearing it could become a…

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news ticker

COVID-19 spike linked to biker rally A San Diego State University study linked August’s 10-day Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota to more than a quarter-million COVID-19 cases and about $12.2 billion in public-health costs. The event attracted nearly 500,000 people, many of whom packed into bars and restaurants without face coverings. Duterte pardons U.S. Marine Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte pardoned a U.S. Marine on Sept. 7, in a surprise move swiftly condemned by human-rights groups. Lance Cpl. Joseph Scott Pemberton was convicted of homicide in the 2014 killing of transgender Filipina woman Jennifer Laude in a motel northwest of the capital, Manila. Judge halts Census rollbacks In a Sept. 5 restraining order, a federal judge in California instructed the Census Bureau to temporarily stop winding down in-person counting for the 2020 population tally. Plaintiffs…