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editor@topgear-malaysia.com Selamat Hari Raya, folks! The festive season is a time for many Malaysians to put their brand new rides to the long haul test and parade them to envious relatives back home. But things aren’t so festive on our end, especially in the build-up to Hari Raya, as the industry tends to take a break during the festive season. This means there are less test drives and launches than usual. So please forgive us if some of this month’s featured cars aren’t exactly the freshest sets of wheels in the market today. That said, I’m still pretty happy with the list of reviews we’ve managed to compile for you this month. Locally, we’ve tested the new Mercedes E350 (page 56) Nissan X-Trail Hybrid (page 62) and Toyota Vios (page 65) as well…

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making it happen

WHAT: MERC A-CLASS(ES) WHERE: SEPANG CIRCUIT Shuttle cars lining up on the track during a recent AMG launch look like they’re in the starting grid of a one-make race WHO: TOM FORD AND FRIENDS WHERE: MARANELLO, ITALY To the family who gave up hours of their Italian holiday to help Wookie do tracking photographs of the Pista, TopGear salutes you. Thanks guys WHAT: AN ARREST WHERE: INGLEWOOD, USA That unpaid parking ticket finally catching up with Rowan. We joke! But still, proof the BBC only puts us up in the very safest parts of town WHAT: FAST FOOD WHERE: SUSSEX, UK Waiter! Waiter! There’s a large lump of cheap-looking plastic in my chips! The only way to make your ploughman’s lunch Insta-ready WHAT: JACK’S LEGS WHERE: ÄNGELHOLM, SWEDEN Visit Koenigsegg’s factory and you’ll be asked to wear special trousers that don’t scratch the cars.…

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ferrari’s p80/c

# NEW CARS # ENTERTAINMENT # CAR CULTURE # CELEBRITY # GADGETS # GAMING This is the P80/C, the latest in Ferrari’s client-driven one-offs, and we’ll stick our necks out and call it the best yet. Sure, any new Ferrari will provoke a debate so fierce it can get more heated than the sun, and these totally bespoke SP (special project) cars are often very personal interpretations of a theme. Former Ferrari CEO Amedeo Felisa says that the SP clients “effectively embody the marque, and go beyond just being a collector”, and they certainly need to have the funds to back up the vision of designing their own car. Previous examples include 2009’s P540 Superfast Aperta, a gold tribute to one of Federico Fellini’s less successful films, as commissioned by the…

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coffee break

Formula 1: Drive to Survive We’re streaming this Netflix series about 2018’s ups & downs – “It makes F1 way more enjoyable”. SPOILER ALERT! May contain swearing from Haas Six-hour Britpop playlist It’s spring… Wake up Boo! Foals – Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1 The Brit guitar band’s new album has been getting us in the mood for going to press This Time with Alan Partridge Alan’s back at the Beeb! The series will have finished by now, but that won’t stop us watching endless repeats on BBC iPlayer Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster podcast Who knew food could be this funny?…

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diary of a test driver

PART ONE When TopGear’s editor asked me if I’d write a diary of my life as a development driver, I immediately said yes, even before he got to the bit about not being able to pay me on account of recent budgetary restrictions. Firstly because I hope that, in some small way, my story might inspire schoolkids to consider a career in the exciting world of automotive testing. But also because I have been stuck in Finland’s frozen Kokapu testing facility, on my own, since September. The wi-fi went down six weeks ago. I need something to pass the time or I fear I may go crazy. My friend Niiko agrees. Niiko is an elk. Growing up, I dreamed of being a development driver, risking my life to push the fastest new supercars…

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a3 goes hands free

Audi doesn’t specify exactly when you’ll be able to summon this AI:ME self-driving city car to pick you up from bingo, probably because (as Paul Horrell explains on page 44) our driverless promised land is constantly slipping further into the future. However, it does paint a very clear picture of what its autonomous version of the Audi A3 will look like, once technology and legislation catches up. Unlike the 2017 AIcon concept (AI is Audi’s autonomous sub-brand), which focused on long-range journeys and ditched the steering wheel altogether with Level 5 autonomy, the AI:ME is aimed specifically at urban driving. It’s Level 4, so equipped to handle hands-off driving in designated parts of cities, but has a steering wheel and pedals to hand back control elsewhere. It’s rear-wheel drive, all-electric with…