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editor@topgear-malaysia.com Growing up in the once sleepy town of Melaka skewed my idea of a dream car as a kid. With minimal exposure to motorsports and fancy car showrooms, I could only develop a desire for things that were directly around me. A black TA22 Toyota Celica in the neighbourhood used to catch my eye every evening as I cycled to a nearby field for my daily round of football. During the same period, a local bank used to put an ad in the newspaper nearly every day, offering an E46 BMW 3 Series as a contest prize. I dreamt of owning both. Fast forward two decades and we have descendants of both in spirit and concept gracing the pages of an issue we thoroughly enjoyed putting together. Talk about a stroke…

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making it happen

WHO: THORIQ AZMI WHERE: SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR Screenshot from Thoriq’s secret audition for the Yaris ambassadorship role that went to Janna Nick. Toyota chose well WHO: CHRIS ROWLES WHERE: LLANDOW, UK The only thing guaranteed to ruin a shot of an Aston Martin DBS is some mug gurning in the background. Cheers Chris WHAT: ITALIAN ENGINEERING W HERE: SLOUGH, UK Yup, that is what happens when you drive an 812 Superfast to Wales and back in two days. Let’s call it very active aero WH0: ROWAN HORNCASTLE WHERE: TOKYO, JAPAN And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, is why you should never go out on the lash with Mark Riccioni in downtown Tokyo WHO: MR TRASH & OLLIE KEW WHERE: MODENA, ITALY Ollie’s not sure what happened next, but the upshot was he ended up with a bin lorry and Signor Spazzatura drove off in the…

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aston’s vantage amr

Big news, driving geeks: the Aston Martin Vantage now comes with a manual gearbox. To grab some attention it’s being introduced with the limited-run Vantage AMR you’re staring at here, but will be offered as an option on regular Vantages from 2020. Much like the V12 Vantage S that featured a cameo-appearance stick shift in the car’s previous generation. It’s a seven-speed transmission with a quirk: it features a dog-leg first. So first gear is left and down, with gears two to seven in the H-pattern road cars more commonly use – cue much stalling at the lights because you think it’s in first when it’s actually in second. Good news is you don’t need to be a heel-and-toe master to get the most out of it – it’s equipped with auto…

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coffee break

F1: Beyond the Grid BBC & C4, F1 guru Tom Clarkson’s podcast has some cracking interviews. Hearing Kimi R trying to speak English is a delight for the ears Game of Thrones: Season 8 A must-see final season, but not all of our troops watch GoT – sex, dragons and throne wars are not to everyone’s taste Line of Duty: Series 5 Another must-see finale. It’ll already have finished by now – who’d have thought ‘H’ was ‘H’ from STEPS, eh? A playlist of colours Two words – Purple Rain The Chemical Brothers – No Geography Their best album in yonks. Includes the earworm ‘We’ve Got to Try’ (watch the video… it has a dog and an F1 car)…

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diary of a test driver

People often say, “Hey Timo! Visiting exotic locations, driving supercars as fast as possible – you must have the best job in the world!” To which I reply, yes I do! If by ‘exotic locations’ you mean ‘Finland’s frozen Arctic Circle’, and by ‘supercars’ you mean ‘a ‘North Korean budget supermini’, and by ‘as fast as possible’ you mean ‘at 80kph exactly, non-stop for an entire day’! Yes, it’s been a big week in our development programme, culminating in the Cheery Bong II’s 24-hour reliability test. Normally such a test would be undertaken by a team of four drivers, but Rong Un Motors runs a lean operation. Our team comprises a) me, and b) Jari, who collects my reports twice a week and dispatches them to North Korea. Having written this…

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vive la comfy car!

You could use the Citroen 19_19 to play concept car buzzword bingo. You’d shout “House!” almost immediately, too, given just how electric, autonomous and connected it is. Far better, though, to channel our energy into excitement. Citroen is going nuts again, and we’re all for it. We’re all for its stonking 30-inch wheels, too. While a set of 22s may butcher the ride of family SUVs, those don’t possess the 19_19’s ‘suspended’ cockpit and hydraulic suspension, which is inspired by the Citroen Xantia Activa, only now with the modern addition of cameras and sensors that allow it to adapt to the terrain ahead. The Activa is one of many cars this centenary-celebrating concept pays homage to. Other references range from the obvious (the old DS) to the absurd (Citroen’s rotary-powered helicopter from…