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editor@topgear-malaysia.com The past couple of years have been a frustrating period for Formula One fans, particularly those who clothe themselves in the red of the Scuderia come race weekend. Mercedes’s dominant run does not look like it will lose steam anytime soon. And Sebastian Vettel’s recent off-road excursions aren’t doing Ferrari any favours either. Ironically, the idea of a bright red Prancing Horse tearing up the gravel isn’t as ludicrous as it used to be; not in an era that celebrates cars like the Bentley Bentayga and Lamborghini Urus anyway. Ferrari is inching closer to joining the bandwagon with its maiden SUV, the Purosangue. It may be a couple of years away from production, but you can still get some precious insight into it on page 84. If you think Maranello has lost…

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making it happen

WHO: JACK RIX WHERE: BONGLAI, VIETNAM Jack trying out poses for his ‘Mr November’ spread in the secret and sought-after TopGear Staff calendar WHO: THORIQ AZMI & EARL BAMBER WHERE: SEPANG INTERNATIONAL CIRCUIT Thoriq had a good chat with Porsche works driver, Le Mans winner and all-out nice Kiwi bloke Earl Bamber recently. WHO: ANDY FRANKLIN WHERE: MONZA, ITALY Andy was so excited to be out of the office, he spent hours slaving over a “Hel lo Mum!” sign. Then forgot to show it to the camera WH0: JACK, ROWAN & DANIEL WHERE: ENSTONE, UK Either these three are having a totally amazing time, or they’re auditioning for a toothpaste commercial WHO: MR TAXI WHERE: HO CHI MINHCITY, VIETNAM That moment of relief when you land in a country where you don’t speak the language to find a friendly-ish face. Nice sign, mister WHO: RICHARD…

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the second coming

□ # NEWCARS □# ENTERTAINMENT □# CARCULTURE □ # CELEBRITY □ # GADGETS □ # GAMING WHO KNEW? Even the Valkyrie is heavier, albeit more powerful (1,160bhp), but the T50 has space for three… and luggage Please sit down, and cease operating heavy machinery. You might shortly feel sensations of giddiness. Gordon Murray has released a sketch and details of his new supercar. He’s happy for it to be spoken of as the successor to the McLaren F1, three decades later. “We’ve been quietly working on the design of the car for 18 months and it’s now very well advanced. We’ve been speaking to potential customers and have had massive interest,” he says. Its codename is T50, continuing the successive type numbers of all his previous designs. It’ll be built, limited to 100 examples, by…

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diary of a test driver

This week, I have been busy fine-tuning the Cheery Bong II’s on-the-limit handling. The aim? To make the Cheery Bong II nothing less than the best-handling North Korean supermini of its generation. As a test driver, you must dare to dream big. First up, the industry standard ‘elk test’: a rapid swerve between lanes, conventionally simulated on a runway using a dozen or so cones. However, with my paymasters at Rong Un Motors insisting cones are ‘a tool of capitalist subjugation’ and also ‘surprisingly expensive’, I was told to perform the elk test using a live elk, Onni. Now, if you have only seen a picture of an elk, you might think it cute and fluffy and harmless. It is not. The elk, I am sorry to report, is a large, pointy,…

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coffee break

Formula 1@ 2019: The Official Videogame Watched the trailer–not played it yet. As expected, the graphics are amazing, even better than C4’s coverage TG Biscuit World Cup Custard creams, Oreos and editor’s choice Choco Leibniz The National–I Am Easy to Find The all-mood-inspiring eighth album finally includes our favourite song about TV legend Rylan Clark-Neal Office playlist–Eighties Gloria Estefan’s rhythm is gonna get you… as it did us What We Do in the Shadows Kiwi funnymen Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement make this hilarious mockumentary about the nightly goings-on of four vampire housemates. Also stars TG office hero Matt Berry. Catch it on iPlayer now…

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par for the corsa

The electric Vauxhall Corsa–the Corsa-e–has gone on sale for £26,490 post government grant. And that’s… not bad at all, given it claims 205 miles of range, and a 0–80 per cent charge time of just half an hour. Under the skin, it’s basically the same car as the new Peugeot 208 and DS 3, though it looks very different. But one of the things that CEO Carlos Tavares says is that some people simply will not buy a French car, which is why he was interested in having Vauxhall/Opel in the PSA group. In the metal, the new Corsa looks like a slightly loosened-up Audi A1, with hints of blistered wheelarches that recall the Nova and Mk1 Corsa. Inside, too, Vauxhall/Opel has had a lot of freedom to distinguish the design of…