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Editor editor@topgear-malaysia.com Despite a challenging year for many CBU-reliant carmakers in Malaysia, 2019 turned out to be a good one for the automotive market on a whole, with a total industry volume (TIV) exceeding 600,000 cars sold for the first time since 2015. However, 2020 began with some panic amongst companies that have invested in local assembly after reports of CKD prices rising up to 15 percent due to impending revisions in excise duty regulations by the government. An announcement by the MAA confirming that the proposed adjustment will not take place until 2021 proved to be a welcomed ang pao for many players who were caught by the unwanted surprise. But our two local brands did not seem worried for a second. On the back of its first six-digit haul in four years,…

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making it happen

WHAT: GORDON MURRAY’S PARKING SPOT WHERE: GUILDFORD, UK Seems Gordon Murray agrees with us that the Alpine is somewhat excellent to drive WHO: DARYL AND ‘GUEST’ SHUTTERBUGS WHERE: KUALA KUBU BHARU, SELANGOR The AMG GT63 S4-door is quite a magnet for random shutterbugs when Daryl took out to Kuala Kubu Bharu on a bright Sunday morning. WHO: JAMES GOUGH WHERE: MALAGA, SPAIN James offers to take the DBX off Aston’s hands in exchange for two empty crates and baseball cap. Aston considers it seriously WHO: OLLIE KEW WHERE: NICE, FRANCE And we have a winner! First prize for Dress to Match your Car goes to Ollie Kew… WHO: ROWAN HORNCASTLE WHERE: LOS ANGELES, USA Another photography studio in another far-flung corner of the world. All hangars look the same, or is that the jet lag? WHO: JACK RIX & MR GT WHERE:TOKYO, JAPAN Standing next to Kazunori…

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murray’s fan club

This is our first official look at the Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 – and it may just be the most aerodynamically advanced, not to mention exciting road car the world has ever seen. It is completely dominated by that 400mm fan, which protrudes from the centre like some form of sci-fi thruster. The fan, which Murray briefly introduced into F1 with the Brabham BT46B in 1978, utilises ground effect aerodynamics by rapidly accelerating the air passing under the car and forcing it through active elements on the rear diffuser. Its design – combined with the underbody ducting – means there’s no need for a skirt like the one on the BT46B, while ‘vertical inlet ducting’ stops any debris from passing through its blades. The fan is also active and works with two…

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…nigel mansell wearing a flat cap in an f40

As a general rule, avoid general rules. But here’s a safe one: branded race overalls should not be worn outside of a race circuit. Ferrari is a particular offender in this regard. The Ferrari press department loves nothing better than to issue photos of its drivers engaged in all manner of unexpected activities while wearing race-day Nomex: riding a log-flume, shooting a quick frame of pool, line-dancing. So: racing driver, driving his company car on the road, wearing company race overalls – that shouldn’t be a recipe for cool. Not even if that racing driver happens to be the never-corporate Nigel Mansell, and that company car happens to be a Ferrari F40. But the below photo is stone-cold cool. Thanks to one vital addition. That flat cap. YNBACA cannot think of an…

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coffee break

James Bond playlist Excitement brewing @TGHQ after the trailer release for No TIme To Die. Everyone plumps for Tina Turner – nobody picks Madonna… Dry January Last year came to an inevitable end with the usual ‘silly season’. Now to try dry January, which at TGHQ, is eating the driest of dry leftover mince pies January blues To offset the lack of silliness in January, we’ll be exclusively eating blue M&Ms for 31 days. Other confectionery brands are available. Santiago E-Prix Formula-E whizzes back into action this January. First stop a not so chilly Chile Lunchtime means playtime The younger operatives at TGHQ, naming no names, Greg, spend lunchtimes playing with all their toys that Father Christmas brought them…

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buy one get one free

To get your hands on one of Aston’s tremendous DB4 GT Zagato continuations, you had to sign up to buy something called the ‘DBZ Centenary Collection’ – a two-car multipack featuring said DB4, plus a mystery Zagato-bodied DBS. The two cars were only offered as a pair – you couldn’t buy one without the other – for a combined £6 million. Before tax. Quick recap: like its forefather, the DB4 GT Zag’ is track-only. However, while the looks and the Rosso Maja red paint may be an exact replica of the original, some of the bits under the skin have been subtly adapted to make it even better to drive. For instance, under the bonnet there’s a 4.7-litre version of the 3.7-litre, 302bhp engine found in the DB4 GT Continuation – now…