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Trail Running

Trail Running

February - March 2020

Trail Running was the UK's first magazine devoted to the exciting, adventurous world of off-road running. Escape boring treadmills, knee-jolting tarmac and traffic fumes and join us in the fresh air as we help you discover Britain’s most awesome trails. In each issue you’ll find... - Mapped off-road routes - Inspirational places to run throughout the UK - More gear tests than any other running magazine - Expert training advice and fitness plans We also feature and interview record-breaking mountain runners, along with the best trail, obstacle and adventure races.

United Kingdom
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food for thought

AS PREDICTABLE AS IT MAY SEEM, early January always has the same effect on me – new ideas, new plans, new goals and dare I admit it, new year resolutions all come to the fore. At least for the next few weeks! But come on, you too must admit we all start thinking about diet, training and places we might fancy visiting this spring and summer. Diet has always interested me – my sister is a London-trained chef and part of my university course involved 16 weeks in a professional kitchen. So I was excited to go and dine with the Mosimann brothers in Belgravia (p48) to chat about royal weddings, barefoot running, and of course amazing recipes. It got me thinking, though – we needed to cover all bases,…

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meet the team

CLAIRE MAXTED Always in overdrive, Claire has some amazing goals for you on p28 SEAN MCFARLANE You’ve read about it, but who’s been to Loch Ness? It’s a must-visit, p34 JEN SCOTNEY Learning to love hills is half of what trail running is all about. See p40 BILLY WHITE Great runners, amazing recipes. The perfect combo appears on p46 LIAM DEE Our sub-4 minute miler on the team explores key workouts on p64 TIFFANY SAIBIL This super mum ran 1000 miles while expecting! Here’s how, p70 /trailrunningmag @trailrunningmag tr@bauermedia.co.uk…

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running inspiration

THE BIG STORY For once it’s not the Loch that’s making all the headlines, but instead it’s the paths that run along its shores that are the real story. Usually the waters – and a certain famous resident – are what everybody is talking about when Loch Ness is involved, but as Sean McFarlane discovered the miles of amazing new trails are what really makes this an amazing location. Of course, if you see Nessie then we’d be interested in a pic as well! Send your trail running shots to tr@bauermedia.co.uk ON THE MOVE The UTMB franchise is going from strength to strength for all the right reasons, adding more races to its portfolio for 2020. Late last year, Oman hosted its own version of the famous Chamonix-based epic while China is to…

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take chunks off your pb

Spice it up Variety is the spice of life and also the key to boosting performance. A recent review published in Sports Medicine, of more than 8000 articles, compared the results of continuous training versus interval training. The researchers found that, overall, continuous was a better method to reduce the oxygen cost of running. However, it also reported that intervals effected a further improvement. Vital vit Boost your vitamin D if you want to get faster. That’s the conclusion from the results of research published recently in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. Scientists in Virginia analysed 1995 people and reported that those who had higher levels of the vitamin tended to have the best VO2 max, a key factor in running performance. Be more hardcore Improving core stability took an average of 66 seconds…

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be less chimp

Human hearts evolved from those of our primate ancestors due to the increased endurance needed when our forebears took up hunting, gathering, then farming. But, be warned: if you live a sedentary lifestyle, you’ll end up with an ape-like heart, scientists have said. For an article in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal, researchers looked at the hearts of chimps and four groups of humans, from sedentary to elite. It said: “Humans have longer, thinner and more flexible-walled hearts, while chimps have smaller hearts with thicker walls.”…

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ice is still cool

Is the physiotherapy profession about to give cryotherapy the cold shoulder? It was reported that the UK’s Chartered Society of Physiotherapy was advising professionals not to recommend icing injuries and bruising. This followed news that the physician who pioneered ‘RICE’ treatment (Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation) now believed ice could do more harm than good. However, it turns out that wasn’t official advice. Nick Worth, national lead clinician for Ascenti, a leading provider of physiotherapy and selected clinical outsourcing, told TR: “With regard to ice, the advice hasn’t substantially changed… Use ice in short durations (around five minutes) to help with reducing the pain and then get the injury moving gently and safely. Just be clear why you are using the ice and what you want it to achieve.”…