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editor’s note

It was commonplace for the word “genius” to mean a spirit or deity which, if you were prepared enough for it, you could harness for a fleeting moment. Only later did it come to be attributable to a person. This issue of Veni is certainly possessed by something or other, and it has been an honor collaborating with the preternaturally talented bunch of contributors who made it all possible. This issue was really about putting exciting outliers in a room and capturing the moment. Watching Phoebe Tonkin direct her own shoot was a revelation. There is love and steel in every image. Lauren Tsai bristles with special powers, and she is every bit as extraordinary as her illustrations; she made us feel like we were shooting for Paris Vogue circa 1997.…

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intelligent elegance

It’s difficult to reconcile the elegance and beauty of Oscar-winning movie star and glamorous Dior spokesmodel Charlize Theron, the irreverent woman sitting in front of me whose speech is peppered with colorful expletives. In fact, when listening to Theron speak, it’s easy to forget she hails from South Africa and that Afrikaans was her first language. There’s no mystery about why Theron is often described as intimidating. Without question, the choices of roles she’s taken on in movies, such as The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Mad Max: Fury Road, and more recently, Atomic Blonde have contributed to that ice-queen image. However, since becoming a mom, she’s revealed her lighter comedic side, as evidenced in last year’s Tully, and, more recently, Long Shot. As a single mother of two adopted African American children, Theron…

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cambridge’s finest

“Game of Thrones has sort of been my life – this backbone to everything. As I’m turning 30 this year, I want to step into a slightly more empowered creative phase.” This young and impressive English actor has learned a lot in her 29 years – formally and informally. After her big break as Cassie in the acclaimed drama series Skins, Murray built her acting career while studying literature at the University of Cambridge, pursuing her on-and off-screen schooling with equal vigor – and graduating with honors in both. Her impressive resume boasts a seven-season run as Gilly in Game of Thrones, roles in Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit and the new Manson movie Charlie Says, plus a plethora of independent projects. This all suggests rigorous goal-setting, but Murray isn’t a planner. She takes…

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in her own image

Growing up between Paris and LA and navigating two cultures, fighting to make it in the fashion business and suffering through an abusive relationship, she almost lost her way. It was in her anger that she found the strength to rebuild, and in revising female stereotypes – schoolgirl, maid, secretary – into smart, sexually empowered, courageous role models in her work, she found herself again. VM: Tell us about your background. LS: I was born in Paris and we moved to LA when I was four. My father wanted the American dream. He and my mother grew up very poor: it was just after World War II and we’ re Jewish. They had more hope here, and we had our pool and the sunshine, but we didn’t have our family. So we’d…

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pushing the envelope

Before Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta galvanized the world as Lady Gaga-the eccentric, award-winning singer, ac tress and LGBTQ activist-this New York born and raised Italian-American, and self-confessed “Daddy’s girl,” attended an all-girls Catholic school in Manhattan. Deemed a misfit by her peers, instead of disguising her differences to fit in with the status quo, she used them to propel her towards the Lady Gaga persona she would one day become. Once she exploded onto popular culture in 2008 with her hit, “Just Dance,” replete with glitter makeup and eccentric fashion statements (who could forget the infamous meat dress she wore in 2010 to the MTV Video Music Awards), she was dismissed as just another gimmicky pop star. But with more than ten years on, Lady Gaga has achieved the same level of…

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After bursting on the scene in 2014’s stylish spy flick Kingsman: The Secret Service, as well as its 2017 followup, London-based actress Sophie Cookson has gone on to star opposite icon Judi Dench in Red Joan in 2018. She will next dazzle audiences in the BBC miniseries The Trial of Christine Keeler, in which she plays the real-life woman at the heart of the Profumo Affair, a scandal that rocked English politics in the swinging sixties. Veni caught up with the actress, who had just wrapped and was looking forward to reading and exercise. VM: You just finished an exhausting shooting schedule. An actor can develop her craft, but then has to adapt to the often grueling work conditions. What was that like? SC: With this project, I fell in love with…