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EDITOR IN CHIEF Warren Noronha SENIOR EDITOR Christian Chensvold SENIOR FEATURES EDITOR Elizabeth Zuckerman FEATURES EDITOR Michele Manelis ASSISTANT EDITOR Alisha DeHaan CREATIVE DIRECTOR Alan Aboud (ABOUD + ABOUD) SENIOR FASHION EDITOR Ella McNaney PUBLISHERS Roger Paris & Kristina Match ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER Georgia Tennant ASSISTANT PUBLISHER Catherine Forsyth ADVERTISING DIRECTORS Elie Rogers & Alisa Kerr DIGITAL DIRECTOR Carlson Cheng DESIGN Haley Austin FOUNDER Luke Duval CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS AND ARTISTS Ben Cope, Dennis Leupold, Rie Rasmussen, Djeneba Aduayom, Ben Duggan, Luke Duval, Tom Morgan-Jones, Nina Dior, Sherry Kashani CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Ken Paves, Karen Raphael, Lilly Keys, Adam Breuchaud, Charlene Roxborough SPECIAL THANKS Kieran O’Brien, Norio Chalico, The Forge Studio LA, Garret Schude, Ben Cope Studio LA, Ken Paves Salon, Ethan Paves, Kelly Tomlinson Pollack at Tomlinson Management Group, Anthony DeLaRosa at Wilhelmina Models, Paul Davy Romano at Wilhelmena Models, Phira Luon at Photogenics Media, Jeannie Robinette at Art Department, Sean…

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putting the new in nuance

When the renowned fashion designer Rei Kawakubo stated recently that “contemporary culture does not allow for nuance,” it left me feeling heartbroken. Because I knew she was right. The nature of the artist is to explore concepts and perspectives too grand for a shallow surface skim. To do it requires metaphor and hidden layers, plus an audience engaged enough to meet you half way. They must shoulder some of the work in having a moving artistic experience, but this work is key to the joy. I am reminded of these lyrics by Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain: He’s the one Who likes all our pretty songs And he likes to sing along And he likes to shoot his gun But he don’t know what it means Don’t know what it means Cobain was taking a swipe at fans who blindly sung…

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in the nic of time

Fearless, likable, and oozing talent, Nicole Kidman is the Oscar-winning star known for taking giant leaps of faith both on set and off. Now at 50, she feels every gamble has paid off, professionally, and personally. She’s being rewarded for some of the best work of her career, winning an Emmy and Golden Globe for playing a survivor of domestic abuse in Big Little Lies, switching to a repressed Virginian Civil War schoolmarm in The Beguiled, and then seamlessly changing gears again to portray a surgeon in the surreal horror film, Killing of a Sacred Deer. Best of all, and despite looking more glamorous than ever, she is carving a career as a formidable character actor. Off-screen, Kidman is raising her daughters, Sunday, 9, and Faith, 7, with Keith Urban…

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la belle michelle

Michelle Williams’ fragile beauty conveys the inaccurate impression that she is delicate and docile, when nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality, she exudes a steely confidence which, partnered with obvious intellect and prodigious talent, has seen her nail bold roles galore, including ones too bold for her peers. Case in point: the ultimate icon, Marilyn Monroe, whose legendary sexual allure is unparalleled. Many big names would have demurred, intimidated by the pressure, but Williams, a waif next to the real Monroe, pulled it off with great aplomb in 2011’s My Week with Marilyn. Expect her to take no prisoners when she makes her next big stretch as whisky-swilling wild woman and rock pioneer, Janis Joplin. Lately she's been seen as both the daughter-in-law of J. Paul Getty in…

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sophie’s choice

As we were putting the finishing touches on this issue, breaking news rocked the entertainment industry. Sophie Watts, the 32-year-old who co-built STX Entertainment, decided to resign the role of president in search of her next challenge. As an old friend of Veni editor-in-chief Warren Noronha, she graciously offered to give us an exclusive interview showing how she started from scratch to become a top executive, and what her future plans might be. VM: You've recently resigned as president of a large global media company, STX Entertainment, which you had cofounded. Tell us how you reached the top on the business side of things? SW: I was raised in London and the English countryside by a father who's a journalist and my mother who was at MTV. She was an early pioneer…

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risk the abyss

The incomparable Steven Spielberg changed storytelling forever with the thriller, Jaws, in 1975. He quickly became one of Hollywood’s most influential screenwriter-director-producers, synonymous with such classics as: E.T: The Extra Terrestrial (1982), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), Jurassic Park (1993), Schindler’s List (1993), Saving Private Ryan (1998), Munich (2005) to last year’s compelling drama, The Post. The great auteur chats to Veni about success, mentors, and the importance of strong women in his life. VM: You began your career with fellow icons George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola, and Martin Scorsese. What do you remember about those days? SS: All of us just wanted to make movies and tell stories but we didn’t think anybody would let us do it. Francis was the first success. He broke through with You’re…