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EDITOR IN CHIEF Warren Noronha SENIOR EDITOR Christian Chensvold SENIOR FEATURES EDITOR Elizabeth Zuckerman FEATURES EDITOR Michele Manelis SENIOR FEATURES WRITER Rose Gardner ASSOCIATE EDITOR Alisha DeHaan CREATIVE DIRECTOR Alan Aboud (ABOUD + ABOUD) SENIOR FASHION EDITOR Ella McNaney PUBLISHERS Roger Paris & Krist in a Match ASSOCIATE PUBLISHERS Catherine Forsyth & Georgia Tennant ADVERTISING DIRECTORS Elie Rogers & Alisa Kerr DIGITAL DIRECTOR Carlson Cheng SENIOR DESIGNER Haley Austin DESIGNER Yaneva Santana FOUNDER Luke Duval CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS AND ARTISTS Rankin, Denn is Leupold, Rie Rasmussen, Andreas Neumann, Austin Arreguin, Tom Morgan-Jones, Kashani Design Group CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Ken Paves, Adam Breuchaud, Charlene Roxbo rough SPECIAL THANKS Mei Ofusa, Darren Stone, Tamie Adaya, Norio Chalico, The Forge Studio LA, Garrett Schude, Collins Thomas Schude, Ken Paves Salon, Ethan Paves, Kelly Tomlinson, Paul McNaney, Caroline Faraone and Leah Hailey at Tomlinson Management Group, Anthony DeLaRosa at Wilhelmina Models, Jeannie Robinetteat…

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editor’s note

Earlier this year, Radhika Jones, Vanity Fair’s editor-in-chief, wrote that this is a “singularly rich moment to be in journalism.” And whilst Weinstein, Trump, coconut oil and contouring provide a rich vein, there wages a battle for the truth. The truth has always lain deep between the lines, and nobody will have the same perspective. Having said that, facts have seemingly become points of view. So how important is the truth, and what is real? The quest to find a piece of chicken that wasn’t somehow traumatized, inadvertently ate its ground-up sister, or is indeed chicken, forms at least part of most of our days. German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans refers to our speck in time as the “post-truth era,” and to acknowledge it is perhaps a step to recovery. So as winter…

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all in the family

Sofia Coppola is often described as an enigma. In person, the soft-spoken Oscar-winning writer-director doesn’t give much away, exuding an effortless cool and quiet confidence in an industry plagued by self-serving stars with an insatiable hunger for attention. Having collected numerous accolades and awards, Coppola has nothing to prove and no inclination to impress. “I’m not a very public person,” she said years ago. “I’m a normal person.” She has stayed true to her words and lives life away from the Hollywood gaze. Coppola hails from one of Hollywood’s most revered families. Her father is Francis Ford Coppola, one of America’s great directors, and Nicolas Cage and Jason Schwartzman are her cousins. She spent her formative years living a high-class gypsy lifestyle, with a home base in Northern California, and travels with…

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say my name

Saoirse Ronan has been amassing Oscar nominations since she was a teenager, starting with a Best Supporting Actress nod at 13 for her astounding, yet disconcerting, performance in Atonement (2007), then progressing to Best Lead Actress nominations for Brooklyn (2015), and last year’s Lady Bird, for which she won a Golden Globe in the category of Best Actress in a Motion Picture —Musical or Comedy. Ronan is entirely devoid of actress-y pretense. She is also unfailingly polite, and clearly does her best to live as under-the-radar as possible. It’s perhaps this reluctance to live in the spotlight that enables her to disappear so completely into roles as diverse as an Irish immigrant relocating to Brooklyn, to her upcoming turn in Mary Queen of Scots, achieving each with equal conviction. Chatty, funny, and…

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coming up roses

When Rita Ora signed with Adidas Originals in 2014, it was a big moment for sportswear. The first female musician to design for the brand, her range arguably spearheaded the unstoppable athleisure trend. It was soon followed by Rihanna’s Fenty x Puma and Beyoncé’s Ivy Park lines, creating an apparel category worth $48 billion by 2017 in the US alone. And just who was behind that deal? Emily Rose, that’s who. Born and raised in London, 34-year-old Rose began her career as a music video model and presenter. Moving to LA in pursuit of television work, she found herself lost and lonely before turning a part-time intern gig at Adidas into her full-time dream job, creating collaborations with celebrities like Ora and Pusha T. Now head of talent at Nyden, Rose…

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the power of many

The ultimate poster girl for non-linear careers, Parisian-born Virginie Picot has zigzagged, looped, freewheeled, and broken every rung on the proverbial ladder along her journey. Traversing London, New York, and Los Angeles, she’s explored music, art, finance, advertising, and fashion — at V2 Records, Proud Galleries, Grey, Givenchy, and Iconoclast, among others – enjoying each, but always wanting more. A single-minded job could never satisfy Picot, because she’s a woman of contrasts. A dreamer spinning ideas, but also a storyteller, weaving disparate threads into meaningful narratives. For every yin she has a yang, and in embracing such duality, she found her calling: forging powerful partnerships. Picot founded LA-based MidniteCultures in 2012, and has developed it into a full-fledged talent management and creative services agency. In her role as creative director and artist…