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Vintage Rock July/August 2018

VINTAGE ROCK celebrates a time when music changed the world - 45s, youth culture and the odd thrusting pelvis. Vintage Rock chronicles all the stellar artists and music, the enduring legacy of those early pioneers - and why it’s still the best way to live. Spanning the dawn of the 50s to early Beatles (pre Eastern mysticism!), Vintage Rock covers a time of Mods and Rockers, crinoline skirts and blue jeans, rock star movies and screaming-girl concerts. This special magazine rejoices in the music and verve of Elvis, The Shadows, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent and a host more, and speaks to a contemporary audience that relishes the vitality and flair of the era.

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We turn down the guitars and pummel the pianos in this issue, as we look at three stages in the careers of three titans of rock’n’roll. Jerry Lee Lewis’ 50s tales have been well-documented, but Vintage Rock wanted to hear more from a man who was actually there at the start – so we’ve talked to bassist, manager and (in many ways) mentor, JW Brown. Read his fascinating memories starting on page 28. We also revisit the latter days of a true maverick of music, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. The piano man’s life seemed to be half myth, half outright lies… and even after talking to his manager we’re still none the wiser. At the heart of this issue, is the bona fide legend Little Richard. His early records were monumental in their…

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“kerching!” of rock’n’roll

Just a year ago, in May 2017, a UK YouGov poll claimed of Elvis Presley that the value of “the late star’s rare merchandise has fallen dramatically.” Really? That may be the case of plastic “wobbly legs” Elvis clocks, but certainly no one has told the vintage watch market. On 12 May, an Omega watch gifted to Elvis by RCA Records – to celebrate his sale of 75 million records – fetched over £1.4m ($1.812m) at auction in Geneva. It is the highest price ever paid for an Omega watch, and completely eclipsed the seller’s estimate of $100,000. The 18k white gold watch has the back engraved “To Elvis, 75 Million Records, RCA Victor, 12-25-60” and came with added documentation that this was a watch The King regularly wore. Elvis was actually…

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rare rock ‘n’ roll records

WHILE I’M AWAY (EPIC, S-9275) THE SKEE BROTHERS Michigan’s The Skee Brothers, aka Jim and TJ Shedlowsky, started out together in 1958 and have recorded for numerous labels. While I’m Away is completely infectious, haunting and difficult to find! MINT VALUE: £150 (DEMO), £100 (STOCK) I PUT A SPELL ON YOU (US, 10" 78RPM, OKEH 7072) SCREAMIN’ JAY HAWKINS Lifted from the album At Home With Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, this is probably Hawkins’ most successful recording, but the original 78 on OKeh rarely turns up in ‘E’ condition or better… MINT VALUE: £150 COOL OFF BABY (CHESS, 1662) BILLY BARRIX This hiccupping rockabilly shaker is held in extremely high regard to collectors. The 45 was withdrawn almost immediately as it was deemed to plagiarise Baby Let’s Play House. MINT VALUE: £5,000 GET DOWN WITH IT (UK, COLUMBIA, DB 8116 DEMO) LITTLE RICHARD Here we…

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calendar of events

Sun Records The Concert 23 JUNE-29 JULY FEATURING The songs of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins, Rufus Thomas and scores more. VENUES 23 June, Victoria Hall, Stoke; 24 June, Grand Opera House, York; 13 July, Grand Pavilion, Porthcawl; 14 July, New Theatre, Oxford; 26 July, The Playhouse, Weston Super Mare; 27, Queen’s Theatre, Barnstaple; 29 July, New Theatre, Wimbledon… ongoing dates through 2018. BOOKING @Sunrecordstheconcert on Facebook The Wildest Cats In Town 2018 6-9 JULY 2018 FEATURING Charlie Gracie, Huelyn Duvall, Rocky & Billy Burnette, Velvet Candles, Crazy Cavan, Matchbox, Gene & Eddie featuring Darrel Higham and Cliff Edmonds, Spunybys, Danny Reno, Crazy Teds and many more VENUE Pontins Pakefield, Lowestoft NR33 7PF ADMISSION From £159 BOOKING tennesseeclub.net/events/wildcats-summer2018.html EMAIL rg1958@freeuk.com Atomic 50s Weekend 28-29 JULY FEATURING The Go Getters, Lily Moe, Cherry Casino & The…

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chris montez

Chris Montez landed on the rock’n’roll map courtesy of his 1962 million seller Let’s Dance, but constant touring has kept the affable Mexican-American there. Fit, healthy, still with a full head of black hair, the 75-year-old could pass for someone 30 years younger. Vintage Rock caught up with him during one of his visits to Spain. Is Chris Montez your real name? I was born Ezequiel Christopher Montanez in Hawthorne a suburb of Los Angeles. Everyone called me Zeke, but my first record company didn’t think that worked for a future rock’n’roll sensation. How did you start in the business? I grew up playing guitar with my brothers, a more traditional music known as ranchera. But I loved early rock’n’roll. R&B music was popular with Hispanic Americans long before Bill Haley arrived. “I experienced Beatlemania…

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screamin’ rebel angels

Laura Palmer, queen bee of New York’s Screamin’ Rebel Angels, took a roundabout route to rock’n’ roll. She studied classical piano, flute and violin as a kid, travelling and performing with the Manhattan School Of Music, before picking up a guitar and learning her first power chord. “I’ve had the rock’n’roll disease ever since! Music makes me feel connected, and alive and I can’t imagine not doing it,” says Palmer who’s still a multi-instrumentalist, playing upright bass and guitar and singing too. “At the base of it all, I’m just a vintage rock’n’roll kinda girl.” What first inspired you to start playing music? In short, being a lonely little kid isolated in rural Pennsylvania with no friends or neighbours my age, an old out-of-tune piano in the basement, a beat-up guitar in…