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WellBeing Yoga Experience

WellBeing Yoga Experience

Issue #2 - 2016

In The Yoga Experience, our aim is to give you tools to help you make your own discoveries. Our writers are experienced yoga instructors who live in the real world and bring great compassion to their personal and professional practice. They’ve interviewed well regarded yoga teachers, delved into yogic texts and drawn on years of practice to bring you hands-on advice, helpful posture sequences and a deeper insight into this inspiring, connecting, wonderful thing we call yoga. You don’t need to be a hermit on a hill or spiritually savvy or taut and toned to practise yoga. You just need to be the beautiful, enquiring, very human you. Enjoy the experience.

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editor’s letter

Do you climb mountains? I woke this morning to a stunning mountain range, its lean, lofty shoulders covered in a shawl of snow tinged pink by the glow of an upand-at-‘em sun. Granted, it was a photograph on my phone shared by a travelling friend, but it transported me for a moment back to some of my most treasured memories: standing on windswept mountaintops. Now, if you’re imagining me as a female Bear Grylls clad in high-tech gear sporting crampons and with an ice axe over each shoulder, I hate to disappoint you. I’m no mountaineer. And the closest I’ve come to a summit in the past few months is surmounting the pile of books on my study desk. Yet one of the most rewarding things I know to do is to…

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science shorts

Yoga for good grades A new study investigated whether yoga could improve psychomotor performance and self-efficacy in school children, and hence raise their academic performance. A total of 420 children aged 11–16 were involved in the study: half participated in a 10-day yoga program and half were selected for the control group. The youngsters were assessed for attention and performance at the beginning and end of the 10 days through the use of two trail-making tasks and a questionnaire. At the end of the 10-day period, the yoga group made significantly more attempts to complete the tasks, completed them in less time and made fewer mistakes compared with the control group. According to the researchers, “These results suggest that yoga practice enhances self-efficacy and processing speed with fine motor coordination, visual…

10 min.
what i’ve learnt

PERSIA JULIET Sydney, Australia What insights have you gained while teaching yoga? The biggest and most personal insight I've gained is that it’s not all about me! Before teaching and even during the first few years, I would take other people’s emotions, opinions or experiences very personally. I would often feel anxious and expend energy trying to fix things or be a caretaker to people who shared issues. Now, when teaching, I experience global themes that connect us all as a people. I’ve learnt emotions are indicators and wonderful stress-release valves but they do not define a person or a situation. What are some of your tips for aspiring yoga teachers? I love the analogy my first singing teacher gave me: learn the original lines, learn the song and, when you know it…

8 min.
the art of self-compassion

Imagine this: you are running late to your evening yoga class. You realise your car is out of petrol so you jump on the bus and get stuck in the evening traffic. You decide to get offand jog to the yoga studio as it starts to rain, only to get splashed all over by a car. As you pass through the glass door of the yoga studio, you notice dirt on your face and your hair looking messy. You arrive a minute too late and, as you enter the room, the class commences their first om — facing the door you are standing at. You place your mat and start the practice, only to notice a poised yogaapparel model floating effortlessly through her vinyasas to your right and a tanned, shirtless…

11 min.
create a sacred space

Our homes are our sanctuaries. They are places of warmth, light and love where after a hard day’s work we can come back, take a load offand shut out the noise of the outside world. Well, ideally at least, although chances are you might have kids or animals running around, two things on the stove at once, the television blaring in the background, construction going on next door or people popping by unexpectedly. Yes, our homes can be somewhat chaotic at times, which is why creating a dedicated spiritual and sacred space can help you to relax and find calm, even in the busiest of households. Whether it’s repurposing a spare room or just clearing the top of your dresser to make an altar, creating a space for your spiritual practice…

12 min.
adventures in yoga

Yoga is a union of the mind, body and spirit and nowhere is that union more obvious than when you set the intention of spending regular time “on the mat”. More and more people are seeking that union, as evidenced by the 50 per cent rise in yoga practice worldwide over the past four years. So it makes sense that wellness adventures are also fast becoming popular as the ultimate way to take a relaxing break. Whether you value vinyasa flow, embrace the interconnectedness of Iyengar or prefer the allegro of ashtanga, there are myriad opportunities when planning your next holiday, both in Australia and abroad, to combine your love of yoga with other sporting passions. These retreats, known as holistic holidays, are designed to cleverly combine daily yoga and meditation…