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Ana Domínguez Historian and veteran journalist specialized in industrial design with countless books and catalogues to her credit. As an art curator, she was the creator of the D-Espacio room for CentroCentro Cibeles (Madrid). place on it place on it, project of Andrea Simón and Federico Crivellaro, both multidisciplinar designers based in Barcelona, was born with the goal of sharing projects and products related to the architecture and spaces that encourage a more sustainable relationship with the environment, drawing attention to companies specialized in prefabricated and modular buildings, and to their possible applications. Alex Del Río Alex Del Río went into photography as an excuse to travel and discover new territories, people, and cultures. His photographs are published in several different national and international publications. He has a diverse style, including photographs from cities all…

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letter from the director

Another new issue and other great discoveries as we approach the different characters that fill our pages. We bring the shyness behind the protagonist of our cover, the great chef Virgilio Martinez, who leaves no shyness in his precise and precious dishes that delight us so. Indeed, in the kitchen there are no limits, only risks to be taken. In the new book he is launching, he travels through Latin America to recover the most typical dishes of different cities. I am fascinated by Maya Beiser’s album that she has recorded with Philip Glass, whom I have admired since I can remember. In this collaboration, the music is a delight for the ears or at least for mine, but I recognize that I love the cello, it is an instrument…

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virgilio martínez

THE PERUVIAN CHEF, PRESENTS THE LATIN AMERICAN COOKBOOK, 600 RECIPES TO TRAVEL ALL OVER THE ANDEAN REGION. We meet at the end of October above the city of Madrid, with a wonderfully photogenic gray light when raindrops begin to fall, while our photographer finishes the photos of chef x (Lima, 1977). I admit that I had seen some of his images, in addition to his achievements within the culinary community, achievements that do not leave one indifferent. He is the maximum representative of Latin American cuisine, the best chef in the world in 2017, and his restaurant Central has been elected the best restaurant in Latin America several times and is currently 4th on the list of The World’s 50 Best Restaurants. His leisurely and calm voice goes hand in hand with a smile…

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sam riley

Like almost all Brits, performer Sam Riley is rigorously punctual. Even in the midst of promoting his new film, he slips into the White Paper by Zoom call two minutes ahead of schedule, beaming with friendliness from his Berlin home. With no intermediaries or representatives throughout the conversation, the constant buzzing of his cell phone is evidence that he is a man as busy as he is organized, judging by the discreet glances he directs towards it. Despite the multitude of engagements, Riley greets us with his unmistakable, raspy tone in the best Spanish he possesses, possibly learned from Luis Tosar, his heist accomplice in Jaume Balagueró’s new feature film ([REC]). Alongside them, Freddie Highmore, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey and Liam Cunningham will try to infiltrate the inaccessible Bank of Spain to recover…

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astrid bergès-frisbey

En todas las clases, siempre hay algún alumno que despunta entre todos, un pupilo al que el profesor aparta en In every class, there is always a pupil who stands out from the crowd, a pupil whom the teacher pulls aside in private and says something like, “You should start working already.” That is the exact same thing that her first acting teacher said to Astrid Bergès-Frisbey after a short but intense period of amateur classes. At the age of 17, Astrid-born in Catalonia and raised in the French countryside—had rather conventional plans for the future, such as taking her entrance exams to become an osteopath. However, the death of her father caused her to take a year to think about what she really wanted to do with her life:…

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bryam adams portrait of a rocker

From Jeff Bridges to Brad Pitt, from Dennis Hooper to Lenny Kravitz, the list of movie and music stars who have made photography their most polished artistic expression is lustrous and proliferous. They are protagonists of extraordinary lives who decided to share a piece of their privileged gaze, enhancing at the same time a creative facet not burdened either by the ties of a multimillion-dollar industry or by the hypertrophy of their international fame. But there is no other like Bryan Adams, the Canadian who dominated the rock scene between the 80s and 90s thanks to classics like (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, or Summer of ‘69. He has managed to have his portraits rival in terms of impact with his milestones as a singer and producer,…