Windows 10 Tips, Tricks & Apps

Windows 10 Tips, Tricks & Apps 3rd Edition

Windows 10 is packed with brilliant features and apps that aim to make your computing experience as compelling as possible. But while Windows 10 is absolutely accessible to newcomers and veterans alike, some of its more powerful features may not be immediately apparent. That's where Windows 10 Tips, Tricks & Apps comes in. We'll talk you through how to get the most out of Microsoft's built-in apps, how to tweak the OS to fit your needs, how to solve issues and which of the thousands of apps available from the Windows Store are really worth your time. Featuring: Introducing Windows 10 - Get to know the latest and greatest version of Windows that Microsoft has ever produced. 50 essential tips to get more from Windows 10 - Use these top tips to work smarter and more easily with Windows. You'll find they will save you time and effort. Windows 10 tips - Get to know Windows 10 with our expert guides – browse the web, be more productive and troubleshoot issues. Essential Windows 10 apps - We've featured the must-have apps in 20 different categories to keep you informed, educated and entertained.

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control apps with task manager

Windows is a pretty complex operating system, and can handle an awful lot of tasks going on in the background at the same time. You don’t need to know anything about what’s happening behind the scenes, as Windows just works. But sometimes, you need to take control. Windows has had a Task Manager for a long time now, and in Windows 10 it has had a spruce up and been made more user friendly, so that when you do need to spend some time with it, the process isn’t too daunting or difficult. Task Manager can help you boost your computer’s performance by controlling what runs automatically when you switch your computer on. You can use it to force applications that are hogging space to shut down and free up resources. It…

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learn to defragment your hard disk

At one time PCs used to suffer from performance issues as they grew older, and this was partly due to fragmented files on the disk. Files literally become broken into small pieces, and when they need to be accessed it takes time to find all the pieces. The solution was to manually defragment them by running Disk Defragmenter. This finds files split into several pieces and puts them back together, making them faster to access the next time you need them. With most modern computers disk defragmentation is automatic, but there may still be occasions where it is beneficial to run it manually. We will show you how to accomplish this in the following tutorial. Defragmentation occurs according to a schedule and this can be changed to make it more or…

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scan for problems

The internet is a fantastic resource and there are some great websites and lots of superb software, but lurking among the sites and programs are viruses and spyware. Malware is quite rare if you only use trusted websites and sources of software, but there is still a small chance that it could get onto your computer. Windows Defender does two things and the first is to try to prevent malware from installing and the second is to scan for anything that might have slipped through and to remove it before it can do any harm to your computer. I t’s a good idea to scan the disk for viruses and spyware using Windows Defender at least once a week. If you don’t, then Windows will remind you to carry out this task…

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One of the great things about recent software and hardware developments is the ever-increasing progress in the field of communication. The computer has become a force for good in communications, in terms of keeping you in touch with people you love, making friends, forging links with like-minded individuals and hobbies and bringing down the costs of telecommunications. Technologies like Skype have forced phone companies to look again at their tariffs, which have produced far more competitive and enlightened price points, especially when communicating abroad. Add immensely popular services such as Facebook and Twitter and you can see how complex our communications are today and, with the continuing ‘Arab Spring’ movement, for example, how much it has changed the entire world. “The computer has become a force for good, keeping you in…

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get sporting updates

Love it or loath it, sport is one of the world’s most popular pastimes, and if we are not participating in a sport of some description, many of us are almost certainly watching one! Of course, this trend is magnified when global sporting events are happening, such as the Rugby World Cup or Wimbledon tennis, for example. The only problem with keeping on top of the latest events is that there is so much choice, and if you like several sports or teams, it can be time consuming to look on the internet or piece together separate apps in order to get your fix. However, thanks to Windows 10’s Sport app, you won’t have to worry for long, as the app provides a nest bed for adding your favourite sports and…

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save sites to your favourites

We can all recall the addresses of our favourite websites and type them into a web browser, but the number probably does not exceed half a dozen. There are millions of websites and there are many excellent ones that you will want to regularly revisit. To overcome our limited memory, Edge enables you to store your favourite websites in a Favourites list, Edge Favourites are just a click away and they enable you to browse your most liked websites and visit them with a mouse click instead of having to remember and type in long and sometimes complicated addresses. In this tutorial we show how to add to the Favourites list and the favourites bar. Microsoft Edge Build up your Favourites 1: Go to a favourite site When you are browsing the web using…