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Airbnbmag is a travel lifestyle magazine featuring authentic experiences through the eyes of those who know best, the locals. Whether you’re planning or daydreaming your next journey, Airbnbmag offers both the familiar and the unexpected through a local lens and captured by top travel writers & photographers of the world. Airbnbmag is your passport to feeling at home anywhere! Your next adventure starts here.

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2 min.
our journey from lisbon to morocco

RIAD SAFAR IN MARRAKECH: AIRBNB.COM/ROOMS/5350295 TO END THE YEAR, my girlfriend, Elissa Patel, and I always try to travel somewhere magical. After months of hard work, a trip reboots the system and allows us to look at our lives and the future with fresh eyes. For 2017, we started in Lisbon, where we felt right at home. Its hills, streetcars, coffee culture, food scene, and candy-colored houses reminded us of San Francisco. Then it was off to the multisensory feast that is Marrakech, where we were immediately yanked out of our comfort zone. And that was just what we needed. We hope our photos and memories inspire you to embark on a transformative journey of your own. DAY 1 2 P.M. LAND, REFUEL! We dropped off our bags and hit the streets of Lisbon.…

5 min.
gulf coast magic

ALONG THE GULF of Mexico—where busy ports and the Mississippi River attract business from all over—life is a cultural mélange. As you cruise the coast from New Orleans to the Panhandle, similarities are evident: The same hardships (hurricanes, oil spills), riches (bountiful waters), and trades (fishing, military, shipbuilding) have shaped a people with perseverance and imagination. Snake along Highway 90 on this three-part road trip and you’ll see each town’s personality come to life. Down here, it’s paradise with a little grit. That’s the way we like it. PART ONE NEW ORLEANS Music flows freely, and the best show may be one you see on the go: an orchestra in a Bywater parking lot or a sax player in the French Quarter (1). This is magnified during Jazz Fest, a spring celebration…

5 min.
pick your paradise

TAKE ONE PART TRANSLUCENT BLUE WATERS (so clear you can see up to 200 feet in the distance). Add an equal part warm island breeze (springtime highs are in the 80s). Mix in your besties, and you’ve got the ingredients for an Instagram-perfect friends weekend in the Bahamas. Depending on your mood and energy level, choose from these three itineraries to best navigate the country’s 700 islands, just an hour’s flight from Miami. IF YOU WANT TO: MIX AND MINGLE GO TO: NASSAU/PARADISE ISLAND With 70 percent of the Bahamian population on its 80 square miles, Nassau/Paradise Island is the prime spot to interact with both locals and fellow tourists. DAY ONE: SIP FINE WINE. Kick off your trip Friday afternoon at Graycliff Hotel’s five-star restaurant for its wine-and-cheese pairing, including a tour of…

3 min.
a cook’s tour

“IT’S ACCESSIBLE, IT’S AFFORDABLE, and it’s poppin’,” says Philadelphia’s beloved son Michael Solomonov, a tattooed, wisecracking creative chef who’s made a name on the national stage. Locally, the James Beard Award–winning restaurateur helms six spots, from the refined modern-Israeli Zahav to Federal Donuts, where you can pair a strawberry-lavender doughnut with za’atar-spiced drumsticks. He’s so revered, his fans sometimes partake in the “Sansom Street shuffle,” an informal tour that hits up #FedNuts and four of his other restaurants. Once you’ve done that, mix and match from Solomonov’s own faves—a hidden sushi bar, killer gelato—for the ideal food-focused visit. EATIN’ & EXPLORIN’ IN PHILLY THE DUMPLING QUEEN Learn to craft fried dumplings from Yin Ye, who runs the culinary and cultural organization Dumpling Academy in the heart of Philly’s humming Chinatown. THE READING TERMINAL…

4 min.
for the urbane explorer

GOING TO MONTANA and not finding a mountain trail to scramble up or a stream to fish is like going on a taco tour of Oslo. It’s totally missing the point. And yet, at this stage of my life, stuffing a camp stove into my carryon is as likely to happen as brewing my own kombucha. Come on, I’m on vacation. But a long weekend in Missoula proved that I needn’t sacrifice sophisticated comforts—an art house theater, a top-notch espresso, the pleasures of watching a bartender skillfully muddle the orange zest in my old-fashioned—while seeking serious deep-woods solitude. DAY ONE FAT BIKE THE RATTLESNAKE. Just a few miles northeast of downtown is the gateway to 61,000 acres of Rattlesnake National Recreation Area (2), where many Missoulians start or finish their day—biking, running,…

4 min.
california, here we come

EVERY TRIP I’ve ever taken to Los Angeles has been filed under “adult time” until I took my 5-year-old to Venice Beach. We ate in restaurants serving Cali-minded food so delicious, she didn’t once ask for chicken fingers. We picked up souvenirs in smartly edited shops, spent mornings at the beach, and reveled in legit nature walks. L.A.’s rebirth as a town with an actual, you know, soul has been well documented. What’s lesser known: It’s made for a kid-friendly getaway. Nowhere is this more true than in Venice, a solid home base from which you can venture out into other buzzy neighborhoods. Here’s how to actualize your beach-culture-food fantasy weekend with your brood. DAY ONE LET’S GET LUNCH. Start at Clutch, a Cali-Mexican roadhouse with memorable tacos and a michelada that’s…