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AirBnb Magazine Jun/Jul 2019

Airbnbmag is a travel lifestyle magazine featuring authentic experiences through the eyes of those who know best, the locals. Whether you’re planning or daydreaming your next journey, Airbnbmag offers both the familiar and the unexpected through a local lens and captured by top travel writers & photographers of the world. Airbnbmag is your passport to feeling at home anywhere! Your next adventure starts here.

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life–changing lofoten

PRESENTED BY Lufthansa Draped across the turbulent waters of the Norwegian Sea, far above the Arctic Circle, Lofoten is a rare wilderness outpost brimming with majestic mountains, deep fjords, squawking seabird colonies and long surf-swept beaches. The breathtaking beauty has the power to change your life. Photographer to Adventurer: Chris Burkard enjoyed a dream job as a surf photographer on some of the sunniest beaches in the world. But he knew he needed more. A visit to Lofoten opened up a whole new world where Chris discovered a new passion: chasing some of the iciest surf on the planet. “I traded touristy beaches for harsh wilderness. This was the best decision of my life.” Getting There: Visitors arrive by plane, ferry, and car. Your adventure may begin in one of the many picturesque…

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BROOKE JARVIS is a writer who lives in Seattle. TOMI UM is a Brooklynbased illustrator whose work is everywhere from newspapers to the tops of taxis. She is working on a children’s picture book. LUCKY RISOGRAPH printed the games package. It is a printing press based in New York City’s Chinatown that launched in 2018. SARAH A. TOPOL is a contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine. Her work has also been in the Atlantic, Businessweek, GQ, Harper’s, and Outside. PATRICK LEGER has contributed illustrations for editorial, books, advertising, and animation design. Originally from North Carolina, he currently resides in Brooklyn. RUTH GINIKA OSSAI is a Nigerian-British photographer whose work celebrates identity, particularly of Nigerians. Her style is fun, playful, strong, and unapologetic. CRISTINA DE MIDDEL is a Spanish photographer whose work investigates photography’s ambiguous…

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airbnb magazine

CHIEF HOST Airbnb Co-Founder, CEO, and Head of Community Brian Chesky Editor In Chief Michael Steele Executive Editor Sophie Brickman Director of Photography Natasha Lunn Managing Editor Abigail Greene EDITORIAL Deputy Editor Betsy Goldberg Senior Editor Yolanda Wikiel Assistant Managing Editor Annette Farrell Business Director Juli Chin Assistant Editor Grant Rindner ART Deputy Creative Director Mallory Roynon Art Director Grace Martinez Associate Art Director Lisa Lok Digital Imaging Specialist Andrea Desiderio PHOTO Senior Photo Editor Gabrielle Sirkin Contributing Photo Editor Katie Dunn RESEARCH & COPY Chief of Research Naomi Barr Copy Chief Adrienne Girard ADVERTISING EVP, Hearst Media Solutions Jeffrey Hamill Group Advertising Director Susan Sussman Marketing Director Mary Kim Advertising Sales Manager Jodisue Rosen Advertising Services Director Don Gordon AIRBNB VP, Design Alex Schleifer Magazine Lead Ben Kasman Editorial Strategy Lead Janine Kahn Design Lead Sally Carmichael Program Manager Jessica Hoolko Editorial Assistant Christine Lee PRODUCTION Production/Operations Director Chris Wengiel Operations Account Manager Lynn Scaglione CIRCULATION VP Strategy and Business Management Rick Day Executive Director, Consumer Marketing Jocelyn Forman EDITORIAL OFFICES 300…

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let the games begin

Growing up in Niskayuna, New York, I was an avid hockey player. I loved the thrill of competition and the energy I got from being part of a team. My hockey career didn’t last, but my love for games and competition did—especially board games. Board games are one of the longest-standing traditions on earth—the first board games are as old as written language. Thousands of years later, they’re more popular than ever and can be found in every corner of the world. This is because games have a universal ability to bring people together. They can cross language barriers and generations. They’re one of the few activities that level the playing field by connecting people of all ages. (I learned this the hard way when I recently lost a game of…

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same place, next year

The photo on the mantel—a woman holding hands with a small girl, water up to their knees—is twilight-blurry, unintended sunny streaks creasing the picture. Is it my mom and me? Is it me and my daughter? I love that it’s unclear, that sometimes, for a split second, even I don’t know the answer. The photo captures the feeling that surges through me each summer when my daughter, Lucy, and I walk into the surf at Nauset Beach in Cape Cod. It’s a location I went to with my family as a child, and as soon as the ocean spray hits my face, it’s as if time collapses. I feel the presence of my mother, who died nearly a decade ago and never had a chance to meet her granddaughter. I love traveling,…

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school of rock

Seven years old, with a climbing harness cinched over his dry suit, Austin stood on the ruddy sandstone lip of a slot canyon in southwest Utah. My husband, Eddie, double-checked the figure-eight knot securing our kid to the rope. Attached to the other end, 25 feet below, Austin’s grandfather stood in a sinuous room carved out in the Navajo sandstone. The canyon walls flickered with slivers of sunlight bouncing off a frigid pool. “On belay?” Austin shouted down to his grandpa. “Belay on!” his grandpa yelled up. After years of hearing canyoneering stories, Austin had convinced us he was ready. He had practiced rappelling drills, first on flat land, then off small vertical cliffs. He had passed repeated rope-safety checks. He’d memorized the verbal exchange that initiates each descent. “Rappelling!” “Rappel on!” Sitting back in his…